14:01:42 <hiro> #startmeeting www
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14:02:02 <ggus> oi!
14:02:03 <hiro> ok everyone if you haven't done already please checkout the pad and fill your updates
14:02:09 <pili> hi :)
14:02:11 * pili goes to fill out the pad
14:02:22 <antonela> o/
14:02:30 <kushal> Hello
14:02:59 <kushal> hiro, pad link?
14:03:08 <kushal> I will just put up my name though :)
14:03:09 <hiro> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-www-weekly-keep
14:04:22 <hiro> ok everyone the first topic is the community.tp.o launch
14:04:25 <kushal> hiro, Thank you.
14:04:34 <hiro> #topic community.tp.o
14:04:50 <hiro> ok pili do you want to start with that?
14:04:56 <pili> hi
14:04:59 <emmapeel> there are no translations ready. it is a lot of strings
14:05:00 <pili> yes
14:05:09 <pili> we want to launch as planned during what would have been IFF week
14:05:19 <pili> so I've been reviewing the last outstanding bits
14:05:26 <hiro> can you remember us the dates?
14:05:32 <hiro> is it the end of april?
14:05:56 <pili> IFF was 20 - 24 April
14:06:01 <pili> not sure if we want to launch on the Monday 20th or some point during the week...
14:06:05 <pili> we can discuss this :)
14:06:11 <hiro> the thing is it's already in production
14:06:21 <hiro> so it's only a matter of announcements
14:06:34 <antonela> right
14:06:36 <hiro> and accepting a few things that aren't still 100%
14:07:04 <antonela> yes, i'd like to fix some small things (i have half of the work done in my local)
14:07:12 <hiro> nice, thanks antonela
14:07:24 <pili> cool
14:07:27 <hiro> ok first of all I'd like to discuss the checklist
14:07:29 <antonela> do you think we should push to stable or is better to freeze stable now and sue develop until the release?
14:07:42 <antonela> s/sue/use
14:07:44 <hiro> I think we can keep pushing to master if these aren't big changes
14:07:54 <hiro> and if there is something that we want to review use develop or staging
14:07:57 <pili> antonela: have you assined the tickets to yourself so we don't duplicate work? I took a ticket off you this week that I thought was dormant... :D
14:07:58 <pili> I hope I didn't step on your toes there :)
14:08:06 <pili> I've been pushing to develop
14:08:07 <antonela> hiro: perfect
14:08:16 <antonela> pili: is mostly lego and ui stuff
14:08:19 <pili> and would appreciate some reviews before merging
14:08:28 <pili> antonela: cool, I don't think I'll do any of that myself :)
14:08:28 <antonela> (and layout/templates stuff)
14:08:32 <pili> yup
14:08:36 <antonela> ye
14:08:40 <antonela> we are fine i think
14:08:48 <antonela> in terms of content, what is weak?
14:08:54 <pili> antonela: outreach section
14:09:00 <pili> hiro: yes, we should discuss the checklist
14:09:18 <pili> I just threw what I had from the tp.o retrospective in the wiki
14:09:24 <pili> we should definitely review and refine
14:09:56 <pili> maybe to distinguish between a new portal and a reboot of an existing website
14:09:57 <hiro> I'd like to have a checklist where I can undersatnd my responsibilities
14:10:05 <pili> antonela: and possibly onion services, but at least we have content there
14:10:08 <hiro> like sub I with each person that reads the checklist
14:10:18 <pili> hiro: yup, I agree we should add people to the checklist
14:10:25 <antonela> pili: for the outreach section we have the outreach material. is available for download now?
14:10:39 <antonela> pili: we can talk about it later, lets discuss the checklist now
14:10:44 <pili> antonela: ok
14:11:53 <antonela> hiro made good points in the email, maybe is useful to comment in gitlab?
14:12:01 <antonela> could you incorporate that feedback pili?
14:12:12 <pili> yup
14:12:25 <ggus> we could copy and paste the checklist on pad and review now?
14:12:31 <hiro> yes that too
14:12:43 <hiro> or I could create issues to the wiki and we can discuss?
14:12:55 <hiro> and if others have issues they can do the same?
