13:59:24 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team monthly meeting
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13:59:29 <antonela> hellooo people!
13:59:34 <antonela> nice to see you around :D
13:59:41 <ggus> ooi!
13:59:54 <T0_7_0> Hello, nice to be here
14:00:10 <nicoleiocana__> hi everyone
14:00:24 <antonela> I'm happy to recover this space on monthly bases for now, just to sync about what we all are doing and share our needs and progress
14:00:27 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
14:00:33 <antonela> i started a new pad ^^^
14:01:06 <antonela> is here, not asking for updates but i will share maybe a week before this meeting next month so we can add items in the agenda before hand
14:01:19 <antonela> for today we have a good lineup ^____^
14:02:06 <antonela> i'll start with a quick update on what we are working on at UX TPI and also sharing some links so you can track those projects
14:02:38 <antonela> first of all, the last weeks we have been moving to gitlab
14:02:50 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org
14:03:30 <antonela> please, let me know if your account is working or if you need a password reset
14:04:52 <antonela> given the ux team issues are spread across projects and teams, we use that general board filtered by the label UX to see the tickets we have in hands
14:04:53 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/boards?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&label_name[]=UX
14:05:03 <antonela> also
14:05:06 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux
14:05:33 <antonela> have different repositories for research, team (where the wikis are), media and design
14:05:41 <antonela> we will be trying to organize the work across them
14:06:17 <antonela> on the line 12 of the pad, i listed the sponsors we are running for this team and the work we are about to deliver
14:06:36 <antonela> if you are interested on any item there, just let me know and we can collab
14:06:39 <ggus> antonela: if you have a ticket in web repository labeled as "UX", it will be displayed in that board?
14:06:45 <antonela> yes!
14:06:49 <ggus> nice!:D
14:07:18 <antonela> if you look at the Open column, you can see all the tickets from different projects
14:08:16 <antonela> i'll add the "First Contribution" label to more tickets, so we can encourage designers and researchers to jump on them
14:09:00 <ggus> if an user in frontdesk give us an UX feedback, should i open it in the right repository and use the label "UX"?
14:09:02 <thurayya> is it possible to volunteers to take a ticket/issue anonymously?
14:09:02 <gaba> ok. added something to the UX group description to mention where the wiki is
14:09:37 <antonela> ggus: i think is better if we use a different label like [User Feedback]
14:09:52 <antonela> and also UX if it need UX work, maybe it is a bug and the Bug label is enough
14:09:58 <antonela> what do you'all think?
14:10:09 <antonela> thurayya: not now, but we are trying to solve it in the short future
14:10:16 <antonela> gaba: thank you!
14:11:07 <gaba> should we add a user feedback label to tpo?
14:11:12 <ggus> Makes sense for me, antonela :) User feedback should be a global label so?
14:11:14 <thurayya> ok!
14:11:28 <antonela> gaba: i think so, if community is onboard, then we can move forward
14:11:37 <antonela> as a global label, yes
14:12:09 <antonela> we can maybe have a template for new issues labeled User Feedback, with source and description
14:12:23 <antonela> by source could be a user research, frontedesk, social media
14:12:56 <antonela> irc, dunno, all the places we look at for helping users :)
14:13:02 <ggus> I like!
14:13:13 <antonela> awesome
14:13:27 <nicoleiocana__> very intuitive :)
14:13:37 <antonela> any other question regarding roadmap and workflow?
14:14:04 <antonela> before moving to the next item in the agenda, i forgot to mention the annoucements /o\
14:14:29 <antonela> s/annoucements/announcements
14:15:05 <antonela> so i listed the 9.5 Tor Browser release, you all can update your stable versions
14:15:45 <antonela> also included OONI probe for desktop, with several UI/UX improvements and a circumvention test that includes Tor and Psiphon
14:15:56 <gaba> +1 to templates. I want to work on issue tempaltes soon
14:16:31 <antonela> and finally Onion Browser, which is the suggested tor browser for iOS by our folks at Guardian Project and OkThanks
14:17:13 <antonela> OkThanks is running a user feedback survey regarding on this update, so please go ahead with your feedback!
14:17:21 <antonela> https://okthanks.typeform.com/to/JhNvX9
14:17:53 <antonela> gaba: super!! templates are very useful also i think tickets can have pre-set labels with templates
14:18:05 <antonela> okey, moving to the next item in the agenda
14:18:17 <antonela> - User Feedback Reporting from Frontdesk with nicoleiocana__
14:19:14 <antonela> hi nicoleiocana__ :)
14:19:26 <nicoleiocana__> hi antonela :)
14:20:04 <antonela> your last reporting was great, do you want to briefly share with us the highlights there?
14:20:50 <nicoleiocana__> of course
14:21:27 <nicoleiocana__> so the last user feedback covered months feb - may of this year, thats why it was so comprehensive
14:23:29 <nicoleiocana__> trying to find the mailing list link at the moment but I'll cover the highlights here
14:24:04 <ggus> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2020-June/002887.html
14:24:14 <nicoleiocana__> letterboxing was an issue. Users are unaware of the purpose of Letterboxing. They are under the impression that this is a Tor Browser layout bug.
