14:59:30 <gaba> #startmeeting Metrics July 16th 2020
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14:59:34 <gaba> we have the pad here: http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-metricsteam-2020.1-keep
14:59:43 <gaba> today karsten can not make it so we may have a very short meeting :)
14:59:53 <gaba> Our agenda is empty
15:00:19 <dennis_jackson> I have a quick question - the Simply Secure UX research - is there a Gitlab tracking issue or anything?
15:00:21 <phw> o/
15:00:45 <gaba> dennis_jackson: not yet. This is mostly a project on Simply Secure side right now
15:00:55 <gaba> They are doing the UX research and we will work on it after is done.
15:01:09 <gaba> That mail I sent you is all the context I have right now.
15:01:11 <dennis_jackson> Okay thanks, just wanted to check I wasn't missing it.
15:01:13 <gaba> They will explain a little more
15:01:24 <dennis_jackson> great!
15:01:59 <gaba> Does anybody have anything for today?
15:02:17 * jnewsome does not :)
15:02:20 <gaba> As an annoucement Karten will be giving an OnionPerf presentation in the demo day on july 27th
15:02:23 * phw neither
15:02:33 <woswos> can I ask something since there is nothing in the agenda?
15:02:43 <gaba> sure
15:03:49 <woswos> So, I have been developing the “CAPTCHA Monitor” project and I tought the data I collect can be a good addition to the metrics.tpo
15:04:00 <gaba> yes, nice!
15:04:04 <woswos> dashboard.captcha.wtf/
15:04:23 <gaba> woswos: do you have a gitlab account? we could add a ticket about this to see how to integrate it
15:04:33 <woswos> yes
15:04:58 <woswos> https://gitlab.torproject.org/woswos/CAPTCHA-Monitor the project repository is here actually
15:05:04 <gaba> the onion has an issue
15:05:09 <tomcat> woswos: cool!
15:05:12 <gaba> cool!
15:05:34 <woswos> ah yes, didn’t realize the onion issue
15:05:37 <woswos> thanks
15:05:44 <jnewsome> gaba: woswos: yeah,w as about to say that too. particularly a bad experience when you have tbb configured to auto-redirect to the onion
15:06:13 <gaba> it works in firefox just nice
15:06:15 <gaba> very nice!
15:06:32 <woswos> I don’t know what is wrong with onion but I will fix it
15:06:59 <woswos> so I have an api and I believe metrics can fetch data through it
15:07:05 <jnewsome> I'll ask if there's a tracking issue for getting back to the clear URL for cases like this
15:07:13 <gaba> awesome. Let's bring it back when karsten is around next week
15:07:49 <woswos> should I create a ticket? if yes, on which repo?
15:07:57 <gaba> yes please
15:07:59 <gaba> let me see
15:08:39 <gaba> maybe in https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/metrics/website
15:08:54 <woswos> sounds good
15:09:33 <jnewsome> anyway, the metrics themselves are cool! it's a little unclear how it's counted though. is it % of exits that received a captcha at least once from any cloudflare site?
15:09:40 <jnewsome> (for the given day)
15:10:26 <woswos> I have a set of websites and I regularly fetch them
15:10:52 <woswos> and the percentage is the ratio of captcha_received/total_fetches
15:11:25 <jnewsome> so maybe the graph labels should be "% of fetches" instead of "% of exit nodes"?
15:12:01 <woswos> the analytics part is not ready yet, I spend my time building the infrastructure and I definitely need help with creating meaningful graphs out of the data
15:12:48 <jnewsome> gotcha. definitely useful data!
15:13:21 <dennis_jackson> More than happy to contribute stats feedback if/when it would be useful. I really like the project. Not only the tool and the presentation, but the documentation is really excellent as well
15:13:59 <woswos> thank you :) I’m glad that you liked it
15:14:24 <woswos> wiki has some more detailed info https://gitlab.torproject.org/woswos/CAPTCHA-Monitor/-/wikis/home
15:14:45 <dennis_jackson> I've been looking at it :)
15:15:27 <woswos> and I also started tracking non cloudflare websites as well, I need to rename the project :)
15:15:52 <woswos> like amazon’s cloudfront, recaptcha, etc
15:16:37 <jnewsome> nice
15:16:44 <gaba> this is so nice wowos
15:17:43 <gaba> do anybody have anything else?
15:17:53 <gaba> anyone needs help or have reviews that needs to be look at
15:18:37 <gaba> woswos: are ok if I mention this project when I send the notes to tor-project@ mailing list?
15:18:50 <acute> woswos: great project, and this is such an important thing to monitor too!
15:18:58 <woswos> sure
15:19:13 <woswos> thank you again
15:19:25 <gaba> ok. I'm going to end the meeting and we can continue chatting in #tor-dev or #tor-project
15:19:29 <gaba> #endmeeting