15:59:06 <ggus> #startmeeting Community Team meeting - 06 april 2020
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15:59:09 <ggus> hey all!
15:59:14 <thurayya> o/
15:59:15 <ggus> community team starting now o/
15:59:40 <ggus> and here's our meeting pad, please add your updates & discussion points: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2020-keep
15:59:40 <pili> hi :)
15:59:52 <antonela> o/
15:59:52 <kushal> Good morning
16:02:16 * pili is a bit late, updating pad now
16:07:49 <anwesha> Hi
16:07:55 <emmapeel> o/
16:08:01 <anwesha> This is Anwesha from India.
16:08:15 <ggus> hi anwesha, hi luana o/
16:08:31 <ggus> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-2020-keep
16:08:40 <anwesha> hello ggus emmapeel
16:08:50 <emmapeel> hello anwesha welcome!
16:10:10 <anwesha> Thank you emmapeel
16:10:11 <anwesha> :)
16:10:13 <luana> hello everybody <3
16:12:23 <ggus> ok, let's start!
16:12:32 <ggus> #docshackathon
16:12:50 <ggus> we should dedicate this week to merge PRs and start to count
16:13:04 <kushal> ggus, can I look into a few of those?
16:13:07 <emmapeel> im available for merging
16:13:26 <emmapeel> i tried to get reviewwers for some of them
16:13:36 <ggus> kushal: yes, and maybe you should also start hanging out on www-team meeting :)
16:13:55 <kushal> ggus, I will.
16:14:17 <kushal> I will add it to my calendar right away
16:14:46 <ggus> i'm not reviewing PRs regarding style/css, so antonela, hiro if you could take a look. i think we have some in lego repo and one in tb-manual, i can share with you on #tor-www
16:15:12 <hiro> ok sounds good
16:15:17 <pili> I can help review also
16:16:41 <ggus> pili: maybe we could start counting the PRs on thursday?
16:16:49 <pili> sure :)
16:18:21 <ggus> anything else on docshackathon? i feel we had a lot of outreachies contributing and that was what we expected when we schedule this activity:)
16:18:26 <ggus> so yay planning!
16:19:12 <pili> thank you to all participants! :)
16:19:22 <emmapeel> it was great to se all the contributions coming. a bit frunstrating that the inmersion process was so difficult, i hope we can work on  making that less painful
16:20:15 <anwesha> I would love to get some newbie issues which I can start contributing.
16:20:31 <ggus> emmapeel: i was thinking if we should do a call for translation -- l10n hackathon -- at the end of may
16:21:32 <emmapeel> yeah cool
16:21:32 <ggus> anwesha: after reviewing these PRs, i think we will know which issues are pending and are easy to solve
16:21:59 <anwesha> okay will wait :)
16:22:14 <ggus> we still have community portal public launch scheduled to April
16:24:18 <pili> :S
16:24:25 <pili> I need to review where we are with thiws
16:24:51 <antonela> what is remaining for the public launch?
16:25:09 <antonela> i remember some ui issues like breadcrumbs but not sure if anything else
16:25:26 <pili> I think checking that all content has been reviewed and sent for l10n
16:25:41 <pili> I think ui issues can be fixed after launch unless they are major
16:26:12 <pili> and the breadcrumbs seem like a lego issue
16:26:13 <pili> rather than a community portal
16:26:14 <pili> iiuc
16:26:15 <ggus> there are some ui issues, but small issues.
16:26:22 <antonela> which locales do we need to go public?
16:26:32 <antonela> (do we need?)
16:26:50 <ggus> antonela: maybe tier 1 for sponsor9?
16:27:01 <emmapeel> we dont need. there are no completes locales atm. there are a lot of very specific strings....
16:27:02 <antonela> ggus: maybe less than that
16:27:27 <antonela> emmapeel: awesome, we can launch and after the launch call for a l10n
16:27:28 <emmapeel> (is a lot of content!)
16:28:11 <pili> does someone know if all of the content has been reviewed? Otherwise I'll add it to my plate to check
16:28:15 <antonela> so, we can check this week during the www meeting so we cross the remaining items
16:28:37 <pili> sure, I'll see if I can do some review before that also
16:28:46 <antonela> sounds good
16:28:52 <ggus> pili: i think steph reviewed
16:29:05 <ggus> and we need to close some old tickets
16:29:05 <antonela> ggus: do you have a date in mind?
