17:58:50 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship meeting
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17:58:53 <phw> good morning everyone
17:59:06 <phw> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
17:59:17 <cohosh> hi
18:00:22 <phw> two announcements for today
18:00:45 <agix> hi
18:00:58 <phw> we now officially have two snowflake repos; one for the core golang code, and one for the web-based proxy code, yay!
18:02:01 <phw> and apparently, kyle has found distinguishers in snowflake dtls handshake
18:02:11 <cohosh> oh cool
18:02:19 <phw> does anyone want to elaborate on these announcements? :)
18:02:26 <dcf1> Yes, kyle says Snowflake sends "supported_groups" and "renegotiation_info" extensions but other common WebRTC apps don't.
18:02:36 <cohosh> nice
18:02:41 <dcf1> But he's planning to post more details in a ticket.
18:02:46 <cohosh> okay great
18:03:03 <phw> yes, great work
18:03:54 <phw> if there's nothing else, then let's take a look at each other's 'help with' sections
18:04:18 <cohosh> i need a review for #33666
18:04:20 <phw> i could use some feedback in #28531, and cohosh in #33666
18:04:30 <cohosh> phw: i can take a look at yours
18:04:40 <phw> thanks cohosh
18:04:55 <cohosh> i think arlo said he'd look at #33666, but if he's not around this week I'd appreciate a review sooner
18:04:57 <phw> ...and arlo wants #33365 reviewed
18:05:00 <cohosh> so we can start seeing if this works
18:05:11 <cohosh> phw: that's from last week
18:05:17 <phw> oh, then nevermind
18:05:46 <phw> i can review #33666
18:05:54 <cohosh> thanks!
18:06:38 <phw> anything else for today?
18:08:52 * phw waits for another three minutes before closing the meeting
18:10:12 <agix> Is there already a paper released by Kyle regarding Snowflakes fingerprinting?
18:10:35 <dcf1> agix: no, I believe it is preliminary research, not published anywhere yet.
18:11:10 <agix> dcf1: ah okay, thanks :)
18:12:36 <phw> #endmeeting