23:01:48 <ahf> #startmeeting s55 weekly status
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23:02:23 <ahf> how are things going?
23:03:23 <nickm> i've got some progress on addr, but the code isn't started. I've been pulled in about 6 directions this week
23:03:29 <teor> So I mainly spent this week on leave, to deal with some leave I hadn't taken earlier.
23:03:30 <nickm> i owe teor a review for 33222
23:03:40 <teor> Yes, that's all my progress this week.
23:04:11 <nickm> are you blocking on my 33222 review such that I should do it tonight? or is when-i-wake-up ok?
23:04:12 <teor> I did a revision of the reachability self-test launching code. I'm a lot happier with it now.
23:04:35 <nickm> oh! I also merged dgoulet's code to isolate the own-addr-probing code
23:04:40 <teor> Not at all. I will just keep adding commits to that PR.
23:04:54 <nickm> ok
23:04:55 <teor> (Sorry I wasn't clear on the ticket, it's been a distracting week.)
23:05:25 <teor> And thanks for merging dgoulet's code.
23:05:40 <nickm> no worries, I've been distracted too
23:06:29 <teor> So my next step is to add the Relay=3 subprotocol, and check it when relays are chosing the last IPv6 hop for self-tests.
23:06:38 <teor> * check it and IPv6
23:06:48 <nickm> so we're in the last week we get to do this handover.  Do you think we are on track to have me pick up where you leave off?
23:07:20 <teor> I finish on the 18th, so yes, I have a week and 2 days to go.
23:08:17 <teor> I feel like there are a bunch of technical questions that are answered in proposals and split up into tickets.
23:08:24 <teor> There are probably more questions that will come up, but I can't think of anything major.
23:09:17 <teor> I'll make sure I re-read all the proposals on Monday, and make any updates that are necessary.
23:09:51 <teor> Should I also try to update prop#306 ?
23:10:17 <nickm> for me picking it up, the most useful thing would be instructions for how to see tor do what it can do now (using eg chutney on ::1), and a pointer to which step is next
23:10:20 <teor> Is that a priority? It's the client-side proposal, so it's out of scope for Sponsor 55.
23:10:37 <nickm> (I know that is in part done by the tickets, but there are _many_ of those)
23:10:43 <teor> That's fair.
23:10:59 <nickm> wrt prop#306, I would suggest using your judgment about benefit/effort?
23:11:10 <nickm> If it's a two hour edit that makes the proposal into a very good idea, that would be great
23:11:28 <nickm> if it is a two-day effort than makes slight obvious improvements, not so much
23:11:35 <teor> Yeah, I think I'll set a short time limit, and do what I can in that time.
23:12:48 <gaba> hi!
23:12:53 <teor> We also have the two remaining chutney tickets, let me find the ticket numbers
23:12:59 <gaba> I'm here. Not prepared but I will  read you all.
23:14:29 <teor> #33675 and #33609
23:15:02 <ahf> https://bugs.torproject.org/33675
23:15:06 <teor> Caitlin could finish #33609. I can finish off #33675.
23:16:23 <nickm> ok.  there's a tradeoff here between doing as much as you can in the next week, and handing off as much as you can... I'd suggest that we aim to allow a bit more handoff time than we think will be needed?
23:17:26 <nickm> since we have 5 days plus 2 (corrrect?), maybe we should plan like this:
23:17:57 <teor> 4 days plus 2, I am only part-time.
23:18:01 <nickm> ah,
23:18:05 <nickm> ok, 4+2
23:18:51 <nickm> so what if you write me that info about how to test what is there, and what comes next... and I start looking at it next week under the assumption that i have to figure it all out...
23:19:10 <nickm> I can email you questions as I have them, and we can confer in a meeting one week from now.
23:19:28 <nickm> If there's plenty of time for you to finish stuff up and I'm not struggling: great!
23:19:51 <nickm> but if i'm struggling, I'll realize it in time for you to answer whatever I'm struggling with
23:19:54 <nickm> how would that be?
23:21:08 <teor> Sounds like a good plan
23:21:26 <teor> I wrote you an email about what comes next, what did you think of that email?
23:21:46 <teor> * about the tickets that are next
23:23:08 <nickm> This is which one.  Essential tasks, or estimates and completed work?
23:23:36 <nickm> (or a different one?)
23:25:00 <teor> Essential Tasks, "2. What tasks can Nick, David, and Alex start doing this week?"
23:25:08 <nickm> got it
23:25:30 <teor> I'm just trying to get an idea of what's missing in the handover, so I can fill in the gaps.
23:26:01 <nickm> it looks like there isn't any 311 stuff that's ripe to do yet..?
23:26:16 <nickm> I think I have a good handle on 312, and the stats stuff should be comparatively easy
23:26:32 <nickm> It's mostly understanding what is done and what is not done in 311 that I think I am gapping on right now
23:27:20 <teor> #33582 is part of prop#311, but I'm not sure it's actually essential. It would be a nice bug to fix though.
23:27:29 <nickm> (and how i can experiment with it in chutney)
23:27:35 <nickm> ack
23:29:01 <teor> So what's the best way to share the prop#311 status with you? An email describing progress, testing, and tasks that still need to be done?
23:29:28 <nickm> i think an update in reply to that email with an update on progress, and instructions to run the tests to see what progress is already there
23:29:54 <nickm> if you send that to me  in the next few days, I will make sure I understand and have timely questions
23:30:07 <teor> Sure, I can do that. I will probably just write something short, and then link to the relevant chutney README section.
23:30:32 <nickm> great
23:31:10 <teor> It's all running in CI at the moment, so it should just work :-)
23:31:18 <teor> * in CI using chutney
23:32:22 <nickm> if it works fine with ::1, I am in business :)
23:33:12 <teor> It seems to work fine, and it claims to be sending all the right cells to the right places. But there's no checks at the other end yet.
23:33:33 <teor> More precisely, any inbound create cell passes the check, even cells from clients.
23:36:02 <teor> Since I'm not going to finish all of #33222, it might be a good idea for me to split it up?
23:36:41 <nickm> yeah, that would make sense
23:36:52 <teor> Ok, I'll put that on my list
23:39:56 <ahf> anything else for today?
23:40:45 <teor> I think I'm good, we'll follow up using email
23:40:51 <ahf> nickm: you good?
23:40:56 <nickm> i'm set, and thank you!
23:41:04 <nickm> tomorrow i'll review whatever part of 33222 is before me
23:41:10 <teor> Great!
23:41:22 <teor> I'll send that email now, so you have it tomorrow.
23:41:43 <ahf> cool, i'll close the bot meeting session
23:41:45 <ahf> #endmeeting