17:02:45 <gaba> #startmeeting Network Team May 11th
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17:02:54 <gaba> pad https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
17:03:19 <ahf> coolio
17:04:32 <gaba> about roadmap: does everybody know what they have to do in the next 2 weeks?
17:04:53 <nickm> i think i'm working on walking onions and picking up s55
17:05:04 * ahf have a good idea about it, but will learn about more in the browser meeting i na bit
17:05:09 <nickm> but there is an issue about releases that I'll raise later during discussion
17:05:22 <dgoulet> yeah I'm a big fuzzy on S55 next steps for me but I wanted to discuss with nickm there today once I have time which should be in ~1h30
17:05:29 <dgoulet> nickm: if OK with you?
17:05:33 <nickm> ok!
17:05:34 <asn> im working on our pow funding proposal and related pow things
17:06:31 <dgoulet> will be doing that a bit tomorrow since it is urgent ^
17:06:38 <gaba> sounds good
17:06:54 <gaba> next is "Check reviewer assignments"
17:07:10 <nickm> do we have unassigned stuff?
17:07:19 <nickm> I see #32335, #33617, and #34004
17:07:43 <asn> ugh i guess that's unassigned stuff indeed
17:07:51 <asn> yeah this procedure has not been ironed out
17:07:53 <asn> will assign asap
17:07:56 <nickm> also teor is listed as reviewer on #33788, and maybe somebody else should offer to take that
17:08:03 <asn> agreed
17:08:14 <asn> noted and will do tomorrow early
17:08:30 <nickm> let's all try to get all of our assigned _easy_ reviews done on the soon side?
17:08:36 <asn> agreed
17:08:41 <nickm> harder stuff might take longer of course
17:08:44 <nickm> thanks asn
17:09:14 <nickm> hi jnewsome
17:09:29 <jnewsome> o/ - sorry didn't realize we were starting back up again :)
17:09:47 <nickm> no worries
17:10:01 <gaba> ok
17:10:23 <gaba> next is about releases. It seems 0.4.4 is freeze is this week? nickm?
17:10:46 <nickm> gaba: see discussion
17:10:54 <nickm> let's talk about 043 first
17:11:04 <gaba> oh, i see
17:11:05 <gaba> yes
17:11:09 <nickm> basically, I think we could probably do an 0.4.3 stable soon
17:11:19 <nickm> unless we know anything that is blocking it
17:11:32 <gaba> +1 to pushing all releases back a month
17:11:43 <gaba> all non 0.4.3 releases
17:11:45 <nickm> IIUC has been in a TB alpha now, and we haven't got complaints...
17:12:11 <nickm> ... but OTOH, the TB people haven't enabled comments, so I don't know if we're broken and we don't know it
17:12:19 <ahf> oh
17:13:13 <dgoulet> yeah so for delaying 044 a month, I think it is wise... I was just caught off-guard by "oh my mid-may already" :P ...
17:13:21 <nickm> yeah
17:13:24 <ahf> yeah
17:13:33 <asn> agreed
17:13:42 <dgoulet> as for 043 stable, I think so far so good on my side, I use TB alpha and tor git master, nothing to signal so far
17:13:43 <nickm> let's also delay 045 and later
17:14:05 <dgoulet> 043 has been also good relay side on my part
17:14:13 <gaba> nickm: you change the schedule in the wiki for releases?
17:15:08 <nickm> doing
17:15:35 <ahf> dgoulet: hm, maybe i should upgrade mine to that and see
17:16:27 <gaba> ok
17:16:36 <gaba> anything else we need about 0.4.3 release?
17:16:38 <dgoulet> ahf: I have one following our alpha and one on git master, usually good pattern that paid off in the past for me :)
17:16:47 <nickm> if nobody shouts, I'll plan to do it on Friday
17:16:58 <ahf> cool
17:17:02 <gaba> sgtm
17:17:29 <asn> yap yap
17:17:35 <nickm> wrt announcements: are any of those still relevant?
17:17:57 <nickm> if not I say remove
17:18:07 <gaba> yes, i would just move the volunteers one to reminders
17:18:14 <gaba> or not...
17:18:20 <gaba> let's remove them all
17:18:23 <nickm> done
17:18:30 <asn> +1
17:18:37 <gaba> discussion
17:18:48 <nickm> if we confirm the first 3 ttopics are old we can remove them
17:18:55 <gaba> does the first one the CI is relevant?
