17:58:49 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship team meeting
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17:58:54 <phw> hello everybody
17:58:57 <cohosh> hi!
17:58:57 <agix> hi
17:59:03 <HashikD> Hello
17:59:03 <phw> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
18:00:19 <phw> let's start with our announcement: everybody, please welcome HashikD, our gsoc student, who will be building a snowflake proxy app for android
18:00:27 <arma2> (phw: hey! i am double-booked for the meeting but i will read backlog, and also i'll be around afterwards if there are questions for me)
18:00:37 <cohosh> HashikD: welcome :D
18:00:40 <phw> arma2: alrighty
18:00:46 <dcf1> hi HashikD
18:00:51 <arma2> hashikd: welcome too :)
18:00:56 <gaba> hi
18:00:58 <HashikD> Hello everyone!!
18:01:02 <agix> hi HashikD
18:01:07 <HashikD> Heyy!
18:01:07 <phw> HashikD: sorry for not being able to attend the call earlier today. ironically, i ended up having the same call issues at the beginning of the next meeting
18:01:21 <HashikD> phw: no problem at all!
18:02:41 <phw> next item on our agenda is our meeting time. i believe that 18:00 utc isn't very convenient for folks on the asian continent, so i was wondering if you're all fine with moving the meeting to an earlier time?
18:02:51 <phw> like 16:00 or 17:00 utc
18:03:53 <cohosh> works for me
18:04:01 <agix> same here
18:04:08 <dcf1> 16:00 is not too early for me
18:04:45 * cohosh looks for arlolra
18:04:50 <phw> gaba: wait, isn't the metrics team meeting at 17:00 utc?
18:06:35 <phw> i suggest moving it to 1600 if there are no conflicts with other meetings, and assuming arlo is fine with it too.
18:06:44 <phw> i'll send an email to our team list, so arlo has a chance to chime in
18:07:33 <cohosh> sounds good
18:07:40 <phw> next up is dcf1's dns pluggable transport idea
18:07:48 <dcf1> let me summarize briefly
18:08:13 <dcf1> turning the DNS tunnel implementation that exists now into a pluggable transport is something I could do myself, but I thought,
18:08:31 <dcf1> this could be an opportunity to expand the talent pool of people who are able to do that
18:08:57 <dcf1> so I posted a roadmap of anticipated development tasks to the anti-censorship-team mailing list
18:09:22 <dcf1> and I wanted to invite any beginners or lurkers who want to try such a project
18:09:44 <dcf1> if not, I suppose I will do it myself, by and by
18:10:19 <phw> i know of one or two volunteers who recently asked me what they could work on. i'll direct them to your roadmap.
18:10:38 <dcf1> thanks phw
18:11:23 <gaba> phw: 1500 utc
18:11:32 <gaba> is the metrics team meeting
18:11:37 <dcf1> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/anti-censorship-team/2020-May/000089.html (dropping the link to the roadmap for the record)
18:11:51 <phw> gaba: gotcha, thanks. then 1600 remains a good option for us.
18:13:03 <phw> and a brief update regarding meek-azure from my side
18:14:28 <phw> tor has been paying for the hosting, but is no longer able to do so. if anyone happens to have a contact inside microsoft (or even better: inside azure), please let me know. ideally, we would find a way to keep running it somehow because nobody wants to shut it down.
18:15:40 <dcf1> In the event that it needs to be shut down, one partial mitigation is we can make another post like https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/2016-June/041699.html
18:16:02 <dcf1> that tells people how to set up their own (with the bonus that it will be faster than the shared meek-azure)
18:16:33 <dcf1> probably <1% of people are able to effectively make use of such instructions, but it's something
18:17:27 <phw> thanks dcf1, that's a good start
18:18:00 <phw> anything else for today before we move on to our 'needs help with' sections?
18:18:46 <phw> and for those who haven't seen it yet: next week's reading group will be about the salmon paper. agix volunteered to provide a summary, so thanks for that!
18:18:56 <cohosh> agix: nice :D
18:19:03 <agix> sure thing :)
18:19:55 <phw> ok, let's move on. these patches aint gonna review themselves
18:20:29 <dcf1> these turing machines aren't going to decide whether they themselves halt
18:20:58 <phw> i need a review of #12802, cohosh needs #27330 and #31278, and i think i owe agix a review for #33835. anything that i missed?
18:22:03 <cohosh> phw: do you want a review of that from me, or would hiro be a better person to ask?
18:22:20 <dcf1> Let me look at #31278.
18:22:31 <phw> cohosh: i'd like a review from you. hiro will take care of the integration
18:23:17 <cohosh> ok cool, i can take that then
18:23:21 <phw> i can take #27330 (unless hiro would be a better person to review this)
18:23:24 <phw> thanks!
18:23:45 <cohosh> phw: that'd be great thanks!
18:24:56 <phw> anything else for today?
18:25:31 <phw> HashikD: if you have any questions about our meeting or anything else, please ask!
18:26:11 <HashikD> Oh! nothing. I am just lurking to see how everything works :)
18:26:14 <HashikD> Thanks for asking
18:27:38 * phw waits for another minute before ending the meeting
18:28:31 <phw> #endmeeting