15:58:59 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship team meeting
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15:59:03 <phw> good morning, everyone
15:59:11 <phw> here's our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
15:59:12 <HashikD> Hi o/
15:59:14 <agix> hi
15:59:16 <hanneloresx> hi!
15:59:50 <phw> let's start with our announcement
16:00:22 <phw> we have a "first contribution" label that we use across projects to highlights issues that are well-suited for newcomers
16:00:33 <phw> keep that in mind when filing a new ticket
16:00:39 <hanneloresx> (^_^)b
16:01:33 <phw> next is our monthly team report. you can find a draft here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/ituvazq54RQemaxu0m4E
16:01:50 <phw> please modify it as you see fit. i hope i didn't miss anyone's work
16:02:44 <phw> next are anonymous bug reports
16:03:10 <phw> that's a good question. i wonder what the current status is. gaba, do you know?
16:03:37 <dcf1> I get the impression that much of the tor project is negatively disposed because of all the cypherpunks trolling that happened on trac.
16:03:51 <phw> fwiw, we had the "cypherpunks" account in trac for that purpose. it was a bit difficult to manage because it was periodically used for mischief
16:03:54 <dcf1> But for the anti-censorship team, our reports from the public have mostly been useful.
16:04:48 <dcf1> Maybe gitlab makes it possible to limit an account's privileges to a specific sub-project?
16:05:02 <phw> true. if we cannot solve this problem on a global level, we could solve it on a team level by creating an account whose only permission is "reporter" in the anti-censorship group
16:05:08 <dcf1> That way we could accept bug reports without risking annoying other teams.
16:05:43 <phw> i would prefer a global solution over a local one but i don't know if there has been progress
16:05:48 <phw> gaba: ^
16:06:12 <dcf1> At any rate, we need something to put in our user-facing instructions (https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake/-/issues/34435) that currently point to trac.
16:06:37 <gaba> phw: we are going to be working on it
16:06:58 <gaba> But we can do something at the team level for now
16:07:28 <phw> so let's just create a cypherpunks user?
16:07:41 <gaba> mmm
16:07:43 <gaba> for the team?
16:07:52 <HashikD> aa I am little confused, so, Cypherpunks is just an anonymous reporter and not a single user?
16:08:07 <dcf1> It's not a good situation if people feel they have to email me privately to report a bug
16:08:08 <gaba> hashikd: it is a shared account for anonymous reporters
16:08:12 <phw> yes, this account's permissions could be limited to the team for now
16:08:20 <HashikD> Ah okay!
16:08:24 <dcf1> I told the reporter I would advocate for a way to accept reports from the public now that trac is gone
16:08:31 <gaba> I would say let's wait for a solution at the global level before creating a cypherpunks account
16:08:42 <phw> it's just a suggestion. we do need something, though
16:09:19 <gaba> yes, ahf will be working on something. I will bring this to discuss in the gitlab meeting on Tuesday
16:09:24 <gaba> we need something soon. I agree
16:09:28 <dcf1> thanks gaba
16:10:21 <dcf1> I noticed that hanneloresx got a gitlab account, did that require a special arrangement? Or could anyone do it?
16:10:51 <gaba> dcf1: now we are managing this in gitlab-admin@ mail
16:10:58 <gaba> people send a mail there and we create an account
16:11:06 <gaba> we are prioritizing the people that had an account in trac already
16:12:32 <phw> if we don't have a solution to this on tuesday, i suggest creating a temporary team account that people can use.
16:12:42 <gaba> ok
16:12:49 <phw> thanks gaba
16:13:27 <phw> anything else before we move on?
16:13:35 <dcf1> nay
16:13:52 <hanneloresx> is the monthly report something we wanted translated into chinese?
16:13:53 <phw> be creative dcf1
16:15:05 <phw> hanneloresx: good question! i think that would be exciting, at least as a one-off experiment. i'm not sure what options we have to give it exposure among the chinese-speaking community
16:15:27 <mikeperry> karsten: I am sort of around but not really. got another meeting soon
16:16:10 <phw> we may as well put it on our blog but we shouldn't put it only on our blog
16:16:37 <hanneloresx> we could post links to the blog on chinese language forums like solidot
16:16:51 <dcf1> yeah that's a good idea
16:17:13 <dcf1> post the whole translated report
16:17:16 <phw> we could also mirror it on github, which should work for everyone
16:17:36 <phw> and write a wechat bot that sends it to random people
16:17:42 <hanneloresx> i thought github was censored? not sure though
16:17:57 <dcf1> no github is one of the things that can still be relied on for access
16:18:01 <hanneloresx> ah ok
16:18:29 <dcf1> it *is* censored in the sense of takedown requests, but not in a network interference sense usually
16:18:46 <hanneloresx> then github would be a good bet
16:20:00 <hanneloresx> ok, sounds like we want the report translated -- i'll work on it this weekend and put a draft on the pad w/ the English report
16:20:00 <phw> dcf1: would you mind having the monthly report on net4people?
16:20:16 <dcf1> no I don't mind
16:20:43 <phw> hanneloresx: thanks!
16:21:49 <phw> ok, to sum up: we can post it on our blog, on net4people, and on solidot
16:23:03 <HashikD> Hey phw the June 2020 report pad, should I list all the tickets I closed in Snowflake Mobile? how descriptive should that be?
16:24:10 <phw> HashikD: i would generally say yes, feel free to list them all. i usually add 1-2 sentences explaining the issue. if it's a very significant fix, you can talk about it more
16:24:45 <phw> the target audience of our report is primarily our users -- or at least we should write it in a way that it's comprehensible to users
16:25:52 <HashikD> Ah! okay! I will add the road map of implementation of things which are important. Just take a look and delete anything if it's too trivial :)
16:26:02 <phw> sounds good, thanks HashikD :)
16:26:21 <dcf1> thank you for drafting the monthly report, phw, I know it's an unsung task
16:26:37 <phw> looks like we have no reviews to assign today. cohosh's two items are from last week and are already taking care of
16:26:43 <phw> s/taking/taken/
16:26:55 <phw> dcf1: my pleasure
16:27:21 <phw> that's it for our agenda today. anything else, friends? don't be shy
16:27:58 <dcf1> We talked about Geneva recently. In 30 minutes, author Kevin Bock will have a live presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksojSRFLbBM part of the Internet Measurement Village
16:28:44 * phw will be watching
16:28:51 <HashikD> BTW phw that was a great talk at Internet Measurement Village!!
16:29:02 <phw> thanks HashikD :)
16:29:17 <dcf1> agreed, that was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6xEfNHkFKY
16:29:46 <phw> the production quality of the measurement village is really great
16:29:53 <hanneloresx> yes, great talk, phw!
16:30:05 <HashikD> The questions as well are really good!
16:30:13 <HashikD> Very informative overall
16:31:43 * phw waits for two minutes before wrapping up the meeting
16:33:45 <phw> #endmeeting