14:58:44 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team meeting
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14:58:46 <karsten> hi dennis_jackson!
14:58:56 <karsten> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep <- pad
14:59:02 <acute> hi everyone!
14:59:34 <karsten> hi acute!
15:00:07 <karsten> please add topics to the agenda.
15:01:11 <gaba> hi!
15:01:16 <karsten> hi gaba!
15:01:45 <karsten> at some point we'll have to rename this meeting from metrics team meeting to onionperf project meeting.
15:02:01 <karsten> but I guess it's just a name.
15:02:26 <karsten> anyone thinking about agenda topics, or should we start?
15:02:31 <acute> nothing to add here
15:03:16 <karsten> okay!
15:03:23 <karsten> let's start with:
15:03:24 <karsten> op-??3 instances
15:03:30 <karsten> they're now up and running.
15:03:41 <karsten> https://metrics.torproject.org/torperf.html already has the new instances.
15:04:03 <karsten> I clicked through the various graphs and didn't find anything that stands out in comparison to the op-??2 instances.
15:04:18 <dennis_jackson> Cool! Nice to know they are consistent
15:04:34 <acute> excellent news
15:04:37 <karsten> if anybody  finds something that's different, please let me know.
15:04:58 <karsten> otherwise I'll shut down the op-??2 instances once there's 7 days overlap or so.
15:05:17 <dennis_jackson> I think there's a slight change in how circuit timeouts are recorded
15:05:18 <karsten> (I could wait longer, if there's a reason.)
15:05:32 <dennis_jackson> Since there are no true 5kb / 1Mb requests anymore
15:06:03 <karsten> ah.
15:06:29 <karsten> you refer to the metrics website graph that doesn't have any dots for 50 KiB and 1 MiB from the new instances?
15:06:43 <karsten> should I change the default option to 5 MiB for that graph?
15:06:56 <dennis_jackson> I think that would make sense
15:06:59 <karsten> which would also affect the other graphs, though.
15:07:16 <karsten> still, we could change that.
15:07:21 <karsten> it's just a default.
15:07:55 <dennis_jackson> Alternatively, could try to redefine timeout by % complete at time of timeout?
15:08:21 <dennis_jackson> And hope to see the same distribution for timeouts after 50 KB. Unlikely though and probably brittle
15:08:50 <karsten> ah. hmmm.
15:08:56 <karsten> maybe.
15:09:35 <karsten> I'll look into that.
15:09:39 <karsten> good suggestions!
15:09:55 <dennis_jackson> :)
15:10:13 <karsten> cool!
15:10:20 <karsten> anything else on the new instances topic?
15:10:54 <karsten> if not, let's move on.
15:10:59 <karsten> GitLab migration
15:11:23 <karsten> is everyone familiar with the new gitlab presence of onionperf?
15:11:32 <karsten> with issues and boards and so on?
15:11:56 <karsten> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/metrics/onionperf
15:12:18 <acute> yes, it's quite a change :)
15:12:23 <karsten> it is!
15:12:42 <karsten> I'm glad that onionperf is a small project by now, with many tickets already out of the way.
15:13:14 <gaba> yes
15:13:20 <dennis_jackson> I am super happy, I think it is much friendlier for new people now
15:13:26 <gaba> there are some ticket that still need to go there but I will do it later
15:13:29 <gaba> yes
15:14:04 <karsten> gaba: speaking of, we talked about having code in gitlab.
15:14:29 <karsten> is it possible to mirror the code in gitlab and still keep the master in gitolite?
15:14:42 <gaba> yes
15:14:45 <gaba> that is possible
15:14:45 <karsten> just thinking that it would be even friendlier to new people to have the code here.
15:15:06 <acute> karsten: agreed, I was going to suggest the same thing
15:15:15 <gaba> karsten: can you create a ticket in https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/gitlab/-/issues about the code that you want or are going to mirror?
15:15:38 <karsten> any reasons not to do this?
15:15:44 <karsten> otherwise I'll open a ticket.
15:16:22 <karsten> I guess we could try it, and if it turns out to be a bad idea, take it out in four weeks.
15:17:11 <karsten> okay, will open a ticket.
15:17:27 <karsten> notifications:
15:17:34 <karsten> are there any question about those?
15:17:38 <karsten> questions*
15:17:45 <karsten> do they work for everyone?
15:18:05 <acute> I also moved my onionperf dev repository to our gitlab from github
15:18:20 <karsten> oh? how? where?
15:19:08 <acute> this is just my copy where I push new code for review
15:19:32 <karsten> okay. is there a way to find it?
15:19:36 <karsten> or is it hidden?
15:19:42 <acute> in the past, we used github
15:19:49 <acute> https://gitlab.torproject.org/acute/onionperf
15:20:55 <acute> just to highlight you can create projects in gitlab and have code there if needed
15:20:56 <karsten> nice!
