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17:00:21 <ahf> nice Caitlin !
17:00:38 <gaba> pad is in https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
17:00:53 <Caitlin> mostly i'm waiting on input about stuff, i sent a few emails out to tor-dev@ whenever others get a chance to check that
17:01:08 <Caitlin> i'll continue to poke for things to do and clean up meanwhile
17:02:11 <gaba> sounds good
17:02:19 <Caitlin> so, i guess the big thing is migrating from trac to gitlab, but other than that what is everyone else focused on immediately
17:02:26 <gaba> should we start? do we have dgoulet around today?
17:02:58 <nickm> Caitlin: I see two question on tor-dev@: ""reproducing #33598" and "#3288: IPv6 and 'address' option" is there anything else?
17:02:58 <gaba> caitlin: yes, this weeks seems like a lot of checking on the new setup with gitlab
17:03:06 <nickm> *#32888
17:03:36 <asn> been doing network team work and PoW proposal
17:03:46 <asn> on the network team work, with mike we are fixing the last padding bugs that are still open
17:03:59 <Caitlin> nickm: for now that is all i wrote
17:04:04 <asn> on the PoW proposal front I'm replying on the recent posts, and wokring with dgoulet to start writing the scheduler part of the proposal
17:04:45 <nickm> gaba: sure, it's time to start. Want me to run the meeting?
17:04:54 <dgoulet> o/
17:04:56 <gaba> yes please
17:04:58 <Caitlin> is there anything someone wants me to check up on? i've seen a few tickets marked needs_revision and am willing to check them out but i don't want to step on any toes
17:05:05 <gaba> \o
17:05:14 <gaba> let's start with reviews
17:05:18 <Caitlin> ok
17:05:20 <MeetBot> nickm: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.
17:05:27 <gaba> hehe
17:05:30 <gaba> i already started :)
17:05:44 <nickm> Caitlin: I'll add that to discussion
17:06:41 <Caitlin> ok
17:07:17 <nickm> reviews look okay to me
17:07:30 <ahf> yeah
17:07:32 <Caitlin> yeah i just think it'd be more efficient for others to tell me what to do so i don't spend too much time hunting on things that others are already handling. especially with trac in readonly state it's hard to see who has claim on tickets
17:07:42 <asn> yeah i put the reviews on the announcement part fo the pad
17:07:45 <asn> will put them on gitlab tomorrow
17:07:49 <asn> after i figure out the new review workflow
17:07:55 <asn> probs using labels
17:08:03 <asn> almost surely using labels
17:08:30 <ahf> yeah, until we use pull requests there, then labels is one options, then i think boards is the next steps before we use PR's
17:08:48 <gaba> caitlin: we will create a user for you in gitlab if you dont have one already
17:08:57 <ahf> i created one for them
17:08:59 <ahf> it's 'c'
17:09:00 <Caitlin> ok
17:09:04 <Caitlin> i'll try to log in afterward
17:09:05 <ahf> but is missing their email address i believe
17:09:10 <ahf> we can solve that after the meeting
17:09:18 <Caitlin> i see nickm is focusing on chutney work this week?
17:09:31 <gaba> asn: there is a 'review' label at TPI level. That can be used and we need to shape anything else for the new process
17:09:47 <Caitlin> i can tag along on that to see where help is needed
17:10:00 <Caitlin> i see a note "who will look at chutney" so let's make that easy :P
17:10:15 <nickm> I'm going to get a few chutney things together, but i'm mostly thinking about s55
17:10:36 <nickm> Right now I'm trying to do the bare minimum to get #34447 together
17:10:53 <nickm> so I can do real reachability testing, which was blocked by #34446
17:11:14 <Caitlin> oh right isn't there talk about splitting up AssumeReachable?
17:11:36 <Caitlin> #34445
17:11:36 <gaba> next topic in the pad is 0.4.4 that is going into feature freeze today?
17:11:44 <nickm> caitlin: and #34448  as followup
17:11:50 <Caitlin> ok
17:11:54 <nickm> gaba: that's right.  No more features in 0.4.4 :)
17:11:59 <gaba> :)
17:12:02 <Caitlin> yeah i glanced at those
17:12:22 <Caitlin> so we can figure that out if that sounds fine nickm
17:12:40 <nickm> sounds good to me; want to talk after the meeting?
