16:58:51 <gaba> #startmeeting Network July 20th
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16:58:53 <gaba> hey hey
16:59:03 <jnewsome> ahoy hoy
16:59:16 <gaba> ji jnewsome!
17:00:00 <dgoulet> o/
17:00:47 <nickm> hi dgoulet, jnewsome, ahf, and maybe Caitlin!
17:00:51 <nickm> iiuc asn is still out
17:00:53 <Caitlin> i'm here
17:00:56 <nickm> hi!
17:01:04 <Caitlin> was catching up with email
17:01:07 <Caitlin> and editing the pad
17:01:09 <ahf> ye
17:01:16 <nickm> cool
17:01:50 <nickm> let's start!
17:01:57 <gaba> caitlin: are you ok if I remove all the June statuses for you?
17:02:00 <Caitlin> haven't put too many "planned" weeks lately but i was just preoccupied, this week i'm back on track
17:02:07 <nickm> great
17:02:08 <gaba> June and May
17:02:23 <Caitlin> what about those months
17:02:36 <Caitlin> they were definitely not as hot as this one is
17:02:40 <gaba> can i remove them from th epad in your statuses?
17:02:46 <Caitlin> oh i can go ahead and do that
17:02:50 <gaba> thanks!
17:03:30 <Caitlin> it said "don't delete en masse" so i obliged :p
17:04:18 <nickm> ah; that just means "don't go deleting all the history every week"
17:04:34 <nickm> will edit
17:05:13 <nickm> gaba: shall we start with the boards?
17:05:33 <gaba> yes please
17:05:42 <Caitlin> oh right i cant assign myself to tor issues
17:05:42 <gaba> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:05:49 <gaba> oh
17:06:04 <gaba> Caitlin: you are mostly working in Chutney, right?
17:06:20 <Caitlin> not really, just started with chutney
17:06:27 <Caitlin> told nickm i'd focus more on tor for now
17:06:30 <gaba> ok
17:06:38 <Caitlin> tired of seeing python :)
17:06:46 <nickm> yeah; can you give Caitlin basic access to the whole 'core' world?
17:06:52 <gaba> ok, we need to figure out how to give you access for you to assign issues to yourself and change labels
17:06:59 <gaba> report access?
17:07:19 <ahf> yep
17:07:20 <Caitlin> i don't know much about gitlab but when i had reporter access i also got tagged when someone mentioned @tpo in an issue
17:07:26 <gaba> ok
17:07:47 <gaba> done
17:08:05 <Caitlin> is access as fine-grained as on trac
17:08:08 <gaba> caitlin: can you look at the board and be sure that everything you are working on is assign to you and with the label 'doing' ?
17:08:10 <nickm> no, sadly
17:08:40 <ahf> nowhere near as fine-grained
17:08:45 <Caitlin> shame
17:08:52 <Caitlin> gaba: for now just one ticket but yes i went ahead and did that
17:09:10 <Caitlin> well i think i'm assigned to two, i'll check that other out as well
17:09:11 <gaba> #21524  ?
17:09:15 <Caitlin> ya
17:09:39 <gaba> what about https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/chutney/-/issues/33598 ?
17:10:05 <Caitlin> yeah that's the other one i was thinking about, i'll take a look at that soon
17:10:18 <nickm> that sounds like "next" to me then :)
17:10:48 <nickm> Caitlin: I find I have to filter the board by assignee to get it to be useful, like: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&assignee_username=c
17:10:49 <gaba> ok
17:10:57 <Caitlin> oh is this what the label 'next' is for? ok
17:11:18 <nickm> yah.  it puts it in a 'next' column there.  We pull from 'next' into 'doing'
17:12:43 <nickm> gaba: anything else on current status, or do we move on?
17:12:51 <gaba> anything else?
17:12:53 <gaba> ues
17:12:54 * ahf good
17:12:54 <gaba> yes
17:13:21 <gaba> reviews, it seems that there are some reviews in the needs review without asignee. But how are we doing for reviews for this week?
17:13:48 <dgoulet> I need to go over that to assign
17:13:58 <nickm> yikes, yeah.
17:14:47 <nickm> all from jigsaw52.  i think I looked at the seccomp and glibc and 'remove padding' parts before, so I'm happy to take those
17:15:04 <nickm> But if somebody else will take tor!62 (wildcard support to %include) I'd be pleased.
17:15:34 <ahf> hm, i think i have that one
17:15:43 <ahf> hmmm, this looks like some github tickets that was moved
17:15:44 <ahf> nice
17:15:48 <ahf> i take tor!62
17:15:49 <nickm> ok, assign the mr to yourself then?
17:16:14 <ahf> done
17:16:40 <Caitlin> torrcs had %include directive? never knew that
17:16:45 <nickm> yeah
17:16:54 <Caitlin> i didn't read the man page thoroughly enough
17:19:22 <nickm> that's reviews, I think. What's next?
17:20:11 <nickm> 044?
17:20:52 <nickm> all the unassigned 044 tickets are "044-can", except for tpo/core/tor#33747, which is 044-should since anticensorship wants it
17:21:05 <gaba> nice
17:22:02 <nickm> I think I'll take that on, unless somebody else wants to? I think I can get it done by end-of-month, now that I refactored that real_addr nonsense
17:22:44 <gaba> anybody else want to take any of the others?
