13:59:06 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:10 <antonela> hello
13:59:35 <antonela> a new ux team meeting today
13:59:38 <pili> hi :)
13:59:40 <antonela> anyone around?
13:59:41 <antonela> hey
13:59:46 * pili waves
13:59:54 <thurayya> o/
14:00:00 * antonela paste the pad https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:00:01 <antonela> hey na
14:00:51 <T0_7_> I'm here
14:00:58 <antonela> hi T0_7_!
14:01:38 <T0_7_> Hello Antonela, happy to connect again
14:01:43 <emmapeel> o/
14:02:09 <antonela> while people fill the pad, im working on the march reporting for the ux team, please feel free to add your highlights
14:02:14 <antonela> hola emmapeel
14:02:26 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/ux-report-kp
14:03:38 <antonela> thurayya: nah i added the user research checklist template to talk today
14:04:36 <thurayya> thanks :) also added UG activitigy for reporting feedback
14:04:41 <antonela> super, thank you
14:04:49 <antonela> let me share the pad here
14:04:53 <antonela> i think it looks great
14:05:00 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-research-checklist
14:05:35 <antonela> so nah and i met last week to discuss tools for remote user research sessions and we finally ended thinking how useful could be to have a checklist :)
14:05:40 <antonela> so thurayya put it together
14:05:59 <thurayya> the idea is that each point is a doc in our wiki - so anyone that wants to volunteer or participate
14:06:09 <thurayya> will be able to know how our flow works
14:06:09 <antonela> right
14:06:49 <antonela> yep
14:07:07 <antonela> thurayya: could you upload it to the repo?
14:07:24 <thurayya> yes :)
14:07:48 <antonela> i made a small comment about the sharing part and i also mentioned the "upload to the repo" step
14:07:50 <antonela> cool
14:08:07 <thurayya> also, i think reporting still have a gap - how do we want ppl to report?
14:08:17 <pili> very nice work thurayya  and antonela :)
14:08:43 <thurayya> i think the answer to this question merge with the next point of UG reporting
14:09:10 <antonela> like, would be great to have a written report by the orgas but that requires some work
14:09:32 <thurayya> yes - in the past trainers reports i worked on them before sharing
14:09:37 <antonela> so yes, if we do a meeting with folks in uganda and we can summarize the keypoints, i think we are good
14:09:45 <antonela> exactly
14:09:52 <pili> did we discuss having some time, e.g once a month, during the Tor Browser team meeting to report on user testing results
14:10:02 <pili> and share these with developers?
14:10:05 <antonela> yes, we talked about it
14:10:21 <antonela> ideally we can share to devs and to the list
14:10:22 <pili> let me add it to the discussion for next week's meeting then
14:10:43 <antonela> we don't have anything to share now tho
14:10:49 <antonela> but we plan to do
14:10:59 <thurayya> i think before going live with uganda feedback
14:11:01 <pili> right, it's just to discuss doing this
14:11:14 * pili adds a reminder on her calendar to discuss this during the tbb-team meeting next week
14:11:17 <thurayya> it would be good to have a private feedback and maybe invite devs too?
14:11:47 <pili> and yes, we should also share on the list
14:12:18 <antonela> thurayya: yes, that is great
14:13:15 <antonela> do you want me to write them? i think ggus said that they are waiting for us to coordinate
14:13:39 <thurayya> i can do it too
14:13:45 <antonela> btw, the email you are sending to partners is <333
14:13:53 <antonela> im not sure if is you or ggus :)
14:14:00 <thurayya> it's both of us heheh
14:14:04 <antonela> haha
14:14:24 <antonela> oki, im happy to do it over irc or jitsi, whatever work for them is ok
14:14:41 <thurayya> ok! i'm going to write them today
14:14:55 <thurayya> and get back to you
14:14:58 <antonela> thank you
14:15:12 <thurayya> so we can spread to everyone that should be included in the meeting :D
14:15:18 <antonela> yep
14:15:36 <antonela> oki, that was the last topic for today
14:15:38 <antonela> anything else?
14:15:45 <antonela> last minute stuff?
14:15:48 <thurayya> yes
14:15:52 <pili> hmm, maybe we can review my new feature checklist? :)
14:16:01 <antonela> pili: yes! lets do it
14:16:04 <pili> I've been thinking about it lately with all the new features we're planning to release
14:16:05 <pili> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-new-feature-checklist-keep
14:16:13 <pili> (I just jotted down some stuff quickly now)
14:16:19 <pili> this is the ideal
14:16:24 <pili> we're not doing all of this stuff now
14:16:37 <antonela> we used to have a storm doc i think
14:17:01 <pili> but it's things we have discussed in the past and some of what we're already doing
14:17:02 <pili> and I guess we hadn't quite formalised
14:17:03 <pili> antonela: yeah, that sounds familiar
14:17:04 * pili goes to check her storm backed up documents...
14:17:10 <pili> I have one for websites
14:17:16 <pili> this one is more Tor Browser centric
14:17:40 <pili> I guess I'm wondering what I'm forgetting about with the above
14:17:51 <pili> above new check list that is...
14:18:11 <antonela> looks great
14:18:19 <antonela> i think is a good first version
14:18:24 <antonela> for uploading somewhere
14:18:26 <antonela> we can iterate
14:18:38 <antonela> maybe in ux/team?
14:19:12 <pili> yup, thanks :)
14:19:24 <pili> I will carry on looking for the other one we had
14:19:30 <antonela> yes
14:19:30 <pili> (in storm)
14:19:45 <antonela> i think storm is dead
14:20:32 <antonela> oki
14:20:39 <antonela> last thing
14:20:55 <antonela> yesterday during the community meeting we talked about to release tpo.org/community
14:21:15 <antonela> i'll bring this to the www meeting this week so we can coordinate with hiro about what is missing
14:21:32 <antonela> i have a hope that the glossary also can join this release
14:21:51 <hiro> the glossary is in support atm
14:22:00 <antonela> yes
14:22:04 <pili> antonela: yup, I meant the documents I downloaded from storm
14:22:08 <pili> anyway, I don't have anything on this
14:22:14 <antonela> is fine, i want to link words to the glossary
14:22:36 <antonela> hiro ^^
14:22:53 <antonela> so, that is all i think
14:23:00 <thurayya> antonela: do you need collaboration with the ux part in the blog post?
14:23:42 <antonela> thurayya: i wrote something last night, will clean up and share with you and gus soonish
14:23:51 <antonela> thurayya: yes, i need :)
14:23:54 <thurayya> antonela: also, can you make a quick review in the main page for the repo? not sure if i got all the project members there
14:24:24 <stephw> antonela: can you add me too?
14:24:59 <antonela> thurayya: we have pili as our project manager
14:25:07 <antonela> stephw: sure thing
14:25:14 <stephw> thanks :)
14:25:20 <pili> :)
14:25:37 <thurayya> sorry pili
14:25:49 <pili> nw :D
14:25:49 <thurayya> jsut added!
14:25:55 <thurayya> hehe
14:26:35 <antonela> :)
14:27:01 <antonela> oki, that's all folks
14:27:17 <thurayya> o/ have a good week!
14:27:27 <antonela> thank you, stay safe
14:27:33 <antonela> #endmeeting