14:59:19 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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14:59:23 <karsten> hi dennis_jackson!
15:00:13 <phw> o/
15:00:21 <karsten> hi phw!
15:00:29 <acute> hi!
15:00:39 <karsten> hi acute!
15:00:39 <gaba> hi
15:00:42 <karsten> hi gaba!
15:00:51 <karsten> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep <- pad
15:01:54 <karsten> any more topics for the agenda?
15:02:27 <acute> I've added something
15:02:31 <karsten> great!
15:03:02 <karsten> okay, let's start.
15:03:06 <karsten> Board https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/metrics/onionperf/-/boards
15:03:20 <gaba> I added this to the agenda only to keep up to date
15:03:23 <gaba> on what you are working on
15:03:25 <karsten> shall we go through Doing and then Needs Review?
15:03:30 <karsten> sure, it's a good idea.
15:03:31 <gaba> yes, thanks
15:03:45 <karsten> #33974
15:04:00 <karsten> tpo/metrics/onionperf#33974
15:04:03 <karsten> there.
15:04:18 <karsten> I just commented on that before the meeting.
15:04:43 <karsten> I think that answers your questions, acute, so that you can proceed.
15:04:47 <karsten> is that right?
15:04:53 <acute> I've just read your update
15:05:00 <karsten> ah, sorry.
15:05:14 <acute> thank you very much for the input
15:05:20 <karsten> sure!
15:05:51 <acute> I will do the OP visualisation code changes as part of this ticket
15:06:18 <karsten> that would be cool. if you need any help with that, I can do that.
15:06:24 <acute> it's a large change in the codebase overall
15:06:40 <karsten> I'll also do the metrics-lib changes, but after the visualization changes.
15:06:46 <karsten> yes, it seems like it.
15:06:48 <acute> would you like to review it incrementally?
15:07:06 <karsten> what's your preference?
15:07:31 <karsten> I'd say when you feel like you have something to review, I'll review it.
15:07:38 <acute> it would be great to break it down a bit
15:07:43 <karsten> sounds good to me.
15:07:53 <acute> ok, great! thank you
15:07:59 <karsten> cool!
15:08:11 <karsten> tpo/metrics/onionperf#33432
15:08:20 <karsten> phw: anything you need there?
15:10:25 <karsten> I can comment on the next two:
15:10:35 <karsten> tpo/metrics/onionperf#33420 and
15:10:38 <karsten> tpo/metrics/onionperf#33421
15:10:44 <gaba> #33420 and #33421 are in doing but have nobody assigned to them.
15:11:00 <karsten> true. hmm.
15:11:49 <karsten> maybe I unassigned one of them when we were waiting for the core tor ticket to be resolved.
15:12:02 <karsten> in any case, both core issues are now closed (implemented).
15:12:10 <karsten> as of today and yesterday.
15:12:30 <phw> karsten: the only thing i need is a bit more time to wrap it up. i may ask for a wip review soon though
15:12:34 <karsten> I'm currently working on tpo/metrics/onionperf#33421 by testing the tor branch.
15:12:39 <karsten> phw: sounds great!
15:12:56 <karsten> I guess I should assign tpo/metrics/onionperf#33421 to me then.
15:13:01 <karsten> any objections?
15:13:17 <gaba> sounds good
15:13:23 <karsten> and move tpo/metrics/onionperf#33420 to Next.
15:14:47 <karsten> okay, I think that's all for Doing.
15:15:13 <karsten> moving to Needs Review?
15:15:37 <karsten> tpo/metrics/onionperf#33391
15:15:54 <karsten> I wonder if we should move this to Next.
15:16:36 <karsten> it somewhat depends on whether we're archiving experimental OnionPerfs in collector.
15:16:52 <karsten> acute: any objections to move it out of Needs Review for now?
15:16:55 <acute> yes, it does
15:17:06 <gaba> is it reviewed?
15:17:06 <acute> no objections
15:17:16 <gaba> ok, nevermind
15:17:20 <karsten> ok.
15:17:45 <karsten> tpo/metrics/onionperf#33399
15:17:53 <karsten> how do we assign reviews?
15:18:01 <karsten> assign the ticket to the reviewer?
15:18:25 <karsten> it seems like many folks are going to do merge requests in the future.
15:18:31 <karsten> maybe we should, too.
15:18:31 <gaba> other teams are also adding a review::person_name label and assigning it that way
15:18:40 <gaba> but assigning to the reveiwer may be better
15:18:41 <gaba> for now
15:19:28 <karsten> okay.
15:20:00 <karsten> but we might not have a reviewer.
15:20:13 <karsten> should I unassign it then?
15:20:25 <karsten> the next one,
15:20:34 <karsten> tpo/metrics/onionperf#40001
15:20:49 <karsten> is something where I'd appreciate a review even more.
15:21:00 <karsten> we can leave the first in needs review for now.
15:21:14 <karsten> acute: is 40001 something you might be able to do a quick review for?
15:21:21 <gaba> i think we should assign reviews in this meeting
15:21:23 <acute> happy to review tpo/metrics/onionperf#40001
15:21:34 <karsten> nothing detailed, maybe an hour of reading/skimming and writing down your thoughts.
15:21:43 <karsten> that would be much appreciated!
15:22:14 <karsten> gaba: if we can, yes. I'm just worried that acute and phw already have a lot on their plate with issues in Doing.
15:22:38 <karsten> and 33399 is not critical.
