17:00:46 <gaba> #startmeeting Network July 6th
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17:00:54 <gaba> hello hello
17:01:06 <gaba> pad is here: http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
17:01:19 <asn> ahf: o///
17:01:50 <ahf> XD
17:01:54 <gaba> hope you all are doing well!
17:02:02 <gaba> let's start with the lovely board https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:03:12 <gaba> asn: are you working on tpo/core/tor#33704
17:03:25 * asn looks
17:03:31 <nickm> gaba: quick question on the lovely board -- if I filter it to only show tickets assigned to me, is that reasonable for the purposes of this meeting?
17:03:34 <ahf> my screen is not wide enough for moving things from the Open to Doing ehehe
17:03:40 <ahf> nickm: i do that too :-S
17:03:48 <gaba> nickm: totally reasonable
17:04:13 <gaba> ahf: what you need to move?
17:04:18 <asn> gaba: no. im removing it from my doing.
17:04:32 <gaba> ahf: we should move back the s28 and s30 into backlog while you are not working on them
17:04:35 <gaba> asn: ok
17:04:39 <asn> wrt doing, i predict im gonna be busy all this week finishing up 044 and reviews before i go on vacs.
17:04:44 <nickm> ahf: go fullscreen and zoom out? :)
17:06:24 <ahf> i have solved it by zooming out, collapsing the left hand sidebar 8)
17:06:27 <ahf> all is good
17:06:36 <ahf> gaba: let me do that
17:07:10 <ahf> done
17:08:01 <gaba> asn: those 2 issues you have in the backlog is not something you are going to do this week, right?
17:08:07 * asn checking
17:08:16 <gaba> they are 044-should
17:08:39 <asn> they are
17:08:55 <asn> i took them in the thursday meeting
17:09:03 <asn> and will attempt to do them this week
17:09:11 <asn> should i move them to "doing"?
17:09:21 <gaba> ok
17:09:26 <gaba> i moved them to next
17:09:36 <asn> kk
17:09:51 <gaba> ok, anything else about that board?
17:10:05 * ahf good
17:10:19 <gaba> Next we have the reviews. How reviews from last week worked? Any blocker? Assigments?
17:10:36 <asn> i did not assign reviews today
17:10:42 <asn> but will do so later today or early tormorrow
17:11:01 <dgoulet> oh damn forgot about that :(
17:11:02 <nickm> looks like all our merge requests are assigned, but not sure about needs_review tickets
17:11:03 <dgoulet> asn: ping me when you can
17:11:47 <nickm> for needs_review tickets that aren't merge requests, when you assign them, could you let people know about merge requests? :)
17:11:52 <asn> dgoulet: pinged u
17:12:04 <asn> nickm: ack
17:12:20 <nickm> thanks
17:12:53 <gaba> ok then
17:13:16 * ahf needs to get a personal board for tor too. i keep using lists for everything
17:13:33 <gaba> about 0.4.4 status, did you all talked about it on Thursday?
17:13:51 <nickm> i think so?
17:14:06 <nickm> we have the must/should tickets assigned
17:14:14 <nickm> the can tickets are in icebox
17:14:31 <ahf> ye
17:14:32 <nickm> tpo/core/tor#7193 is a special case, since it's needs_revision
17:16:24 * gaba trying to figure out who needs to revise 7193
17:17:58 <gaba> do we have the author of 7193 in gitlab?
17:18:00 <dgoulet> volunteer that dropped that somemonths ago :S
17:18:08 <dgoulet> "maurice_pibouin"
17:18:14 <ahf> hmmmm
17:18:20 <ahf> that is a person i have communicated with
17:18:34 <gaba> do they have an account?
17:18:50 <ahf> i think so, let me just look
17:19:07 <ahf> yes, they are created *after* the migration
17:19:09 <ahf> same username
17:19:24 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/maurice_pibouin
17:19:32 <gaba> we can not assign them the issue because they are not in the team, right?
17:19:37 <nickm> I'll ask if they have time to revise it?
17:20:02 <gaba> ok
17:20:11 <gaba> and then we figure out how to assign them the issue
17:20:44 <nickm> done
17:20:50 <ahf> i think *we* can, but they can't do it themselves
17:20:59 <gaba> ahf: i didnt see how
17:21:04 <ahf> hmm ok
17:21:18 <gaba> they do not come up in the list of users to assign the issue to
17:21:50 <nickm> try "/assign @foo" ; not sure if that will work though...
17:21:58 <nickm> but for now, please don't, unless they show up and agree to do it
17:22:20 <ahf> maybe just higlight them and ask?
17:22:27 <gaba> it seems it works :)
17:22:34 <gaba> yes, i will remove
17:22:45 <nickm> ahf: I think I did on the ticket?
17:22:57 <gaba> yes
17:23:29 <ahf> yep, sorry, i was looking in the admin tab of my browser and not the refreshed one from @ahf
17:23:31 <ahf> is good
17:23:39 <gaba> ok, the next item in the pad is about updating the fallback list
17:24:57 <gaba> who added this item to the discussions?
17:25:12 <nickm> me
17:25:31 <nickm> quick question -- on thursday, we were going to ask somebody if they had time to do the communiction side of the fallback update
17:25:34 <nickm> was that gus?
17:25:37 <nickm> if so, did somebody talk to gus?
17:26:13 <dgoulet> I have not
17:26:16 <dgoulet> still on my list
17:26:21 <nickm> ok
17:26:26 <dgoulet> I was off friday so I didn't do it since Thur :(
17:26:45 <nickm> no worries, just wanted to make sure somebody had it
17:27:56 <nickm> ok, nothing else for me
17:28:01 <gaba> ok. Anything else for today?
17:28:08 * ahf has none
17:28:15 <jnewsome> just a quick note -
17:28:32 <jnewsome> the main development branch for shadow is now in the public repo, named 'dev'
17:28:40 <ahf> woh!
17:28:53 <dgoulet> oh yeah!
17:28:55 <gaba> nice
17:29:00 <jnewsome> :)
17:29:02 <dgoulet> jnewsome: nice milestone reached :)
17:29:11 <ahf> it is still in the github project?
17:29:27 <jnewsome> well, it's still very much 'dev', but nice not to be splitting the work into a private repo
17:29:35 <jnewsome> yeah, I'll grab the link
17:29:56 <jnewsome> Here's the dev branch: https://github.com/shadow/shadow/tree/dev
17:30:01 <ahf> yeah, looking at it now
17:30:02 <ahf> very cool!
17:31:47 <asn> jnewsome: nice :)))
17:33:04 <jnewsome> :-D. It doesn't run Tor yet, so mostly only of interest if you're interested in seeing or poking at the new arch
17:34:18 <jnewsome> Right now we're at the point where we can run some realistic-ish but still simple benchmarking, so we're iterating there on performance before expanding the implementation
17:34:19 <asn> well i was thinking of it for the v3 metrics thing
17:34:28 <asn> but i guess this is not the thing to use yet
17:34:34 <jnewsome> nope, not yet
17:34:55 <asn> ack ack
17:35:59 <nickm> pretty neat
17:36:12 <nickm> do we have anything else for this meeting?
17:36:14 * asn ugh phone bbiab
17:36:58 * dgoulet is good
17:37:18 * jnewsome is good
17:37:29 <nickm> ok.  gaba -- time to #endmeeting? :)
17:37:32 <gaba> sounds good. I'm going to close the meeting then
17:37:35 <gaba> #endmeeting