16:29:34 <ggus> it was *during IFF week*
16:29:43 <pili> yup, so 20th - 24th
16:29:49 <antonela> yes, we can do it i think
16:29:52 <antonela> (:
16:29:59 <ggus> i think the content is good, so we can release it :)
16:30:12 <pili> let's aim for Friday 17th? :)
16:30:18 <emmapeel> stephw reviewed a lot of things, but maybe a final review would be good just in case
16:30:18 <antonela> great
16:30:34 <antonela> i'll try to go over the ui tickets and see the urgent things
16:30:40 <pili> or the Monday, we should check with stephw for announcement, etc...
16:30:44 <pili> blog post also
16:31:02 <ggus> yeah, we should have a blog post
16:31:03 <pili> who can write the blog post? or should we all collaborate on it?
16:31:15 <ggus> +1 collaboration mode
16:31:16 * pili looks for her website launch checklist...
16:31:33 <ggus> since it's UX, Relays, Trainings... captain planet of privacy
16:31:43 <ggus> all together
16:32:00 <antonela> haha
16:32:01 <antonela> yes
16:33:06 <pili> I will share my launch checklist on nextcloud once I clean it up
16:33:23 <pili> I should also send an email to tor-internal about it the Friday before if we launch on Monday
16:33:23 <ggus> ok!
16:33:59 <ggus> pili: good idea
16:34:39 <ggus> pili: so when we should have a draft for the blog post?
16:35:03 <ggus> on 16th?
16:36:37 <pili> We should start early next week
16:36:47 <pili> I can share a pad round and maybe make a start on it
16:36:49 <pili> wdyt?
16:37:17 <pili> so we can have the draft ready by the 16th
16:37:37 <ggus> works for me
16:37:41 <pili> ok
16:38:32 <ggus> anything else on community portal?
16:39:00 <pili> don't think so :)
16:39:05 <pili> not from me anyway
16:39:13 <ggus> # IFF week: activities?
16:39:33 <ggus> So we discussed on running some activities during the 'iff week'
16:40:02 <ggus> there's one activity User feedback from trainers in Uganda
16:40:20 <kushal> Paella eating and sharing photos should also be counted :)
16:40:23 <ggus> we should discuss how we want this activity: public, private; and where irc, jitsi
16:40:34 <ggus> kushal: hehe!
16:40:47 <ggus> "one week ago the world looked like this"
16:40:52 <ggus> one year*
16:41:39 * emmapeel likes iconoclasts
16:42:12 <emmapeel> not sure how to do a paella for one, as im in social isolation etc
16:42:12 * antonela too
16:42:14 <emmapeel> :D
16:43:02 <ggus> antonela: thoughts?
16:43:33 <antonela> sorry was reading alecmuffett in -dev
16:43:53 <antonela> nothing else, lets talk with hiro this week and see what is remaining
16:44:11 <pili> hehe
16:44:25 <ggus> antonela: and about user feedback from uganda?
16:44:49 <antonela> plausible, im meeting thurayya tomorrow
16:45:04 <antonela> should we reach them ggus?
16:45:05 <thurayya> ggus: are they in contact already?
16:45:07 <antonela> or?
16:45:10 <ggus> thurayya: yes
16:45:50 <thurayya> antonela: +1 thing to our list tomorrow hehehe
16:45:56 <ggus> they have collected user feedback and want to present to us. it was an activity proposed for tor village
16:46:24 <ggus> do we want to hold this activity in a public channel? on irc? or a private online meeting using voice/video?
16:46:41 <antonela> we can ask them
16:46:53 <antonela> irc is always nice for non english people to follow and undertand
16:47:15 <kushal> typing is easier.
16:47:32 <antonela> yes, i think so
16:47:46 <antonela> *understand :)
16:48:03 <antonela> anyways, we can ask them what they prefer
16:48:07 <antonela> ggus: sounds good?
16:48:11 <pili> how are we going to let the rest of the IFF community know about it? should be reach out to Sandy to let her know?
16:48:12 <pili> and share more widely?
16:48:57 <ggus> > Tor Village Session Proposal: Tor UX Feedback, Challenges, and Lessons Learned from At-risk user community in East Africa
16:50:44 <ggus> pili: if we do on irc, we can handle more participants. in jitsi, moderation and facilitation is difficult on open events
16:50:57 <pili> what about mattermost?
16:51:08 <pili> since all of the IFF community will be there?
16:51:23 <ggus> like on tor channel?
16:51:27 <ggus> wfm
16:53:14 <pili> ggus: sure, or wherever works for Sandy, etc...
16:53:19 <ggus> anything else on activities during IFF week?
16:54:29 <pili> we should plan some other ones we want to lead
16:57:03 <ggus> i think at this moment if we come with one more activity besides community portal launch that would be enough
16:58:11 <pili> ok, that's fine with me :)
16:58:15 <ggus> ok, i'm stopping the bot.
16:58:18 <ggus> #endmeeting