17:59:37 <gaba> #startmeeting TB release meeintg - June 23rd
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17:59:44 <gaba> pad in here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-browser-release-meeting-keep
17:59:54 <gaba> sysrqb: before in trac you were adding keywords to the issues that are going to be included
18:01:03 <GeKo> #34362, #34361, #34369, #34279
18:01:15 <GeKo> hah, does not work anymore
18:01:23 <sysrqb> yes. i usually added them when I merged the patches
18:01:25 <GeKo> but, yes, those 4 tickets
18:02:25 <sysrqb> those tickets are fixes for 10.0a2
18:02:25 <GeKo> and then the usual updates
18:02:27 <gaba> and you were saying that milestones for releases will not work for you?
18:02:41 <GeKo> no 9.5.1, too
18:02:54 <sysrqb> ah, yes, those are the tor-browser patches
18:03:16 <sysrqb> i don't think we tried using the milestones
18:03:40 <sysrqb> but i didn't think about using them
18:03:56 <gaba> That is what we are using for tor and I think it works quite well
18:03:58 <GeKo> gaba: i am not convinced that we should have a milestone per release per series
18:04:20 <GeKo> i think milestones could be useful, though, for main releases
18:04:23 <gaba> milestones can be closed when they are done
18:04:30 <GeKo> like x.0 and x.5
18:05:28 <GeKo> i have no strong opinion here, though. for me when prepping release it was enough to just look at the commit log
18:05:42 <GeKo> it was and is not that much for point releases
18:05:54 <GeKo> in particular now that we only are like 3 people in the browser team
18:06:05 <GeKo> *releases
18:06:16 <gaba> yes, it could work for other people to know which ticket gets into which rlease
18:07:01 <GeKo> well, that gets documented in the changelog
18:07:38 <gaba> yes, that is when is already release
18:07:54 <gaba> anyway, no strong about this. We need to use what works better for you
18:08:12 <GeKo> we can try it with a milestone per release per series
18:08:17 <gaba> It would be great to have a list of everything that we think will go into a release
18:08:20 <GeKo> i just fear it's not worth the overhead
18:08:27 <GeKo> for point releases that is
18:08:31 <gaba> yes
18:08:33 <gaba> right
18:08:38 <gaba> so we can start with main releases
18:08:41 <GeKo> but maybe it is
18:08:43 <GeKo> dunno
18:08:48 <GeKo> that for sure
18:09:04 <gaba> ok
18:09:14 <GeKo> we used to work aorund that in trac by things like "tbb-9.0-must"
18:09:15 <GeKo> etc.
18:10:01 <gaba> anything else we need to coordinate today about the release of next week? anyone blocked or need help?
18:11:01 <sysrqb> i'm guessing eeryone else is distracted by privchat
18:11:13 <GeKo> i don't have anything
18:11:26 <GeKo> what is the release meeting cycle actually?
18:11:40 <GeKo> didn't we say on wednesdays every X week?
18:11:44 <GeKo> *weeks
18:11:51 <GeKo> not sure what X was
18:12:04 <GeKo> maybe 4 before actual reelease?
18:12:04 <gaba> every 2 weeks
18:12:08 <gaba> Tuesdays, right?
18:12:10 <gaba> today is Tuesday
18:12:30 <GeKo> aha
18:12:42 <sysrqb> yes. but this meeting wasn't at a good time
18:12:56 <sysrqb> we should improve that, so it actually aligns with an upcoming release
18:13:00 <gaba> yes :/
18:13:06 <gaba> I didnt have the privchat in the nextcloud calendar
18:13:19 <gaba> there is a calendar that shows for everybody in TPI at least
18:13:25 <gaba> and I'm including this meeitngs there
18:13:33 <gaba> talking about nextcloud...
18:13:39 <sysrqb> okay
18:13:50 <gaba> July 7th should be the next TB release meeting
18:14:36 <gaba> ok. Let's end the meeting now and focus on the privchat :)
18:14:40 <sysrqb> that should be okay, and we can plan for the release two weeks later
18:14:48 <sysrqb> sounds good :)
18:14:51 <gaba> #endmeeting