14:12:56 <pili> whatever is quickest for right now I guess
14:12:59 <antonela> ggus: yes, that'd me ideal
14:13:03 <antonela> s/me/be
14:13:07 <hiro> ok let's do now
14:13:07 <antonela> let me do it
14:13:33 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/Xj8Z9zUZBePVzBFAhNGX-keep
14:14:16 <pili> thanks antonela
14:14:35 <antonela> i pasted hiro's at the end
14:14:53 <hiro> ok so the way we work the partal on staging/develop needs to be before than 1 month prior to launch
14:15:06 <antonela> yes
14:15:30 <hiro> because otherwise it means we haven't started working on the portal at all
14:16:00 <hiro> so I don't know how we should put this out, but this is how a website project starts:
14:16:04 <hiro> 1. mockups
14:16:09 <hiro> 2. html on staging/develop
14:16:13 <hiro> 3. content
14:16:26 <hiro> 4. localization
14:16:36 <hiro> if I am not mistaken... please feel free to say otherwise
14:16:43 <pili> yup, agreed
14:16:47 <antonela> sometimes content is defined earlier
14:17:00 <antonela> but, lets discuss the steps for release
14:17:00 <pili> 2 and 3 could happen in parallel
14:17:06 <antonela> what is missing on pili's?
14:17:30 <hiro> we start w/ one month before launch, I think we can start from the beginning
14:17:57 <pili> yup, this was just for launch, we can extend the checklist to encompass the whole project though
14:17:58 <pili> it's a good idea
14:18:13 <pili> I will start adding roles to actions
14:21:59 <pili> done, please change if you don't agree
14:22:19 <hiro> nice we can always add stuff to the wiki
14:22:43 <pili> sure
14:22:49 <pili> I will update that after the meeting
14:23:18 <hiro> oooook!!!
14:23:21 <hiro> next topic?
14:23:40 <hiro> or if you guys have questions, let's discuss pls
14:24:47 <emmapeel> about l0n, we agreed that it will happen after launch
14:24:53 <emmapeel> l10n, sorry
14:25:03 <ggus> yep, i added that to the pad
14:26:00 <kushal> emmapeel, doing it after launch is a good idea in my mind.
14:26:56 <emmapeel> kushal: at least in a project like ours, where translators are volunteers
14:27:00 <pili> I'm good
14:27:03 <kushal> Yes.
14:27:34 <hiro> ok so I should remove it from the "website project start"
14:28:41 <emmapeel> yeah. i mean is good that yours truly participates from the development, in the sense of adapting it to localization etc. but the actual translated content will be available aftewr the launch
14:29:19 <emmapeel> otherwise we put a lot of pressure on the translatros and at the end there are lots of last minute changes and the translators duplicated their work
14:29:32 <hiro> ooook!!!
14:29:32 <emmapeel> it is better to wait until the strings are a bit stabilised
14:30:23 <hiro> anything else?
14:30:35 <emmapeel> the glossary is looking good!
14:30:40 <antonela> indeed
14:30:48 <hiro> ok so if we are changing topic let me do it properly
14:30:52 <hiro> #topic glossary
14:31:53 <hiro> oook is there any pending issues for the glsosary?
14:31:59 <hiro> I did two pending tasks this week
14:32:03 <emmapeel> one thing i noticed about the glossary is that the definitions need more links
14:32:25 <hiro> like more stuff explained with other terms in the glossary?
14:33:09 <emmapeel> yes, the glossary should be a way to find out more. not to replace the content of the proper pages, but a small explanation, and a ' read more
14:33:37 <hiro> ok the glossary should be about the term
14:33:44 <hiro> not about the actual topic
14:33:55 <hiro> it's a glossary and not an encyclopedia
14:34:04 <hiro> basically that's the summary ^
14:34:10 <emmapeel> yeah. for example maybe there is too much information in https://support.torproject.org/glossary/tor-browser/
14:34:23 <emmapeel> i would add less information but a good link
14:34:50 <hiro> ooook please fell free
14:35:00 <emmapeel> also another thing: we could add links to the glossary around the rest of the docs
14:35:24 <pili> yes!
