14:00:29 <hiro> #startmeeting www
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14:00:38 <pili> hi :)
14:00:40 <hiro> hey everyone
14:00:41 <antonela> hello!
14:00:45 <hiro> I don't have items for the agenda
14:00:49 <hiro> so please add yours!!!
14:03:43 * pili has just come back online and is catching up :)
14:05:55 <emmapeel> o/
14:06:58 <hiro> ok gus want to start with the first topic?
14:07:00 <emmapeel> ey there! i have been working on the glossary. opened some tickets in gitlab.top-support
14:07:10 <hiro> #topic support portal
14:07:29 <ggus> wait i didn't finish to update
14:07:33 <hiro> ah ok!
14:07:35 <hiro> let's wait thebn
14:09:05 <ggus> ok
14:09:29 <ggus> so, during fosdem, we talked about having a new UX update for support portal
14:09:37 <ggus> since the content is growing
14:10:02 <ggus> and we are constantly feeding the portal
14:10:20 * antonela filling the pad
14:10:31 <ggus> i'm thinking to start first reorganizing the topics
14:10:35 * ggus waits
14:11:59 <antonela> ggus: great, we have a user research planned for that move
14:12:08 <antonela> ggus: but i'm not sure if nah is working on that now
14:12:15 <antonela> ggus: what is your plan?
14:12:36 <ggus> yeah, so to not overlap UX team roadmap, i was thinking to work on a simple thing
14:12:45 <ggus> merge some topics to others
14:12:53 <ggus> for example: tor-messenger
14:13:13 <ggus> and maybe apt+rpm to become a new topic
14:13:22 <ggus> things like this
14:13:32 <antonela> would you like to make a list for the new hierarchy so we can discuss it?
14:13:43 <antonela> (before making a PR)
14:13:47 <hiro> maybe also we could review the one-page-to-rule-them-all structure?
14:13:58 <antonela> hiro: that too
14:14:17 <ggus> right, i will open a ticket
14:14:29 <hiro> I don't mean to do a brand new design... just maybe we have only main topics on the main page... and subtopics on the sub pages?
14:14:36 <hiro> but maybe we need search for that
14:14:37 <emmapeel> yeah. i also think the abuse topic is too general and easily misunderstood by users without the relay context
14:14:56 <ggus> emmapeel: i think the abuse is beyond the relay context
14:14:58 <emmapeel> like, in the topics, list, 'abuse faqs' is a bit weird
14:15:29 <ggus> well, it is the same as we had in 2019.www.tpo
14:15:36 <antonela> hiro: yes
14:16:09 <antonela> this iteration can include 1. a first page 2. the search 3. a better content hierarchy
14:16:45 <antonela> i'm happy to be a reviewer on that proposal ggus
14:16:53 <hiro> yeah I think without search modifying content hierarchy might break stuff meaning users won't find the content
14:17:45 * antonela the supermarket just arrived, covid19 protocol activated, brb
14:17:58 <emmapeel> we should be careful not to lose links that may be already in use
14:18:15 <hiro> yes that's a good point
14:18:26 <hiro> we use anchors now a lot
14:18:37 <hiro> like we had that in the glossary
14:18:52 <ggus> emmapeel: yeah, that's the problem if we change support.tpo/apt, because we use on tor relay guide
14:19:34 <emmapeel> we can use redirects
14:21:07 <ggus> ok
14:21:32 <emmapeel> but we have to be careful to do them while we move stuff around
14:21:50 <emmapeel> im gonna try and document how to do a redirect
14:22:10 <emmapeel> i documented how to add a word to the glossary
14:23:13 <hiro> nice thanks emmapeel
14:24:01 <emmapeel> i started using relative links, [word](../similar-level-page] so you just copy and dont use the locale on the translation
14:24:05 <emmapeel> for the glossary
14:24:12 <emmapeel> but maybe it should be the same everywhere
14:24:45 <emmapeel> sorry, [word](../same-level-page]
14:24:59 <hiro> ooook
14:25:03 <hiro> next topic?
14:25:08 <hiro> are we groot on this?
