15:59:50 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team - Mar 30 2020
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15:59:56 <ggus> hello folks!
16:00:09 <ggus> Community Team meeting starting now
16:00:26 <ggus> Please add your updates in our pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2020-keep
16:00:37 <antonela> > is around
16:01:26 <kushal> hello everyone
16:01:27 <thurayya> o/
16:01:36 <pili> o/
16:01:40 <nicoleiocana__> hello
16:03:52 <rotationmatrix> hello! :)
16:06:11 <ggus> o/
16:06:23 <ggus> we don't have to many topics to discuss today
16:06:30 <ggus> * Outreach applicants
16:06:37 <ggus> do we have outreachies here?
16:07:42 <kulloveth__> yes am an outreachy applicant
16:08:02 <luana> hello o/ I'm an outreachy applicant also
16:08:14 <nicoleiocana__> o/ me also
16:08:45 <ggus> welcome! please don't forget to add your names to the pad and add your updates
16:08:59 <ggus> if you worked on a PR, add the link to that pr
16:11:22 <ggus> outreachies: do you have questions about Outreachy and your application?
16:14:25 <nicoleiocana__> How long does it usually take for a PR to be merged into master? (in regards to documenting the contributions made for my application)
16:15:24 <ggus> It depends on the quality of the PR and if we need to review it. but usually a day.
16:15:58 <nicoleiocana__> Thanks
16:17:28 <ggus> and if you didn't answer, we have a list of questions + instructions here: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-community-team/2020-March/000372.html
16:18:15 <ggus> more questions?
16:18:20 <luana> I have some questions about the contribution to outreachy. (1) If I answered the users questions and sent by email AND did a PR, should I put both in the same contribuition? (2) I remember last year I made a contribution to another project and it was needed to have a schedule for the internship. Would you help us with that?
16:20:34 <ggus> about 1: yes, and for the questions you can upload in a github gist or google docs (what works for you) and add to Outreachy form
16:21:07 <ggus> about 2: the timeline! yes, i can help you on that
16:22:58 <luana> Perfect, thank you. How would be the best way to us talk about it? Email?
16:23:52 <ggus> For the timeline, yes, by email
16:24:01 <ggus> for PR review, please use #tor-www
16:24:24 <kulloveth__> ggus: is there a kind of template one can use for the final application that might include a possible format for timeline
16:24:26 <luana> deal, thanks
16:25:59 <ggus> kulloveth__: no, we don't have a template
16:26:14 <kulloveth__> ok
16:27:59 <luana> one more thing: do you have any documentation about setting up Lektor? the videos that I've found on the internet are not being very useful.
16:28:19 <pili> luana: what operating system do you use?
16:28:44 <luana> Mac OS
16:28:56 <ggus> we do have a documentation: https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/-/wikis/Compiling-a-local-version-of-the-website
16:29:20 <ggus> it works fine in mac and gnu/linux, but on windows is a little bit problematic
16:30:54 <luana> uf! thanks! is gonna be a great help
16:32:06 <ggus> if you dedicate sometime to try and learn now, your PR will have more quality since you can test locally first.
16:34:11 <nicoleiocana__> yeah, I am hoping to document how I got it saved on win10 to make a windows specific procedure to get it up and running locally
16:34:42 <luana> gonna do that!
16:35:02 <luana> nicoleiocana__: nice, very good idea
16:35:12 <parrhesia> Hi all. Keen to contribute some time for working on issues related to website/support/wiki/instructions copy editing, proofreading etc. Any suggestions? On GitLab Community and elsewhere, I go by 'syntax'
16:35:52 <nicoleiocana__> truly a pain in the butt. hoping to save someone else from having to go thru that stress
16:36:35 <ggus> parrhesia: my recommendation is to select a ticket and announce that you want to work on #tor-www
16:37:36 <pili> nicoleiocana__: that would be tremendously helpful, thank you :)
16:38:03 <nicoleiocana__> You are very welcome.
16:39:59 <ggus> anything else on docshackathon or outreachy?
16:40:48 <nicoleiocana__> for docshackathon, is there a way to see who is currently at the top three regarding contributions?
16:41:28 <ggus> hum, no, because we didn't count all the PRs
16:42:02 <nicoleiocana__> ah, got it
16:45:34 <pili> we're a bit behind on that... :)
16:46:32 <ggus> ok folks, i think that's it for today, unless someone has another topic, i will end this meeting. we can chat on #tor-www :)
16:46:53 <nicoleiocana__> later team. Stay safe and healthy
16:47:11 <ggus> #endmeeting