15:21:04 <acute> I like keeping things in one place
15:21:08 <karsten> yes, looks good.
15:21:53 <karsten> okay, great! anything else to talk about regarding gitlab?
15:22:14 <acute> one quick question - I noticed you used the /spend command to add points
15:22:18 <karsten> yes.
15:22:45 <gaba> we have /spend and /estimate
15:22:50 <gaba> please let's use estimate too :)
15:23:17 <acute> this is cool, I was wondering if there are more useful commands like this
15:23:29 <acute> or if we have some documentation for them
15:23:40 <karsten> https://gitlab.torproject.org/help/user/project/quick_actions
15:23:50 <karsten> a few. :)
15:24:00 <acute> wow, thank you!
15:24:24 <karsten> and no, I have no idea about 98% of them.
15:24:42 <karsten> we'll all learn how to use this tool, some day.
15:25:03 <karsten> okay, moving on?
15:25:47 <dennis_jackson> One small thing
15:25:50 <karsten> yes?
15:25:59 <dennis_jackson> I don't seem to be able to enable notifications for some of the metrics projects
15:26:05 <dennis_jackson> E.g. https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/metrics/analysis
15:26:25 <dennis_jackson> "Notifications have been disabled by the project or group owner"
15:26:31 <gaba> dennis_jackson: what is your user in gitlab?
15:26:40 <dennis_jackson> But I can enable notifications on the Onionperf project
15:26:49 <karsten> for some reasons notifications were disabled by default.
15:26:49 <dennis_jackson> @djackson
15:27:01 <karsten> I enabled them for onionperf and maybe a few more.
15:27:04 <gaba> oh yes. notifications got back yesterday i think
15:27:30 <dennis_jackson> ah okay
15:27:40 <karsten> gaba: where did I do that?
15:27:46 <gaba> but yes. I will add you as a member of group metrics
15:27:48 <karsten> as in: where would I look now?
15:27:57 <gaba> karsten: notifications? or members?
15:27:57 <dennis_jackson> thanks gaba!
15:27:58 <karsten> is it a member only thing?
15:28:05 <karsten> notifications.
15:28:07 <gaba> not sure
15:28:15 <gaba> anarcat enabled notifications
15:28:21 <gaba> they were off while we do the migration
15:29:40 <karsten> dennis_jackson: try again?
15:29:48 <karsten> dennis_jackson: notification in analysis.
15:29:58 <dennis_jackson> It works now! Thanks!
15:30:00 <acute> this seems to now work for me also
15:30:27 <karsten> it was disabled, overriding the group-level permission.
15:30:38 <karsten> it should be enabled for all metrics things. notifications are good.
15:30:48 <karsten> if you see something like this with other projects, let me know.
15:31:06 <karsten> okay.
15:31:10 <karsten> moving on:
15:31:15 <karsten> Adding documentation ticket (#40001) to current roadmap
15:31:30 <karsten> I'm thinking about moving this to the current (june) roadmap.
15:31:38 <karsten> is that okay?
15:31:50 <phw> hi all, sorry for being late. had another meeting
15:31:53 <karsten> or should I just work on it while it's in backlog?
15:31:56 <karsten> hi phw!
15:32:01 <acute> hi phw!
15:32:18 <karsten> phw: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep <- pad
15:32:42 <karsten> gaba: I guess that's a more general question to you.
15:33:05 <gaba> seems ok to me
15:33:06 <gaba> yes
15:33:16 <karsten> okay.
15:34:01 <karsten> I just think that I'm currently in the mood of documenting something, and I should really use that momentum. ;)
15:34:17 <karsten> moving on:
15:34:18 <karsten> Reviews
15:34:52 <karsten> I moved #33399 to needs_review.
15:35:43 <karsten> and I think I'm doing reviews the old-trac-way, not the new-gitlab-way.
15:35:52 <karsten> should I do it differently?
15:36:30 <gaba> for now we are trying to figure out how to mark reviews. The proposal is to have the needs_rview label and have it that way (you did it right)
15:36:40 <gaba> the person taking this review will add a comment saying that they are taking that review
15:36:45 <karsten> ah, okay.
15:37:26 <karsten> no need to make a decision now who's going to review this.
15:37:42 <karsten> but now it's a bit clearer how to find tickets in need of review, I think.
15:38:14 <karsten> moving on:
15:38:19 <karsten> Any blockers, anyone?
15:38:38 <karsten> can we help with anything?
15:39:19 <acute> no blockers at the moment
15:39:25 <phw> same
15:39:44 <karsten> okay, great!
15:40:16 <karsten> I think that's everything for today then.
15:40:37 <karsten> thanks, everyone! talk to you next week same time. :) bye! o/
15:40:46 <acute> bye! o/
15:40:47 <gaba> o/
15:40:49 <dennis_jackson> o/ take care
15:40:59 <karsten> #endmeeting