14:25:16 <ggus> yes
14:25:23 <hiro> #topic #docshackaton
14:25:37 * antonela back
14:25:43 <hiro> I think this was yours antonela?
14:25:47 <antonela> i added that one, anything that needs review?
14:26:51 <hiro> I'd say that's a no?
14:27:00 <hiro> xD
14:27:24 <ggus> there are some old ones about lektor/lego/stlyguide, for example, https://github.com/torproject/support/pull/81
14:27:31 <hiro> ah ok! that's a yes then
14:27:53 <ggus> https://github.com/torproject/lego/pull/12
14:28:00 <ggus> https://github.com/torproject/lego/pull/7
14:28:13 <antonela> very nice
14:28:19 <ggus> https://github.com/torproject/lego/pull/6
14:29:00 <hiro> ok I have assigned that to me
14:29:00 <pili> I need to check also
14:29:02 <antonela> oh dec19
14:30:59 <antonela> ok, thanks ggus
14:31:03 <hiro> thanks
14:31:23 <antonela> hiro: next one is also mine, anything i could help on moving forward with the glossary?
14:31:37 <hiro> ooook hold on
14:31:41 <hiro> #topic glossary
14:31:45 <hiro> now
14:32:02 <hiro> I have migrated it... there are a few issues that emmapeel has found and provided tickets for
14:32:17 <hiro> do you like the ux atm? anything else we should change?
14:32:54 <hiro> #link https://support.torproject.org/glossary/
14:32:57 <antonela> is there somewhere?
14:33:00 <antonela> ahh a ver
14:33:16 <antonela> ah super nice
14:33:28 <antonela> maybe we want to replace the left menu by an alphabet?
14:33:41 <antonela> i can comment / work if there is a ticket about this
14:33:48 <antonela> im sure there is but not sure where
14:35:38 <emmapeel> yeah actually i was wondering how to thread them together
14:35:53 <emmapeel> the glossary tickets. maybe a tag? a milestone?
14:35:57 <hiro> there was a ticket about it hold on
14:36:15 <emmapeel> on the agenda in the pad i have added my two tickets
14:36:42 <emmapeel> then there is the status of the glossary ticket, but i dont know how to make tickets dependent on each other
14:36:44 <hiro> #link https://gitlab.torproject.org/search?group_id=258&project_id=&repository_ref=&scope=issues&search=glossary
14:36:55 <antonela> can we parent in gitlab?
14:37:10 <antonela> this url is perfect https://support.torproject.org/glossary/bandwidth-authority/
14:37:20 <antonela> we can link across multiple docs to this source
14:37:23 <hiro> I am not sure but we can create a milestone
14:37:46 <antonela> oh that is true, how are pms using it? pili?
14:38:21 <pili> in the past I was experimenting with using them to track monthly effort
14:38:30 <pili> and also for big features/releases
14:38:48 <pili> but, tbh, I wasn't entirely satisfied with how they worked for each
14:38:55 <pili> because you can only have one milestone per issue
14:39:17 <hiro> if you want more than 1 can't you just use tags?
14:39:23 <hiro> sorry labels
14:39:41 <pili> yeah, it was more because it automatically calculated time spent
14:40:00 <pili> and I wanted to see both on a montly basis and per feature or release
14:40:07 <hiro> how is time calculated?
14:40:08 <pili> anyway, this is off topic for this meeting ;)
14:40:20 <pili> you can do /spend and /estimate commands
14:40:23 <hiro> ah ok
14:40:27 <pili> and they are aggregated in the milestone
14:40:42 <hiro> anyways
14:40:46 <pili> anyway, yes, we could create a milestone to aggregate tickets
14:40:56 <hiro> emmapeel antonela a milestone or a label
14:41:00 <hiro> whatever you people prefer
14:41:05 <pili> there is some "related issues" feature in gitlab also
14:41:06 <pili> iirc
14:41:35 <pili> that could be useful for grouping
14:41:37 <emmapeel> ill look onto the related issues feature
14:41:38 <antonela> whatever helps emmapeel to organize it works for me, i just want to push to make it live in a proper way so we can use it because is very nice!
14:41:54 <antonela> super, thanks emmapeel
14:42:01 <antonela> and hey, the live version is great!
