15:00:07 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team meeting
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15:00:19 <karsten> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep <- pad
15:00:41 <karsten> today's planned agenda is a bit different from the weeks before.
15:00:54 <karsten> we have one main topic which is the roadmap for the upcoming month.
15:01:10 <karsten> if we have time left after this topic we can discuss other things.
15:01:27 <karsten> but it's not like previous weeks where we discussed 8--10 topics.
15:01:45 <karsten> let's wait another minute or two for other people to join.
15:01:55 * karsten saw acute and gaba so far.
15:02:07 <mikeperry> I am here
15:02:11 <karsten> hi mikeperry!
15:02:15 <acute> hi!
15:02:40 <gaba> the main roadmap for OnionPerf is here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor59
15:02:54 <gaba> and karsten sent a mail with possible tickets
15:03:00 <karsten> oh, look: 47% done!
15:03:31 <gaba> Roadmap draft: https://people.torproject.org/~karsten/volatile/scalability-and-performance-preparation-project-roadmap-2020-06-03.pdf
15:03:33 <karsten> off topic, but while we wait: did you already figure out how this wiki page will work after the gitlab migration?
15:03:51 <gaba> hopefully we will have a 'project' in gitlab for onionperf :)
15:04:01 <gaba> a wiki page with objectives, description, etc
15:04:11 <gaba> i think acute and irl were using it before
15:04:18 <karsten> oh, right!
15:04:38 <karsten> we should plan to spend some time on the trac/gitlab migration.
15:05:03 <karsten> okay, shall we start?
15:05:23 <gaba> sure
15:05:23 <karsten> whoever comes late can read backlog and join the conversation.
15:05:49 <karsten> so, the roadmap on trac and the pdf I made should cover the same set of tickets.
15:06:02 <karsten> unless I missed something. it was a manual process to some extent.
15:06:14 <karsten> my first question is: what are we missing?
15:06:24 <karsten> what else should we consider for the next roadmap?
15:06:32 <gaba> karsten: all tickets in that pdf were in the roadmap before, right? nothing new was added? that is what you are saying
15:06:52 <karsten> I did add tickets to the pdf as I added them to Sponsor59 in trac.
15:06:58 <acute> so, there are some onionperf metrics-cloud tickets
15:07:01 <gaba> thanks
15:07:05 <karsten> it's just possible that I screwed up at some point, but I don't know.
15:07:26 <karsten> acute: they're not in sponsor59 at the moment, right?
15:07:29 <acute> not sure if we should consider any of them
15:07:59 <karsten> for this discussion, sure!
15:08:30 <karsten> added to the pad.
15:08:46 <karsten> what else? anything that we don't have a ticket for yet?
15:09:13 <mikeperry> so for the filters it will be useful for an include filter version of #33260
15:09:46 <mikeperry> and maybe some simple scripts to like generate the idhexes of relays with a certain property, like eg platform. tho I guess that is fairly simple stem
15:10:02 <mikeperry> because, for example with the CBT+fixed guard stuff
15:10:15 <mikeperry> let's say we wanna look at *just* windows machines that are guards
15:10:23 <mikeperry> to see if they are for some reason slower or whatever
15:11:05 <karsten> I think we're all set with the filters in #33260, but we should add a ticket for generating those ID hexes files.
15:11:24 <mikeperry> in other words, for #33260 we want the ability to include or exclude relays, not just exclude
15:11:32 <karsten> ah, okay.
15:11:52 <karsten> sounds doable, will leave a comment just to make sure we implement both.
15:12:49 <karsten> done.
15:13:06 <karsten> anything else that we should consider for june?
15:13:07 <mikeperry> I also commented on the cbt+guard tickets a couple hours ago
15:13:12 <karsten> yes, very useful!
15:13:15 <karsten> thanks for that.
15:14:04 <mikeperry> np
15:14:22 <karsten> no other tasks to consider now? (we'll have another chance to include new tasks in a roadmap in 4 weeks.)
15:15:23 <karsten> then let's move on to the next question:
15:15:31 <gaba> ok
15:15:34 <karsten> what tasks should we include in the next roadmap?
15:15:48 <karsten> gaba and I briefly talked about doing monthly roadmaps,
15:15:57 <karsten> with the first meeting of a month to be the planning meeting.
15:16:10 <karsten> that means we have 4 weeks to plan for today.
15:16:28 <karsten> we roughly did 2.5 points per week in may.
15:16:43 <gaba> tickets from line 25 are your proposal for next 4 weeks?
15:17:01 <karsten> my idea was that we could plan to do ~10.0 points in june.
