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16:59:19 <gaba> Pad is here: http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
16:59:55 <nickm> anybody get any roadmapped stuff done last week? :)
17:00:05 * ahf did not
17:00:06 <nickm> I got a little s55 coding in, but just the one branch
17:00:29 <asn> hello
17:00:39 <asn> (rain started and need to relocate brb)
17:00:58 <Caitlin> most of the stuff i looked at ended up being blocked waiting for discussion on the tracker
17:01:06 <dgoulet> nickm: yeah much s55 on my side 33233
17:01:13 <Caitlin> that is to say, i filed a few tickets and comments
17:01:25 <nickm> Caitlin: did everything get discussed, or is there stuff that needs answers in particular?
17:01:38 <nickm> we're still learning our way around gitlab, so I don't want to lose anything
17:01:44 <Caitlin> so far none of my discussion received response
17:01:51 <Caitlin> i have email subscriptions for anything i participate in
17:02:01 <Caitlin> actually i didnt check my mail today
17:02:09 <Caitlin> ok i got two replies, i'll check on those
17:02:18 <ahf> i commented on the question on path usage i believe
17:02:30 <nickm> ok. if you can also make a short list on the pad of anything that didn't get replies, or mention them here, i can look after the meeting
17:02:37 <nickm> I may have missed things
17:02:56 <Caitlin> PR 66 still awaiting someone to look at as well
17:03:06 <asn> im here
17:03:37 <nickm> Caitlin: that's chutney#33609?
17:03:50 <Caitlin> yes
17:04:15 <nickm> asn: looks like you may have been listed as reviewer on that. can you still get to that?
17:04:37 * asn looking
17:04:59 <nickm> Caitlin: if you don't get a prompt response on gitlab, please feel free to remind us on IRC: we are likely to forget things that are on gitlab until we get better at using it
17:05:18 <asn> nickm: interesting seems like that slipped through our gitlab reviewer assignment workflow (cc dgoulet)
17:05:23 <asn> nickm: yes im def up for that
17:05:24 <gaba> should we start with reviews?
17:05:26 <Caitlin> as for "still learning our way around gitlab" i can see that it's hard to get used to, all these ticket properties from trac got shoved into "labels"
17:05:32 <Caitlin> i bet it's more difficult to search for
17:05:43 <ahf> Caitlin: we are working on cleaning that up right now
17:05:47 <Caitlin> nice
17:05:50 <ahf> some have been cleaned up today
17:05:53 <dgoulet> asn: we actually did not look at chutney/sbws...
17:06:11 <ahf> dgoulet: you can apply the same technique i think, but instead of looking at core/tor, then do it at core/
17:06:16 <nickm> Is there a way to query "what am I assigned to review" now?
17:06:31 <dgoulet> yeah just that "Reviewer" label has been set in core/tor ... meh
17:06:32 <nickm> (they would be assigned to me?)
17:06:36 <asn> nickm: see https://pad.riseup.net/p/gqKiRwT1xOrTRM8udCPu
17:06:40 <dgoulet> nickm: see asn's ping in #tor-dev
17:06:47 <asn> nickm: i have yet to send this because im waiting for feedback
17:07:05 <asn> nickm: but there are links to queries for everyone in there
17:07:08 <Caitlin> i mentioned in #tor-dev i am unable to make changes to tickets, like assignee
17:07:13 <Caitlin> i was able to do that on trac
17:07:22 <ahf> Caitlin: let me change your permissions there
17:07:25 <Caitlin> thanks
17:07:50 <Caitlin> the migration that took tor by storm :D
17:08:18 <ahf> Caitlin: should be possible now!
17:08:38 <nickm> asn, dgoulet : please assign tor#34433 to somebody else: I am the author on that?
17:08:47 <asn> nickm: ack will do
17:08:49 <asn> doing it to me
17:08:51 <nickm> thanks
17:09:15 <asn> done
17:09:18 <Caitlin> ahf: i'll check
17:10:14 <ahf> thx
17:10:31 <Caitlin> yeah there we go, works. thank you
17:11:17 <asn> $ ./bin/emma
17:11:17 <asn> 2020/06/22 20:12:27 Starting analysis.
17:11:19 <asn> oopa
17:11:31 <asn> oooops
17:11:42 <Caitlin> analysing us?
17:11:42 <nickm> :)
17:11:55 <asn> ;)
17:12:44 <nickm> next is 044 status ... i think for that we should be using the 044 milestone, though i haven't updated that since we migrated
17:13:07 <nickm> if there's something assigned to you in the 0.4.4 milestone though, and it's a 044-must or 044-should, see if you can work on it?
17:13:08 <Caitlin> that would be a good idea
17:13:10 <dgoulet> we need to get on those milestones...
17:13:20 <nickm> ( is out)
17:13:27 <ahf> yep
17:13:36 <dgoulet> 044-stable and 045-freeze and 045-stable basically
17:14:49 <nickm> on to discussion?
17:15:02 * ahf nods
17:15:13 <nickm> antonela wants feedback on the data architecture for dev.tpo; let's all help with that
17:15:46 <nickm> and for next week, let's me and dgoulet be ready with s55 status?
17:15:51 <nickm> gaba: or is that due next week?
17:15:53 <gaba> yes
17:15:53 <ahf> yep, skimmed the ticket earlier. that is exciting
17:16:05 <gaba> i want to talk about it but let's do it next week. I'm not ready with s55 in gitlab
17:16:59 <nickm> ok
17:17:06 <nickm> any other topics for today?
17:17:14 <Caitlin> s55 shows up next
17:17:14 <nickm> anybody need help with anything?
17:17:21 <Caitlin> i'm reading the pad for it
17:17:36 <nickm> just asked gaba for s55 info, ^ she said we'll do a bigger check-in next week
17:17:47 <Caitlin> ok
17:17:48 * ahf has nothing else
17:17:56 <Caitlin> i'll make myself familiar with it at least
17:18:00 <ahf> folks remember to look at nickm's label stuff though, it sounds like people are cool with it
17:18:12 <asn> yes i looked
17:18:14 <asn> i liked
17:18:18 <dgoulet> lets run it
17:18:34 <ahf> ahahah, we need to give the other teams some time too
17:18:52 <nickm> asn, dgouelt: left two suggestions for you on the reviews pad in the "reviewing your reviews (sad path)" section
17:18:56 <nickm> *dgoulet
17:18:59 <asn> nickm: great that's what iw as hoping for
17:19:03 <nickm> let me know if those aren't a good idea
17:19:03 <asn> will check tomorrows or laters
17:19:54 <dgoulet> nickm: replied
17:20:05 <nickm> ack
17:20:47 <gaba> ok. are we done? anything else?
17:20:56 * asn looks
17:22:28 <nickm> nothing from me
17:22:31 <asn> im good!
17:22:35 <dgoulet> o/
17:22:44 <gaba> ok, ending meeting now then
17:22:47 <gaba> #endmeeting