14:42:10 <emmapeel> yay! i have prepared the howto in case somebody wants to add more terms
14:42:11 <antonela> for me the next move is think about the navigation
14:42:13 <antonela> but we are good
14:42:20 <antonela> emmapeel: awesome, thank you!
14:42:36 <emmapeel> there are some words waiting to be added atm
14:42:46 <emmapeel> i.e. https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/support/-/issues/68
14:43:11 <hiro> nice
14:43:30 <antonela> super nice
14:43:32 <hiro> ooook
14:44:08 <hiro> I think we have a little time to do a ticket triage. although I wouldn't resurrect the trac ticket queue because I have removed all the components there
14:44:14 <hiro> #topic triage
14:44:32 <hiro> should we resurrect the trac queue?
14:44:34 <hiro> pili?
14:44:42 * antonela should we kill trac?
14:44:47 <hiro> I think we should
14:44:56 <antonela> i closed some tickets last week in a random moment of the week
14:44:58 <pili> fine by me to kill trac
14:45:07 <antonela> i hope it helps to reduce the trac backlog
14:45:11 <hiro> me too I migrated all the tickets we discussed
14:45:14 <antonela> at least for www stuff
14:45:35 <pili> let's see what we have in gitlab then
14:45:37 <hiro> yes totally
14:45:49 <pili> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/torproject/web/-/issues
14:46:25 <pili> actually, this link: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/torproject/web/-/issues?sort=created_asc (sorted by oldest created first)
14:46:58 <pili> is everyone good to start triage? :)
14:47:33 <hiro> ok let's see tickets that aren't assigned
14:47:36 <pili> https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/-/issues/4 <- can we close this one already
14:47:42 <hiro> https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/-/issues/59 are you working on this? pili?
14:47:42 <pili> hiro: ah, yes, good idea
14:47:56 <pili> hiro: yup, I am
14:48:03 <hiro> ok can you assign it to yourself?
14:48:09 <pili> yup
14:49:00 <hiro> ok also this ticket: https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/-/issues/50 I think is more of a content ticket... I'd like to label it
14:49:11 <hiro> are you using a specific label for content?
14:49:25 <hiro> is documentation ok?
14:49:35 <pili> yeah, I came across this one last week also, I'm not sure if we still want to do do it, what do you think ggus ?
14:50:01 <pili> hiro: yeah, I'm fine with documentation
14:50:12 <hiro> in any case this is a community ticket more than website and although I am happy it should be in the web queue it should be labeled differently
14:50:29 <hiro> ok I will label documentation
14:51:09 <hiro> so we can filter with the labels
14:51:15 <ggus> pili: which one?
14:51:18 <hiro> I see gus is already using something in the title which is great
14:51:36 <pili> https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/community/-/issues/50
14:51:37 <pili> ggus: ^
14:52:18 <hiro> I have an update on this ticket https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/tpo/-/issues/22
14:52:32 <ggus> i was using becase before gitlab we had a pad with this categories
14:52:36 <hiro> I have been testing metabase and it's great for what we need
14:53:28 <hiro> I think the best thing is that if we provide a postgresql db people can have the analytic platform on their machine and it is not another service we need to admin
14:53:41 <hiro> so it's a matter of sending the logs from collector to a db only
14:54:06 <hiro> we could have analytics much quicker than what was considered in the roadmap
14:54:28 <hiro> I will update the ticket
14:55:24 <ggus> nice!
14:55:36 <pili> that could be cool :)
14:55:58 <hiro> ok so it's only 4 minutes to the end of the meeting
14:56:09 <hiro> is there anything else you want to discuss quickly?
14:56:32 <antonela> im groot
14:56:57 <ggus> outreachy applicants will do their final contribtion on april 7th
14:57:03 <ggus> so we will see more PRs coming
14:57:17 <emmapeel> im available for merges
14:57:28 <ggus> thanks for merging and reviewing emmapeel
14:58:43 <pili> yup, thank you! I haven't looked at any myself :(
14:58:49 <hiro> thanks all!!!!
14:58:51 <hiro> #endmeeting