14:00:10 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:17 <antonela> hello folks
14:00:21 <antonela> hi T0_7_ o/
14:00:26 <T0_7_> Hi Antonela
14:01:06 <thurayya> hello :D
14:01:07 <T0_7_> I've already completed 8 interviews for Uganda already
14:01:18 <antonela> T0_7_: awesome! we can talk about it in a bit
14:01:25 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-ux-team-2020-keep
14:01:31 <antonela> here is the pad, please add your updates
14:01:33 <pili> o/
14:02:08 <antonela> T0_7_: we will need to delay our persona's working sessions two weeks, until the first week of May, could that work for you?
14:02:09 <antonela> hi pili
14:02:15 <antonela> hi thurayya
14:02:24 <T0_7_> That's fine Antonela
14:02:32 <antonela> T0_7_: are we still close with your timeline?
14:02:58 <T0_7_> Yes, I'll adjust my calendar
14:03:10 <antonela> perfect, thank you
14:04:05 <antonela> i've been working on the community portal, we are working towards launching it next week
14:04:18 <antonela> so im quite delayed with other things to focus on www
14:04:34 <antonela> i dont have any item in the agenda for today
14:04:46 * antonela seems a short meeting
14:04:57 <antonela> anyone has any thing to discuss?
14:05:13 <thurayya> i don't have anything new either
14:05:30 <T0_7_> Updates on my Uganda ux interviews. Done 8 already with good data
14:05:40 <antonela> yes, very nice
14:05:45 <thurayya> T0_7_: nice! :)
14:05:47 <antonela> did you upload them on NextCould?
14:05:50 <T0_7_> Yes
14:05:51 <antonela> ay cloud
14:05:55 <antonela> super
14:06:56 <pili> I think I'm good
14:07:18 <antonela> which are your next steps T0_7_?
14:07:51 <T0_7_> I'll do a few more this month, then start data analysis next month
14:08:13 <antonela> perfect
14:08:17 <T0_7_> Although I'm considering requesting for an extension because of COVID-19
14:08:29 <antonela> when it ends?
14:08:31 <T0_7_> To redo the Zimbabwe research
14:08:36 <T0_7_> July 2020
14:08:42 <antonela> oh i see
14:09:02 <antonela> we can talk about it via email, but i feel there is not going to be a problem
14:09:05 <T0_7_> COVID disrupted the Zimbabwe research
14:09:10 <T0_7_> Ok
14:10:15 <antonela> oki folks, that is all for this time (the shortest meeting ever)
14:10:22 <antonela> stay safe
14:10:23 <T0_7_> Thanks all!
14:10:34 <antonela> #endmeeting