17:18:56 <gaba> ah
17:18:56 <gaba> ok
17:18:58 <dgoulet> brb
17:19:14 <asn> +1
17:19:40 <gaba> CI failures, are those resolved?
17:20:00 <nickm> looks like we already did our discussion stuf: prop314 is accepted as uncontroversial and 0.4.4 is postponed
17:20:14 <gaba> let's remove them all then
17:21:31 <gaba> ok, next is to check through statuses to see if people need help with anything
17:21:32 <nickm> do we have any other discussion thing or things or stuff to talk about?
17:21:38 <nickm> either planned or thigns that you just thought of?
17:21:48 <nickm> maybe let's talk a minute to read everybody's updates, if you haven't already
17:22:42 * asn read everything
17:22:57 <nickm> i have a possible discussion topic
17:23:06 <nickm> which proposals should we make sure we are ready to talk about next week?
17:23:10 <nickm> there are quite a few
17:23:11 <gaba> so far the only issue seesm to be somebody need to pick up #33850
17:23:20 <gaba> oh, sorry
17:23:38 <ahf> nickm: am i understanding the friday deadline right that i should have the TROVE patch ready latest at wednesday'ish ?
17:23:42 <nickm> gaba: if nobody has time to pick it up, i can try to fit it in
17:24:07 <nickm> ahf: I don't think so; I think we are planning to do it as an update _after_ 0.4.3.stable, since it is "medium"
17:24:20 <nickm> ahf: but having it ready would be good
17:24:24 <ahf> ack, i will worry less and just aim for it for this week
17:24:36 <asn> the PoW proposal will get updated soon based on recent findings/discussions, so it's not urgent to read it given insufficient time
17:24:37 <ahf> sounds good. thank you
17:25:00 <asn> that's the proposal i feel responsible about so that's the only one i mention
17:25:26 <nickm> asn: thanks, that's helpful to know
17:25:30 <nickm> I think we ought to respond to prop#316 and prop#317 some time
17:25:44 <ahf> i have 317 on my list of things to look into this week
17:25:46 <asn> ok im gonna put in my list to read prop#316 i've been meaning to
17:26:10 <nickm> maybe we can each take one of those, and send commens to the ml, and plan to talk about them next week?
17:26:14 <nickm> *comments
17:26:24 <ahf> WFM
17:26:30 <asn> kk i took #317
17:26:33 <nickm> if that sounds good, I'll see which one dgoulet wants to look at, and I'll make sure I read the other :)
17:26:49 <nickm> oh
17:26:58 <nickm> looks like dgoulet and I have to try to understand 316 :)
17:27:12 <ahf> asn: i think you said both ID's here?
17:27:18 <pastly> here to answer qs :)
17:27:22 <pastly> all week
17:27:28 <asn> hahaha sorry. i meant 316
17:27:33 <asn> aka flashflow
17:27:56 <nickm> ah.  Then it's asn and TBD on 316, ahf and TBD on 317.
17:28:03 <ahf> yes
17:28:07 <nickm> where each TBD is one of {nickm,dgoulet}
17:28:10 <nickm> wfm
17:29:40 <dgoulet> ok sorry, back, I shall choose a proposal... hmmm
17:29:41 <pastly> FWIW I've been meaning to say ... something ... in response to teor's latest message on prop#316. So I'll probably do that this week.
17:30:16 <pastly> but of course we look forward to asn etc. also reading it!
17:30:42 <nickm> also fwiw I'll be putting out more proposals this week that came out of walking onions
17:31:22 <ahf> nice
17:32:41 <nickm> dgoulet: no hurry, just let me know when you want
17:32:54 <nickm> I'll make sure to be online in ~2h for you too
17:33:09 <nickm> though i might go high-latency in ~2.5h
17:33:26 <dgoulet> nickm: np, should be quick chat anyway
17:33:45 <gaba> ok. anything else?
17:34:48 * ahf is good
17:35:22 * nickm good here too
17:35:32 <asn> good!
17:35:50 * jnewsome is good
17:36:08 * dgoulet good
17:36:08 <nickm> dgoulet: wait, before you said ~1h30m.  So we should meet in ~1h?
17:36:19 <nickm> that also works and is better for me
17:36:32 <dgoulet> nickm: yeah actually, I can in 10-15 min?
17:36:36 <dgoulet> nickm: else in an hour as well
17:36:41 <nickm> dgoulet: I'll be here
17:36:45 <dgoulet> nickm: great
17:39:06 <nickm> gaba: looks like we may be done?
17:39:15 <gaba> sure
17:39:18 <gaba> #endmeeting