17:12:56 <Caitlin> yeah we can
17:13:21 <nickm> ahf, dgoulet, asn: I assigned most of the tickets remaining in 044-should and 044-can to somebody.  Let's try to get those done on the soon side, so we can put out a stable 044 and focus on 045
17:13:22 <Caitlin> bit hectic today but i probably can discuss it quickly so we are on the same page
17:13:25 <nickm> Caitlin: great
17:13:26 <nickm> ok
17:13:53 <ahf> *nods*
17:13:54 <Caitlin> oh i was cc'd on that issue, no wonder i saw it :p
17:14:00 <Caitlin> yeah then that's the plan
17:14:03 <dgoulet> nickm: agree
17:14:29 <dgoulet> nickm: when you branch out 044 for freeze, can you also add the missing alpha-dev tag ?
17:14:34 <nickm> it's already branched
17:14:40 <nickm> the one for 043, you mean?
17:14:48 <dgoulet> no 044 has no alpha-dev
17:14:56 <dgoulet> 044 has _no_ tag at the moment
17:15:05 <dgoulet> nickm: err sorry I meant first 044 alpha
17:15:13 <nickm> oh, sure, when there's the first alpha.
17:15:19 <dgoulet> nickm: (== branch out)
17:15:21 <nickm> I'll try to add the other tag too, thanks
17:15:26 <dgoulet> awsome thanks
17:15:38 <nickm> are we ready to move on to discussion?
17:15:48 <dgoulet> yes
17:16:13 <gaba> yes
17:16:23 <nickm> first topic is: "we need somebody to take over the fallback list"
17:16:40 <nickm> i know that teor had done some knowledge transfer there.  Do we remember with whom?  (It wasn't me)
17:16:48 <dgoulet> iirc GeKo ?
17:17:02 <dgoulet> in an attempt to transfer that to health team
17:17:24 <Caitlin> sorry, what is fallback list here?
17:17:31 <nickm> hm, that would be neat.  we should find out if GeKo is going to be building a new list
17:17:37 <nickm> It's a list of relays that ships with tor
17:17:40 <Caitlin> ah
17:17:45 <Caitlin> bootstrapping essentially?
17:17:54 <nickm> yeah.  it's used to contact for your first directory, so you don't have to go straight to the authorities
17:18:01 <Caitlin> alright, now i know the name of it
17:18:10 <nickm> previously only the authorities were hardwired, and they used a huge amount of their BW helping clients bootstrap for the first time
17:18:14 <Caitlin> ahh
17:18:37 <Caitlin> that makes sense, especially with amnesic tor configurations on top of that
17:19:05 <dgoulet> nickm: I made a note to ask GeKo
17:19:22 <nickm> dgoulet: thank you
17:19:50 <nickm> next is "who will look at chutney besides nickm".  That can be caitlin for now but we it will be neat if we have one more person
17:20:01 <nickm> basically I need somebody to review my patches for now
17:20:07 <ahf> i have some feelings with it, i can review things there
17:20:45 <dgoulet> I can help as well as a "third" if need be, I've done fair bit of chutney hack
17:20:52 <asn> yep same here
17:20:57 <asn> perhaps chutney can just go into the review queue
17:21:02 <Caitlin> "testing suite" and "hack" don't go well together ;)
17:21:02 <nickm> sounds fine by me
17:21:13 <dgoulet> asn: ah good idea
17:21:15 <asn> i will make the appropriate gitlab filters
17:21:31 <asn> so that i also consider chutney tickets if they are not already assigned
17:21:54 <nickm> sounds good
17:22:18 <nickm> next q is gitlab questions -- those are mainly links?
17:22:27 <nickm> what should we discuss there?
17:22:28 <ahf> :-)
17:22:45 <gaba> just checking if anybody has any questionn, give status update, etc
17:23:02 <gaba> if not then we can move on
17:23:02 <ahf> i have a questoin for the team
17:23:11 <ahf> i tried to look at what wiki pages we have
17:23:28 <ahf> if everybody is cool with it, i want to move them, pretty them up, and attach them to tpo/core/tor's wiki if everybody is OK with that
17:23:35 <ahf> i don't need help, i just want an OK to be allowed to do that
17:23:51 <dgoulet> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam
17:23:52 <dgoulet> ahf ^ ?