14:24:17 <nicoleiocana__> Thanks ggus
14:24:50 <nicoleiocana__> the CAPTCHA loop was also a reoccuring issue
14:25:23 <nicoleiocana__> video playback was a major concern
14:26:49 <nicoleiocana__> from the tpo site. Windows 32 bit users vocalized struggles with clicking on Windows download link because it will automatically link to 64 bit instead of auto assigning the correct platform depending on users computer
14:27:30 <nicoleiocana__> And too many fake Tor Project Browsers are duping users primarily on the iOS platform :(
14:27:46 <nicoleiocana__> oh one last thing
14:29:23 <antonela> yes
14:29:38 <nicoleiocana__> individuals would claim Tor unexpectedly exited. This might be due to a bug in Tor itself, another program on your system, or faulty hardware. Until you fix the underlying problem and restart Tor, Tor Browser will not start across all platforms. The users would have little or nothing to offer regarding its occurance.
14:29:52 <nicoleiocana__> the end
14:30:15 <antonela> excellent, thank you!!
14:30:18 <antonela> i have some comments
14:30:19 <antonela> re letterboxing, we have a few open issues regarding that, we don't have capacity to work on that feature at the moment but it may be a good call for design/dev, i'll tag
14:30:23 <nicoleiocana__> yw
14:30:33 <antonela> because the latest discussions around it were to inform users about the feature, with a tooltip or something similar. Is not huge and may be useful.
14:31:02 <antonela> re captcha, yes is sad and savage - if im not wrong we have a gsoc person working on measuring it, lets see how it goes
14:31:30 <antonela> re video playback, i think GeKo commented about this issue, is a NoScript issue? or anything else? which sec level?
14:32:28 <antonela> re win32 and tpo, i see, we are avoiding any way to sniff the local environment but sometimes i think it will solve us a lot of user issues reporting :(
14:32:50 <nicoleiocana__> correct. GeKo did comment about this. It is a NoScript issue for users who set security level to Safer and Safest
14:33:15 <antonela> okey, got it
14:33:18 <antonela> annoying tho
14:33:34 <antonela> i know ma1 is working on a new version of NS, cant wait to see it :)
14:33:43 <antonela> about tpo and win32, do we have an issue for it? we can probably do it in any-non-too-invasive way, im not sure
14:34:00 <ggus> i think we might have it on the web repo
14:34:00 <antonela> that is a good first User Feedback issue :)
14:34:05 <ggus> lemme check
14:34:08 <antonela> oki
14:34:11 <antonela> thanks ggus
14:34:52 <antonela> iOS app store is complicated, specially because we dont have an official one :(
14:35:08 <antonela> i remember OkThanks running a research about fake apps
14:35:42 <nicoleiocana__> that's unfortunate. many users voice frustration of paying for subscription and demand refund :'(
14:36:01 <ggus> but some apps are using our Trademark
14:36:14 <antonela> we will need a better flow there
14:36:27 <antonela> aaand Tor unexpectedly exited, we will need some logs there
14:36:35 <antonela> is that posible? is people leaving logs?
14:37:04 <nicoleiocana__> most screenshots display that there are no logs available
14:37:43 <ggus> it's a very generic error and almost everytime there are no logs.
14:38:02 <nicoleiocana__> lemme clarify. There are no logs to copy and paste. Echoing what ggus stated
14:38:42 <antonela> mmm i see, is tba or desktop?
14:38:48 <nicoleiocana__> desktop
14:39:04 <antonela> the first time of connecting or in the middle of something
14:39:20 <antonela> by something i mean, browsing
14:39:20 <nicoleiocana__> sometimes both
14:39:37 <ggus> i believe it's more first time. "i installed and i can't use"
14:39:40 <nicoleiocana__> most times its because VPN / firewall blocks the connection
14:40:01 <nicoleiocana__> other times suddenly they just needed to use a bridge when at first they didnt need to
14:40:04 <antonela> interesting
14:40:10 <antonela> do we have a ticket for it?
14:40:15 <nicoleiocana__> or need a new bridge
14:40:31 <nicoleiocana__> yeah, lemme check
14:40:37 <antonela> as part of s30 we are planning to improve tor browser to make it proactive on detecting issues when connecting (instead of reactive, like now)
14:41:15 <antonela> if a local config is being problematic, we may detect it and suggest an action
14:41:36 <ggus> antonela: there's a ticket in tb repository about this generic error
14:41:54 <ggus> it's like a blue screen of death :(
14:42:07 <nicoleiocana__> heres a ticket for user who said that theyve been using for years, then suddenly it stopped working
14:42:11 <nicoleiocana__> https://rt.torproject.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=226923
14:42:38 <antonela> No permission to view ticket (im logged)
14:42:51 <antonela> okey, will reach you both later to dig more about this one
14:43:03 <nicoleiocana__> okies. and here is one for first time installation
14:43:04 <nicoleiocana__> https://rt.torproject.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=226825
14:43:05 <ggus> i'll need to add you to the right permission group.