15:17:14 <gaba> sounds doable
15:17:17 <karsten> starting at line 25 I pased everything that's left.
15:17:20 <karsten> pasted*
15:17:30 <karsten> that's 24.9 points total.
15:17:38 <karsten> we'll have to make choices.
15:18:38 <karsten> we could pick groups of tasks or single tasks from those lines and see how many of them fit into 10.0 points.
15:18:55 <karsten> adding +1 sounds like a good idea to me.
15:19:00 <gaba> :)
15:19:29 <karsten> please add +1's on the pad, and I'll compute the sum locally using this powerful project management tool called libreoffice calc.
15:19:44 <acute> what does +1 mean?
15:19:55 <karsten> +1 as in "yes, good idea, let's do that in june"
15:19:57 <mikeperry> I do not have strong opinions about what has to get done in june
15:20:02 <acute> ah, cool!
15:20:07 <gaba> i'm adding +1 to the ones I think should be considered for next 4 weeks
15:20:19 <karsten> mikeperry: that's fine.
15:20:49 <karsten> I'll add my +1's, too, because I'm not actually suggesting to do everything.
15:20:53 <mikeperry> I think I will just abstain. whatever you folk is important now is fine with me
15:20:59 <karsten> ok.
15:21:14 <karsten> jnewsome: hi! want to join the meeting?
15:21:34 <gaba> pad for the meeting: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep
15:21:39 <jnewsome> hello! yup, thanks
15:22:04 <karsten> jnewsome: we're going through the list of open tasks on that pad and adding +1 to those tasks that we think should happen in june.
15:24:22 <karsten> I'm done with my +1's.
15:24:42 <karsten> take your time, everyone, and then please let us know here when you're done.
15:25:11 <gaba> we are in 7 in total with all the ones voted
15:25:23 <gaba> I think is ok and we can go with what we have there
15:25:42 <acute> done
15:25:56 <karsten> oh, and we forgot the two things that were missing from the list.
15:26:13 <gaba> i will add a keyword for june to those
15:26:14 <gaba> in trac
15:26:35 <jnewsome> it's ok; I don't think I have enough context to vote. I'm still (slowly) ramping up in spare cycles
15:26:40 <gaba> once we are done choosing...
15:26:58 <karsten> jnewsome: okay!
15:28:30 <karsten> gaba: how did you come up with 7?
15:28:45 <gaba> i was adding them up :)
15:28:59 <karsten> I have 14.4 as sum.
15:29:21 <karsten> I'll move around tickets on the pad...
15:29:32 <gaba> maybe i missed something
15:32:33 <karsten> okay, the tasks from lines 25 to 49 are currently planned for june.
15:33:08 <gaba> ok
15:33:18 <karsten> and I think it's too much.
15:33:36 <gaba> can we leave #33260 for later?
15:33:58 <karsten> sure, and we probably should.
15:34:01 <acute> sure
15:35:49 <karsten> I still have 14.1 as sum.
15:35:58 <gaba> mmm
15:36:00 <karsten> we need to lose more.
15:36:14 <karsten> I recognize that this is not the best tool. :)
15:36:30 <karsten> still, we shouldn't switch the tool now. we can do this!
15:36:53 <acute> 33419 can be done after june too
15:37:05 <karsten> okay.
15:38:37 <karsten> 12.1.
15:38:59 <mikeperry> I can do the DROPTIMEOUTS piece of #33399 if that is useful
15:38:59 <karsten> 0.2+0.2+0.1+0.1+0.4+0.2+0.2 +2 +0.7+0.5 +0.5+1 +1.9+3 +0.9+0.2
15:39:12 <gaba> thanks mike
15:39:17 <karsten> that would be awesome!
15:39:42 <karsten> in that case we can go a bit above 10.0, because that adds capacity.
15:39:57 <karsten> maybe it's close enough to 10.0 then.
15:40:02 <acute> great!
15:40:12 <karsten> well, 10.0 for the tickets in the list except for #33399.
15:40:43 <karsten> and no worries, we're not expecting that you do the whole ticket. just the tor part.
15:40:51 <karsten> but it could be close enough for planning.
15:41:13 <karsten> good enough for others, too?
15:41:27 <gaba> looks good
15:41:47 <acute> it's good!
15:41:47 <karsten> cool!
15:41:58 <karsten> yay
15:42:16 <karsten> I'd say that concludes this agenda item then.
15:42:41 * phw caught up on backlog
15:42:50 <karsten> hi phw!
15:42:54 <phw> o/
15:43:00 <acute> hi!
15:43:04 <karsten> want to go over the list, too?
