00:01:46 <ahf> #startmeeting s55 IPv6 project
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00:01:57 <ahf> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-s55-ipv6-project-keep  is our pad
00:03:41 <teor> So I'll start with a status report
00:03:50 <ahf> sounds good
00:04:19 <teor> The unit tests in #33633 turned out to be terribly complicated.
00:04:29 <nickm> :(
00:04:33 <teor> It's old code, and there's a lot of embedded state/data interactions.
00:05:10 <teor> So I think I'm going to stop here, open a ticket to finish the tests for the remaining functions, and get that PR merged.
00:05:27 <nickm> +1
00:05:48 <teor> I did a significant redesign of the options for IPv6 extends in #33818
00:06:24 <teor> I am much happier with them now. They are simpler, and match Tor's existing extend options.
00:06:42 <teor> (ExtendByEd25519ID and ExtendAllowPrivateAddresses)
00:07:13 <teor> I also made a list of all the places that tor enforces IPv4 in #33817
00:07:34 <nickm> how do you mean "enforces"?
00:08:16 <teor> Requires extend cells to contain IPv4 addresses, or requires extends to happen over IPv4 connections
00:08:25 <nickm> ah, ok
00:08:40 <teor> Or only uses the IPv4 address from the extend cell
00:09:05 <teor> Only considers IPv4 connections canonical
00:09:52 <ahf> remind me what the definition of a connection being canonical is? it's only for connections between relays, no?
00:10:19 <teor> Yes, canonical connections are the connections that relays prefer to extend over.
00:10:28 <nickm> a connection is canonical if it's not only authenticated, but it is to the "right" address
00:10:28 <ahf> yeah
00:10:35 <ahf> ack, ok
00:10:36 <ahf> thanks
00:10:39 <gaba> hi!
00:10:46 <nickm> the idea is to (slightly) prevent traffic-analysis MITM
00:11:16 <teor> nickm: I'd like your opinion on changing extend_cell_from_extend2_cell_body().
00:11:26 <nickm> paging in...
00:11:44 <nickm> what change do you have in mind?
00:11:45 <teor> Do we even use it any more? Have we removed all the tor versions that use EXTEND cells? (vs EXTEND2 cells)
00:12:18 <nickm> good question.  I'll look that up...
00:12:37 <teor> Thanks! It's one of the functions that requires IPv4.
00:12:55 <nickm> according to tor-spec.txt, extend2 was added in
00:13:01 <nickm> so in theory everybody should be using that
00:13:12 <teor> Oh wow ok. So can we actually delete that function?
00:13:25 <nickm> if anybody is using it, it is either an ancient client, or a bad attempt at a compatible implementation...
00:13:32 <teor> Hmm ok
00:13:45 <nickm> but this function is for what use?
00:13:49 <nickm> rgg, no documentation here...
00:13:51 <teor> Probably out of scope then. But I won't worry too much about changing it.
00:14:21 <nickm> so hm
00:14:36 <teor> Oh right, it doesn't matter, because EXTEND cells can only have IPv4 addresses.
00:14:36 <nickm> this function is used whenever we get an extend2 cell, right?
00:14:51 <nickm> or did you mean extend_cell_from_extend1_cell_body?
00:15:00 <nickm> yeah
00:15:32 <teor> I have misunderstood that function's purpose
00:15:39 <nickm> ok
00:15:51 <teor> I thought it was making an extend1 cell from an extend2 cell. But it's actually a struct parser.
00:15:58 <nickm> right
00:16:18 <teor> So I need to change this line: if (!found_rsa_id || !found_ipv4) /* These are mandatory */
00:16:31 <teor> Thanks, probably best we move on with the rest of the meeting :-)
00:16:51 <nickm> ok
00:17:49 <teor> I have also been helping GSOC and Outreachy applicants, but we're doing better at sharing that workload
00:18:47 <ahf> cool!
00:19:04 <teor> And I spent quite a bit of time on helping relay operators (and handing over some of that work to the network health team)
00:19:26 <teor> There was a bit of an issue that a large relay operator needed fixed
00:20:07 <teor> But GeKo and arma2 are working on the relay side, and ahf and juga and GeKo are working on the sbws side
00:20:16 <teor> So I won't need to do much more on that
00:20:37 <ahf> nod
00:20:46 <teor> And I also had to do some HR-related work, but we're making progress there as well.
00:21:13 <teor> Oh and alsmith asked about another IPv6-related grant, check your emails :-)
00:21:56 <teor> Here's my todo list for the next day or so:
00:22:38 <teor> * organise a meeting about IPv6 reachability and PT reachability with sponsor 55, 28, and 30
00:22:49 <teor> (looks like we will all want to change the same code soon)
00:22:49 <ahf> i saw the email coming in, but i wont look at it before i've slept a bit
00:22:56 <ahf> right
00:23:06 <teor> * assign nickm some Sponsor 55 coding tickets
00:23:13 <nickm> yesplease
00:23:14 <teor> Is there anything else I should do?
00:23:45 <nickm> those sound good to me.  Also anything you want me to do on outreachy/volunteer stuff, or any tickets I should review, please let me know
00:24:12 <teor> Yeah I think you're next on my list for handing off a review
00:24:19 <nickm> also I'm doing soon -- friday or monday, most likely
00:24:33 <nickm> ah, I see you answered on #33491
00:24:40 <teor> Yes I have some backports on my list to do
00:24:58 <nickm> ok; any to 0.4.3.x, or not?
00:25:12 <nickm> i'm not planning to do any older releases right away, so there is no hurry on those
00:25:55 <teor> Yeah there is #33491, #33804 (which needs a minor man page tweak)
00:26:07 <teor> I think #33072 is too big to add at this stage
00:26:10 <ahf> i think dgoulet rasied that one during the team meeting too
00:26:17 <nickm> ok
00:26:26 <teor> ahf: which one?
00:26:35 <nickm> #33804
00:26:56 <ahf> PreferIPv6 as default
00:26:58 <teor> Yeah I have reviewed that one, I can merge them both soon
00:26:59 <teor> But not #33072
00:28:17 <teor> I think I'm pretty much done, just need to update the pad.
00:28:19 <teor> Any questions?
00:28:26 * ahf has none
00:29:53 <nickm> not on my end
00:29:58 <teor> gaba?
00:30:47 <nickm> oh, one request, though.  When you are putting a lot of stuff for my attention, if you can tell me what you would like done by when, I can try to prioritize the things that are most urgent
00:31:28 <nickm> you often do this, and it works really well for me
00:31:52 <teor> Sure, I will try to be more specific every time. Sometimes it's hard, because I give things to you incrementally.
00:32:07 <teor> If I forget, please feel free to ask.
00:32:44 <ahf> cool
00:32:49 <ahf> gaba: do you have anything?
00:33:53 <nickm> (gaba may be in high latency mode)
00:34:07 <ahf> i can end the bot and gaba can prod us if there is something
00:34:12 <ahf> #endmeeting