14:43:17 <antonela> thank you nicoleiocana__!! your work is very valuable for us, thanks for sharing those insights with the lists also!
14:43:56 <antonela> i also have thurayya and T0_7_0 in the line
14:43:56 <nicoleiocana__> shucks, my pleasure.
14:44:18 <thurayya> i need to be quick, bc i'm in the middle of moving houses :O
14:44:24 <antonela> perfect!
14:44:38 <thurayya> can i go?
14:44:38 <thurayya> haha
14:44:39 <antonela> lets share a quick update about our meeting on friday
14:44:41 <antonela> haha yes!
14:44:55 <thurayya> ok! so I just wanted to share that I’ll be working with community and UX team for 12 months as a Bertha Fellow.
14:45:01 <thurayya> My main work will be to run digital security trainings and research for environmental activists, organizations and communities in the Brazilian Amazon.
14:45:02 <antonela> \o/
14:45:06 <ggus> \o/ yayayay!
14:45:11 <thurayya> :D \o//
14:45:12 <thurayya> This work was supposed to be in person, but due to the Covid-19 we will do it remotely – methodologies still to be defined. But definitely, a challenge...
14:45:20 <thurayya> The device that our main audience most use is cell phones, so our user testing and trainings will focus on TBA. But with organizations, we can try other services too (TBD, bridges, onion share)....
14:45:25 <thurayya> And one of our work will be to run risk assessments.
14:45:29 <thurayya> I’ll be reporting every month, and I’m looking forward to get suggestions and feedbacks on what we could focus our efforts to bring more safety to our audience. :)
14:45:34 <thurayya> On the other hand, I’m also taking some other issues/tickets related to research and user feedback with s9
14:45:47 <thurayya> and general stuff around our research repo. I’m very excited to work on it (with templates too! I love it!)
14:46:00 <thurayya> we also have some new feedback from s9 partners
14:46:05 <antonela> haha excellent! thank you nah! we are very happy to have you around again!!!
14:46:11 <thurayya> I'll work on reporting them this week :)
14:46:28 <antonela> super, we can sync with gaba and ggus on S9 also
14:46:39 <thurayya> I'm happy to be back too! :D
14:47:01 <antonela> oki, T0_7_0, your time :)
14:47:06 <T0_7_0> Great!
14:47:50 <T0_7_0> for the past 12 months I've been researching the use of tools during Internet censorship in Nigeria Cameroon Uganda and Zimbabwe
14:48:03 <T0_7_0> Now writing up final reports
14:48:18 <T0_7_0> A blog, a report and an academic paper
14:49:01 <T0_7_0> I've submitted the blog on Friday to the NetPolitics section of The Council on Foreign Relations, the US government think tank. It was accepted.
14:49:42 <T0_7_0> I'm currently working on both the academic paper and the final report. Will have more updates by next meeting!
14:49:52 <antonela> very nice
14:50:10 <T0_7_0> That's all
14:50:13 <antonela> tunde, dunqan has been working on extending Tor personas based on your research
14:50:15 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/trac/-/issues/40003
14:50:23 <antonela> this is the issue about scenarios
14:50:33 <T0_7_0> Oh great, thanks
14:50:37 <T0_7_0> Nice to know
14:50:43 <antonela> and this is the issue about personas
14:50:43 <antonela> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/trac/-/issues/32811
14:51:05 <antonela> and here is our wip https://www.figma.com/file/bLOmIF32ijnaAS34AtwEWD/Tor-Personas?node-id=0%3A1
14:51:26 <antonela> i'll make sure that we circle back with you in the following weeks so you can also review it
14:51:36 <T0_7_0> Ok
14:51:39 <antonela> and probably share these with Maria at ooni
14:51:49 <T0_7_0> Great
14:52:00 <antonela> I also have a draft pad for the announcement of your research
14:52:07 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tunde-fellowship-final-report-keep
14:52:17 <antonela> we can fill it later when you are done with the report
14:52:19 <antonela> aaaand
14:52:39 <antonela> dont forget to contact the OTF comms so they can help you on reviewing and formatting the final deliverables
14:52:56 <antonela> OTF Learning Lab i think is the proper department
14:52:58 <T0_7_0> Yes, I've applied to the Learning Lab
14:53:03 <antonela> perfect
14:53:28 <antonela> anything else for Tunde?
14:53:32 <T0_7_0> Nope
14:53:56 <antonela> okey, i think we are almost in the hour and also we reached all our agenda items
14:54:00 * antonela \o/
14:54:20 <thurayya> \o/ thanks antonela!
14:54:30 <nicoleiocana__> thanks everyone :)
14:54:35 <T0_7_0> Thanks!
14:54:38 <antonela> again, im happy to recover this space and i hope we can bring more people interested on running user research or design tasks for the project
14:54:41 <antonela> thank you all!
14:54:45 <antonela> is a pleasure <3
14:55:08 <antonela> #endmeeting