15:59:14 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship meeting
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15:59:33 <phw> hi folks, here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
15:59:56 <cohosh> hi
16:00:18 <agix> hi
16:01:05 <phw> let's start with our discussion item: i suggest posting our monthly team report on the blog in addition to our mailing list
16:01:15 <phw> it will allow us to receive comments from the community
16:01:27 <phw> which will be partially bad but hopefully mostly good
16:01:44 <gaba> it will be also good for the discussion around reading papers
16:02:18 <phw> gaba: we post reading group summaries at https://github.com/net4people/bbs/issues
16:02:46 <phw> personally, i'm not interested in blogging about it every week. there's just no time for that
16:03:13 <phw> but if anyone else wants to: please do!
16:03:30 <gaba> monthly reports you said! yes
16:03:59 <phw> gaba: yes. that's mostly a copy & paste from the email i send to tor-project@
16:04:26 <cohosh> hmm, do other teams do this?
16:04:41 <cohosh> i think it's usually just when there are new releases
16:04:47 <phw> cohosh: not that i know of
16:04:52 <cohosh> but we don't really have single big release events here
16:04:58 <cohosh> so i suppose this would take the place of that
16:06:00 <phw> yes. the purpose of a blog post is to let our user base know what we've been up to, and to hear from them
16:06:05 <cohosh> okay i can see the value to make people more aware of changes we're making
16:06:31 <cohosh> who is responsible for formatting/posting/watching for comments? would we switch off to share the load?
16:06:49 <gaba> usually people posting the blogpost are the one who takes care of comments
16:06:59 <phw> yes, that would be me. and i'm fine with that.
16:07:50 <cohosh> okay, well i'm down to try it and see what happens
16:08:18 <phw> i suggest posting our may report on the blog and then see how that goes. we don't have to keep doing it if we don't get value out of it
16:09:18 <cohosh> cool, +1
16:09:27 <agix> i can offer to help if needed
16:09:35 <phw> ok, moving on. we don't have a paper for next week's reading group. any suggestions?
16:09:58 <cohosh> maybe something from IEEE S&P this week?
16:10:05 <cohosh> i haven't really looked at the papers
16:10:17 <phw> thanks agix. i think you'll need a blog account to approve comments
16:10:20 <cohosh> but i recall there was a censorship track
16:10:45 <agix> phw sure, i can do that
16:11:41 <cohosh> ok just an iclab paper: https://www.ieee-security.org/TC/SP2020/program.html
16:14:12 <cohosh> we could also discuss conjure
16:14:29 <cohosh> https://censorbib.nymity.ch/#Frolov2019b
16:14:30 <phw> cohosh: yes, i was about to suggest conjure and geneva
16:14:53 <phw> let's do conjure and keep geneva in mind for the next session
16:14:54 <cohosh> let's do conjure since we did a paper similar to geneva recently
16:14:58 <cohosh> cool :)
16:15:44 <phw> ok, moving on. let's take a look at our 'needs help with' sections
16:16:03 <phw> unless there's anything else to discuss?
16:17:09 <phw> i need a review for #34154 and #33945; cohosh needs #34222 but that's a git admin ticket; and HashikD needs help with sdp serialisation
16:17:46 <cohosh> oh i just had #34222 taken care of
16:17:47 <phw> oh, looks like the git admin ticket is fixed already
16:17:54 <cohosh> and i'm planning to give HashikD some feedback tomorrow
16:18:11 <cohosh> i can take either or both of your reviews phw
16:18:25 <phw> agix: are you interested in doing bridgedb code reviews?
16:18:33 <cohosh> ah even better :)
16:19:04 <agix> phw sure :)
16:19:27 <agix> which ticket(s) should i review?
16:20:10 <phw> how about you take #33945 and cohosh takes #34154?
16:20:33 <agix> cool, i'll take a look at it
16:20:40 <cohosh> sounds good
16:20:43 <phw> thanks!
16:22:22 <phw> we're done with our agenda for today. i'll wait for another two minutes before closing the meeting, just in case there are any ad hoc topics.
16:25:24 <phw> #endmeeting