17:23:59 <nickm> sounds fine with me
17:23:59 <ahf> no, more than that
17:24:09 <ahf> https://pad.riseup.net/p/HO_HtsKImlqE9oxYTaiR
17:24:40 <dgoulet> ahf: right everything in NetworkTeam/ and some other things
17:24:58 <dgoulet> ahf: thing is that there are pages that are a bit pointless now like "Filling a Ticket" ;)
17:25:08 <dgoulet> ahf: but if you want to migrate and then we can cleanup, fine by me
17:25:14 <ahf> sure, i want to copy it over and then we can remove things
17:25:18 <nickm> wrt the wiki I say "let's be brave"
17:25:18 <dgoulet> sounds good
17:25:28 <gaba> yes, i think we will have a lot to clean up
17:25:34 <ahf> all teams will be asked to clean up
17:25:38 <ahf> but i can do it for us
17:26:16 <Caitlin> "be bold" is a good approach to wikis since they're revision controlled anyway
17:26:22 <ahf> cool, have you *all* tried a few tickets now after the migration happened in the weekend?
17:26:33 <Caitlin> on gitlab side? no
17:26:34 <ahf> one feedback we have gotten is that label queries are slow, we are looking at trimming the N of labels we have
17:26:36 <nickm> I've looked around a little
17:26:45 <ahf> nickm: does things look OK?
17:27:00 <dgoulet> I did looked at all my tickets and they are all there
17:27:01 <nickm> I think so?  I bet we'll want to make some changes when we're getting used to it
17:27:04 <dgoulet> matches Trac query
17:27:13 <ahf> thank you, you two!
17:27:30 <Caitlin> i'll try gitlab first thing after this meeting
17:27:31 <ahf> i hope before you get in tomorrow there will be an email about using gitlab or trac
17:27:33 <Caitlin> then talk with nickm
17:27:35 <ahf> Caitlin: i can help you
17:27:44 <nickm> is the plan that we go live with gitlab tomorrow?
17:27:50 <ahf> nickm: i hope so, yes
17:27:55 <ahf> unless we find a disaster
17:28:32 <gaba> if any of you find a disaster please reach out before tonight :)
17:28:37 <asn> so far so good for me
17:29:29 <dgoulet> so there is a world where we might want to all sync together tomorrow (or this week) about our Gitlab workflow and all ?
17:29:58 <nickm> ok. last question is about what Caitlin should do next
17:29:59 <ahf> i think a day or two with just using it and then maybe sync on thursday?
17:30:03 <asn> im gonna be online until about this time or one hour before this time.
17:30:07 <nickm> Caitlin: should we cover that post-meeting?
17:30:07 <asn> ahf: great idea
17:30:17 <dgoulet> ahf: +1
17:30:30 <nickm> generally I think it's fine to take over any needs_revision stuff that has been not getting revised in a while.  It's nice to announce your intention to do so
17:30:48 <nickm> you can always ask if it's okay if you see something you'd like to try
17:30:52 <Caitlin> nickm: yeah
17:31:07 <Caitlin> alright i'll follow-up on tor-dev@ if that sounds fine
17:31:12 <Caitlin> with any tickets that catch my eye
17:31:17 <nickm> sounds good!
17:31:19 <Caitlin> ok
17:31:33 <nickm> do we have any other stuff for today or should we call the meeting done?
17:31:39 <Caitlin> done for me
17:31:53 <dgoulet> btw, v2 deprecation timeline is on tor-dev@
17:31:57 <Caitlin> i will talk afterward as i said, but i might lag behind in my responses. not feeling well today
17:31:59 <dgoulet> that is all
17:32:03 <nickm> dgoulet: do you need help ramping up on S55 O1.2?  I know gaba will be happier once we have better plans there :)
17:32:06 <Caitlin> v2? hsv2?
17:32:08 <nickm> Caitlin: ok, that's fine
17:32:11 <ahf> dgoulet: nice
17:32:14 <nickm> dgoulet: woo
17:32:16 <dgoulet> nickm: no it is fine I think
17:32:23 <dgoulet> nickm: I'm getting on it this afternoon
17:32:33 <nickm> dgoulet: great, but feel free to ping me if/when you need a rubber duck
17:32:33 <dgoulet> nickm: just will hold on trac/gitlab updates :P
17:32:37 <dgoulet> nickm: for sure
17:32:40 <Caitlin> dgoulet: you have message-id for that thread? my mail isn't open now but i want to follow that
17:33:06 <dgoulet> Caitlin: Message-ID: <20200615163417.g4wbevnf5hyy3xwb@raoul>
17:33:10 <Caitlin> thank you
17:34:14 <nickm> gaba: ready to end meeting now?
17:35:00 <nickm> #endmeeting
17:35:07 <ahf> please prod me with gitlab issue the next few hours if you find any. expect the client side speed to get better when we get rid of all the extra labels
17:35:10 <nickm> gaba: apparently only gaba can end the meeting :)
17:35:20 <gaba> yes
17:35:23 <gaba> #endmeeting