15:43:30 <phw> yes, but like jnewsome, i also don't have enough context yet to vote
15:43:57 <karsten> just in case you find something that's not in the list and that you'd like to see in the list, feel free to point that out.
15:44:00 <karsten> happy to provide more context.
15:44:11 <karsten> if not, that's okay, too.
15:44:23 <karsten> nothing set in stone here, just trying to get a general direction.
15:45:23 <gaba> the last 2 items are reviews and any help needed
15:46:06 <karsten> phw: do you want to talk about the planned roadmap for june, or should we move on to those two remaining topics?
15:46:20 <phw> please move on
15:46:24 <karsten> okay. :)
15:46:31 <karsten> reviews!
15:46:40 <karsten> I removed one ticket from that list that doesn't really need a review.
15:46:48 <karsten> it's just in needs_review, maybe I should fix that.
15:46:48 <acute> happy to review #29365 and #33257
15:47:01 <karsten> oh, that was quick!
15:47:03 <karsten> :)
15:47:08 <karsten> are you okay taking both?
15:47:21 <acute> unless anyone else wants them, of course
15:47:56 <phw> "want" is a strong word.. ;)
15:48:14 <acute> haha
15:48:30 <karsten> they're mostly harmless.
15:48:34 <acute> yes, happy to do both unless i get other offers :)
15:49:04 <karsten> maybe take a look, and if they turn out to be less harmless, feel free to give them back.
15:49:26 <acute> sounds like a good plan!
15:49:33 <karsten> perfect. thank you!
15:49:43 <karsten> Anything that people want to bring? Anybody block on anything?
15:50:33 <karsten> ah, the gitlab migration.
15:50:40 <karsten> and how this is going to affect us.
15:50:46 <karsten> not sure if everyone's informed of the timeline there.
15:50:59 <karsten> gaba: do you mind giving a 3 minute summary?
15:51:23 <karsten> I could try, too, but I'll likely mess up the dates.
15:51:53 <gaba> this is going to happen the weekend of June 12th
15:51:56 <gaba> (next week)
15:52:07 <gaba> and the idea is that we use ahf's script to migrate all tickets and wiki to gitlab
15:52:10 <gaba> into a legacy project
15:52:23 <gaba> the monday june 15th we are going to split those tickets into the final projects in gitlab
15:52:37 <gaba> and then we are going to start using gitlab :)
15:52:45 <gaba> for onionperf we will have its own project
15:52:48 <karsten> was there going to be a test migration next week?
15:52:50 <gaba> inside TPO organization in gitlab
15:53:05 <gaba> yes, ahf is doing a test migration but he have been doing severals already :)
15:53:12 <gaba> in each one we find some issue and then we fix it
15:53:22 <karsten> okay.
15:53:23 <gaba> now everything that needed to be fixed it is fix
15:53:39 <ahf> hey
15:53:43 <gaba> we will have a metrics wiki page in gitlab
15:53:50 <karsten> so, this impacts us primarily by not being able to change ticket states between next friday and the tuesday after?
15:53:52 <gaba> and an onionperf with the roadmap of what we are working on
15:53:53 <karsten> hi ahf!
15:54:00 * ahf reads the backlog
15:54:10 <gaba> between june 12th and around june 15th I would assume
15:54:22 <gaba> ahf: only mentioned because talking about gitlab
15:54:25 <karsten> ahf: just trying to figure out what we need to keep in mind about the migration.
15:54:27 <ahf> ah
15:54:28 <ahf> yep
15:54:47 <gaba> i'm hoping to do most of the split but karsten, we can talk later and see how we can do it
15:54:57 <karsten> yes, sure!
15:55:12 <gaba> FIY june's plan for onionperf is in the wiki page: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/sponsors/Sponsor59
15:55:19 <karsten> okay, we'll have another meeting next week that is right before trac goes read-only.
15:55:26 <karsten> thanks!
15:55:34 <gaba> yes
15:55:43 <karsten> okay, great!
15:55:50 <karsten> I think we're out of topics, unless somebody else has something?
15:56:38 <karsten> if not, just a few words on the roadmap phase that we just finished:
15:56:47 <karsten> it's amazing how much stuff we got done there!
15:56:55 <karsten> thank you very much to everyone involved!
15:57:16 <gaba> \o/
15:57:34 <karsten> talk to you next week, everyone!
15:57:39 <karsten> bye! o/
15:57:45 <jnewsome> o/
15:57:51 <acute> bye everyone o/
15:58:01 <karsten> leaving the room just in time for the next meeting... :)
15:58:04 <karsten> #endmeeting