14:35:56 <pili> I was reviewing a PR yesterday and there was a great candidate for a link to the glossary
14:36:11 <pili> https://github.com/torproject/community/pull/45#discussion_r405644472
14:36:44 <pili> I wonder if there's some way we could do an automatic search of the content against terms in the glossary
14:37:58 <hiro> you can use a search engine like duckduckgo with site search maybe
14:38:05 <hiro> or you can wait till we have our search system
14:38:33 <emmapeel> also `grep -r 'Tor Browser' content/
14:38:52 <emmapeel> i mean `grep -r 'Tor Browser' content/` :D
14:38:54 <pili> :)
14:38:58 <hiro> ah yeah if you use the source yeah
14:39:03 <pili> I mean for each term in the glossary :D
14:39:23 <pili> there, I started writing it in pseudocode for you... :P
14:39:42 <hiro> oooook
14:39:46 <hiro> next topic
14:39:51 <hiro> #topic styleguide
14:40:16 <hiro> I think we should review a little bit the styleguide
14:40:23 <hiro> because we had also a few PR
14:40:40 <antonela> yes, i dont have merge powers i think but i can review those PRs
14:40:44 <antonela> could that work?
14:40:52 <hiro> those were already merged
14:41:06 <hiro> I mean review the content we have on styleguide.tp.o just a little bit
14:41:12 <hiro> and find out if we should update something
14:41:12 <antonela> somethings are complicated! this pr who wanted to add stuff randomly when is a style already existed (the blockquote one)
14:41:57 <emmapeel> antonela: yeah, maybe that style should be added to the main tor.scss?
14:42:03 <antonela> what do you want to review exactly?
14:42:05 <hiro> Maybe this is something that I could put in my bucket for the next few weeks and do a little cleanup
14:42:15 <antonela> emmapeel: it style already exists in text.scss
14:42:35 <antonela> hiro: oki, im happy to help for sure
14:42:46 <hiro> ok then
14:42:49 <emmapeel> antonela: when in the support portal, you dont get styles for a lot of things. so maybe the PR is simply wrong
14:43:01 <hiro> I will go through the css and find out
14:43:15 <antonela> oki
14:43:18 <antonela> thanks hiro <3
14:43:24 <antonela> emmapeel: ye
14:43:25 <hiro> ok last topic
14:43:32 <hiro> #community portal cards
14:43:41 <hiro> #topic community portal cards
14:43:46 <antonela> what is that? social cards?
14:43:53 <hiro> what's the issue?
14:43:56 <emmapeel> sorry about previous topic, the ticket is https://gitlab.torproject.org/torproject/web/lego/-/issues/8
14:43:58 <pili> that was me :)
14:43:59 <pili> nope, the different section cards
14:44:01 <hiro> I think you can just change the key
14:44:03 <pili> e.g outreach, ux, localization, etc...
14:44:16 <pili> yes, the question is if anyone feels very strongly about the order they are currently in
14:44:23 <pili> as ggus had a suggestion to change them
14:45:02 <antonela> emmapeel: yes
14:45:15 <antonela> pili: what is the order? you can change the order using "key"
14:45:23 <pili> I know :)
14:45:46 <antonela> what is the suggestion?
14:45:51 <kushal> brb
14:45:54 <hiro> oook please go ahead and change them
14:45:56 <pili> I'm just asking if it's ok to change the current order
14:46:15 <antonela> yes, what is the proposed new order? :)
14:46:34 <pili> I'm not sure, ggus shared with me but I forgot... :)
14:46:37 <ggus> training > user research > relays
14:46:51 <pili> on the top line I guess
14:46:52 <ggus> localization > outreach > nion services
14:47:08 <antonela> oki, is fine, you can change it
14:47:28 <hiro> I think you guys can also experiment with that
14:47:30 <antonela> the only issue is the image, some of them have a different size so you may need to review the card height
14:47:50 <antonela> ggus: feel free to reorder
14:48:08 <hiro> oooook if that's all we can finish the meeting
14:48:13 <hiro> 10 minutes earlier
14:48:30 * antonela is groot
14:48:39 * hiro is groot
14:48:43 <hiro> #endmeeting