00:14:00 <ahf> #startmeeting s55 IPv6 project
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00:14:04 <teor> Are we expecting nickm?
00:14:14 <ahf> teor: before we start, would you be OK with moving the mentors meeting to tomorrow. nickm is out for the evening
00:14:27 <ahf> nickm said he wouldn't be here, no
00:14:35 <teor> That's fine. What time?
00:14:44 <ahf> should do the thursday time you proposed in the email?
00:14:46 <ahf> gaba: is that OK?
00:14:56 <gaba> yes
00:15:14 <ahf> ok, let's do that. if nick can't make it tomorrow at that time (i don't remember his answer on the mail thread) then i can sync with him before
00:15:37 <gaba> ok
00:15:47 <teor> I haven't had time to check my mail today
00:15:52 <gaba> teor: 2 applications we have for gsoc?
00:15:56 <ahf> no worries, it's early still 8)
00:16:01 <ahf> how is s55 going this week?
00:16:15 <teor> gaba: we can't talk about gsoc or outreachy in public
00:16:29 <gaba> uh, thanks . i keep forgetting
00:16:30 <ahf> yeah, we probably need to keep that one internal :-S
00:17:04 <teor> let's talk over voice when we're done with the sponsor 55 sync?
00:17:05 <ahf> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-s55-ipv6-project-keep is the pad for today
00:17:17 <ahf> yep
00:18:11 <gaba> how is s55 going?
00:18:14 <teor> So for the status update:
00:18:19 <teor> We merged #32588
00:18:26 <ahf> nice
00:19:01 <teor> And I am writing unit tests for #33633
00:19:29 <ahf> hm, my trac connection is very slow today. loading it
00:20:14 <ahf> cool!
00:20:45 <teor> I am still spending a lot of time on GSOC and Outreachy, I have handed over some tickets to ahf and nickm
00:21:14 <teor> I am also trying to limit myself to 2 updates for each applicant per week
00:21:14 <ahf> yes, i'm a bit behind on reviews this week... i am going to look at those tomorrow morning when i have had some sleep
00:21:28 <ahf> yep
00:22:07 <teor> I haven't seen many network-team people answering tor-dev or tor-relays emails.
00:22:36 <teor> But I have reminded the network-health team that they should be answering relay operator bandwidth emails, because they are working on sbws.
00:23:01 <teor> I've been mostly staying off IRC, and it seems people are answering questions there.
00:23:23 <ahf> yeah, i think we are doing OK with IRC right now, but ML's are not so good
00:23:51 <teor> In general, I am trying to match the effort put in by the other person.
00:24:00 <ahf> hm, which tor-dev@ thread is missing answers? i thought i was reasonably up-to-date on that?
00:24:06 <ahf> i'm not up-to-date on tor-relays@
00:24:44 <teor> For example, if they write a 1 sentence email without a relay fingerprint, I respond by pointing them to the relevant wiki or man page docs.
00:25:05 <ahf> on -relays?
00:25:29 <teor> Generally, yet
00:25:30 <teor> * yes
00:25:43 <ahf> makes sense
00:25:46 <ahf> cool
00:26:22 <ahf> okay, so extends is the big thing for next week?
00:26:26 <ahf> and reachability
00:26:27 <ahf> ?
00:26:49 <teor> Probably just extends. It's hard to say. I'm working against a lot of technical debt here.
00:27:01 <teor> Large functions, no unit tests, limited comments.
00:27:10 <ahf> did you get setup on the server?
00:27:30 <teor> I have found a number of IPv6 address handling bugs in the last few weeks.
00:27:45 <teor> ahf: I haven't looked yet, I was waiting until I had something useful
00:27:53 <ahf> oki, fair enough
00:28:04 <ahf> if there is anything with it and i'm not around at your hours, just drop me an email with the problem
00:28:11 <teor> Thanks!
00:28:38 <teor> In general, I'd like to know what the minimum standards are for pull requests, answering emails, and being on IRC.
00:28:46 <teor> It would be great if we could agree that as a team.
00:29:06 <ahf> for speed?
00:29:10 <ahf> or quality? :-)
00:29:21 <teor> Both :-)
00:29:28 <teor> Think of them as service levels?
00:29:43 <ahf> email to my inbox i think people should have an answer on within my next day from i wake up
00:30:02 <ahf> but i don't know what others think
00:30:12 <teor> That would be nice, sometimes I go two or three days without checking emails, so I can concentrate
00:30:26 <teor> But yeah this is a team conversation, I think
00:30:28 <gaba> this is a conversation for a moment where the whole team is in
00:30:39 <ahf> yeah
00:30:40 <teor> :-)
00:30:43 <ahf> agreed
00:30:51 <ahf> i read email in the morning and before going off
00:31:01 <ahf> and if peopl tell me on irc
00:31:13 <ahf> do we have more for s55 for now? or should jump to voice for the gsoc/outreachy stuff?
00:31:53 <gaba> ahf: i though we were going to skip it for when nick is around tomorrow
00:31:57 <teor> Yeah let's do gsoc/outreachy?
00:32:09 <ahf> gaba: just to answer the question you had i think?
00:32:14 <ahf> and then we do the real meeting tomorrow?
00:32:14 <gaba> ah, ok
00:32:15 <gaba> yes
00:32:17 <ahf> or maybe that isn't needed?
00:32:37 <teor> Should we just discuss it tomorrow with nickm?
00:32:43 <gaba> teor: your call. I can wait until tomorrow
00:32:44 <ahf> yeah, let's wait to tomorrow then
00:32:52 <ahf> thanks teor for the updates on this
00:32:58 <teor> I can wait, I'd rather concentrate on Sponsor 55
00:33:00 <ahf> i'm gonna do an endmeeting cmd
00:33:04 <ahf> #endmeeting