15:22:47 <karsten> I don't know. what do people here think?
15:23:54 <karsten> I'll unassign it for now. we can always assign it to somebody later. okay?
15:24:00 <acute> generally happy to volunteer to review tickets where I'm familiar with the context
15:24:36 <karsten> what we could also do:
15:24:41 <karsten> combine that review with #33421.
15:25:16 <karsten> there's quite some overlap between the two tickets. I almost merged them before the trac/gitlab migration.
15:25:45 <karsten> let's to that. I'll move it back to Doing and will move both to Needs Review when I'm ready.
15:26:19 <karsten> that's all on the board then, right?
15:26:38 <karsten> ah, one more thing:
15:26:43 <karsten> gaba: the project tickets...
15:26:55 <karsten> do we still need them?
15:27:00 <karsten> they're in Backlog right now.
15:27:05 <karsten> cluttering that board.
15:27:42 <gaba> I'm using them to assing tickets
15:27:48 <gaba> and I will add them to a milestone
15:27:52 <gaba> We can close them when we are done
15:27:59 <gaba> There are only a few :)
15:27:59 <karsten> done with
15:28:14 <karsten> ?
15:28:26 <karsten> not sure I understand.
15:28:35 <karsten> is there a parent issue thing in gitlab?
15:28:58 <gaba> I'm still working on how to track the onionperf project in gitlab. I need to add stuff in milestones
15:29:06 <karsten> okay.
15:29:06 <gaba> and check how I deal with the objective tickets
15:29:13 <karsten> great!
15:29:19 <karsten> if they're still needed, okay.
15:29:26 <gaba> there is a parent issue in gitlab. I think I may just remove it from the board for now so it does not cluster
15:29:32 <gaba> but I would prefer not to remove the issue
15:29:36 <gaba> and only close it when we are done
15:29:53 <karsten> yeah, moving them to open might do it.
15:30:00 <gaba> ok. I will do that
15:30:30 <karsten> okay. thanks!
15:30:41 <karsten> it's a process to get used to this new workflow.
15:30:49 <karsten> but it's fun!
15:31:03 <karsten> moving on to the next agenda item?
15:31:38 <gaba> yes
15:31:43 <karsten> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/metrics/website/-/issues/40001
15:31:56 <karsten> dennis_jackson: basically, I'd like to hear your thoughts on that one.
15:32:22 <karsten> dennis_jackson: did you receive an email notification for that ticket? (not pushing, just trying to figure out whether that works.)
15:32:35 <dennis_jackson> (one sec)
15:33:05 <dennis_jackson> Doesn't look like it
15:33:11 <karsten> hmmm
15:33:13 <dennis_jackson> Not sure why, I'm getting other ones from sbws
15:33:28 <karsten> I only mentioned you on the ticket.
15:33:37 <karsten> as compared to doing something like assigning it to you.
15:33:52 <karsten> but it shows you as participant.
15:34:11 <dennis_jackson> I thought I had configured it to email me on all new issues in the metrics group regardless of tagging or not
15:34:28 <karsten> oh, that is possible?
15:34:48 <dennis_jackson> I thought so, but who knows. I'll have a further play
15:34:54 <karsten> heh
15:35:04 <dennis_jackson> either way, I read the issue from the agenda and your solution looks good to me.
15:35:16 <dennis_jackson> I added a "thumbs up" at the time, but I guess that probably doesn't notify
15:35:40 <karsten> ah, maybe not.
15:35:45 <karsten> okay, great!
15:35:50 <karsten> thanks!
15:36:03 <karsten> that's all on that issue.
15:36:05 <karsten> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/metrics/onionperf/-/issues/33974
15:36:13 <karsten> we already talked about that.
15:36:24 <karsten> also
15:36:24 <karsten> Reviews
15:36:31 <karsten> Any blockers, anyone?
15:36:36 <karsten> that's the last item on the agenda.
15:37:18 <acute> not from me
15:37:25 <gaba> It seems we are fine
15:37:37 <karsten> perfect!
15:37:38 <dennis_jackson> karsten: I'm a bit stuck on an issue with how extra-info descriptors work, but planning to email you about it directly
15:37:53 <karsten> yes, feel free to do that.
15:38:16 <karsten> alright!
15:38:26 <karsten> next week is the roadmapping meeting, right?
15:38:43 <gaba> Aright
15:38:44 <gaba> right
15:38:56 <karsten> same time, same place?
15:39:01 <gaba> yep
15:39:17 <karsten> okay!
15:39:22 <gaba> nice progress https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/metrics/-/milestones/1
15:39:27 <gaba> all issues are in the milestone
15:40:07 * karsten is confused how 64% complete matches the time tracking progress bar...
15:40:22 <karsten> is that a metric for how bad we're at estimating? ;)
15:40:36 <acute> haha
15:40:43 <karsten> or, maybe just for using the /spent command...
15:41:06 <acute> time we spent since migrating
15:41:08 <karsten> in any case, yay, progress!
15:41:14 <gaba> yes, the time tracking one is weird
15:41:16 <gaba> spent 22hrs
15:41:22 <gaba> of esitmated 505hs
15:41:28 <karsten> in theory, actual points should have been converted to time spent.
15:41:35 <karsten> anyway!
15:41:51 <karsten> thanks, everybody, let's talk about the roadmap next week!
15:41:57 <karsten> bye. o/
15:42:01 <gaba> o/
15:42:02 <acute> bye o/
15:42:07 <karsten> #endmeeting