17:22:57 <gaba> there are some documentation issues :)
17:23:04 <gaba> an oportunity to reduce tech debt :P
17:23:20 <ahf> i want to be done with my fenix stuff this week before i take things in :-/
17:23:29 <gaba> it makes sense ahf
17:23:40 <nickm> dgoulet: you have a few 044-should tickets assigned
17:23:54 <nickm> ahf also has a bunch of 044-must and should tickets already
17:23:56 <gaba> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/32314 it is only a revision
17:23:56 <dgoulet> ok
17:24:00 <ahf> yep
17:24:00 <gaba> ok
17:24:12 <nickm> asn has one
17:25:09 <nickm> are we okay with removing the 044-* labels from things that are done in 044, and pending backport?
17:25:20 <ahf> yep
17:25:28 <ahf> fine with me
17:25:32 <gaba> mmm, should somebody else take the one from asn?
17:25:40 <gaba> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/34084
17:26:15 <nickm> maybe let's ask dgoulet if he's done with all his s55 and 044-* stuff before he goes on vacation
17:26:18 <nickm> ;)
17:26:33 <dgoulet> I'm all s55 at the moment... so anything non critical will be pushed back :(
17:26:38 <dgoulet> s55 is ... not easy :)
17:26:41 <gaba> ok
17:26:44 <gaba> yes
17:26:45 <ahf> maybe let's look at this next monday?
17:26:50 <gaba> sounds good
17:27:31 <gaba> let's go into discussions then
17:27:47 <nickm> we already did issue 1 and 2 last week
17:27:48 <gaba> the one in line 74 was something we discussed last sunday, right?
17:27:52 <gaba> yes
17:28:05 <nickm> huh?
17:28:11 <dgoulet> last sunday?
17:28:16 <nickm> what was line 74?
17:28:17 <gaba> haha
17:28:18 <dgoulet> I do _not_ remember that :)
17:28:18 <gaba> sorry
17:28:19 <gaba> monday
17:28:31 <gaba> issues in https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/issues
17:28:42 <nickm> ah, I think that's a "discuss new ones every week" thing
17:28:48 <gaba> ok
17:28:48 <ahf> the sunday meeting was chill :-P
17:28:53 <gaba> :)
17:29:07 <nickm> only new one is https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/issues/5 , but i suggest we discuss it more on the ticket to see what our ideas are
17:29:40 <nickm> so we can move to the other discussion stuff?
17:29:50 <ahf> nod
17:29:57 <Caitlin> dgoulet: you're right about s55 not being easy :p
17:30:33 <nickm> ok. I know we've talked about unifying our CI scripts and having most of it be done from a single shell script that the different CI setups can invoke
17:30:37 <Caitlin> being already interested in ipv6 networking helps for me though
17:30:40 <nickm> does anybody want to work on that?
17:30:56 <nickm> I was interested in taking a swing on it, and I wanted to know if (a) anybody wants to collaborate,
17:31:06 <nickm> and if (b) i'd be getting in anybody's way.
17:31:28 <jnewsome> nickm: heh, we just did that in Shadow
17:31:41 <ahf> i'd love to collaborate on that
17:31:46 <ahf> but i wont do it this week :-/
17:32:08 <nickm> ok! maybe want to talk after the meeting to see how we can start?
17:32:15 <ahf> yep
17:32:20 <nickm> i can do some groundwork this week, I hope
17:32:22 <gaba> jnewsome: anything you can share?
17:32:36 <gaba> or maybe be part of the conversation here?
17:32:41 <gaba> after the meeting
17:32:49 <jnewsome> I'd be happy to go over our approach, but not sure how applicable it'll be
17:32:52 <jnewsome> yeah I'll stick around for it
17:33:36 <gaba> awesome
17:34:24 <nickm> last question from me is: when should we talk about 045 scope and plans?  in theory it freezes on 15 Nov.
17:34:49 <gaba> mmm, where do we have the release schedule that we had before in the wiki?
17:34:58 <nickm> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/wikis/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases
17:35:04 <nickm> (i think you moved it last ;) )
17:35:09 <gaba> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/wikis/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases
17:35:12 <gaba> yes
17:35:13 <gaba> "_
17:35:15 <gaba> :)
17:35:29 * gaba moved so many wikis...
17:36:08 <ahf> \o/
17:37:09 <nickm> in theory 045 merge window was to open on 15 aug, but we moved it forward for a few reasons
17:38:40 <gaba> ok
17:38:52 <gaba> should we look at it at the beginning of August?
17:39:11 <nickm> probably makes sense.  There is no time when we'll all be here, though, right?
17:39:16 <nickm> before september?
17:40:06 <ahf> yeah
17:40:09 <gaba> right
17:40:18 <ahf> wait, wont we all be here next monday? or is dgoulet out there?
17:40:20 <gaba> so maybe it needs to happen in July when asn is back
17:40:47 <nickm> in theory we could do next week if asn is back?
17:40:49 <dgoulet> I won't
17:41:17 <ahf> ye
17:41:48 <nickm> ok. maybe next thursday would be a good time?
17:42:04 <gaba> ok
17:42:24 <ahf> yep
17:42:59 <nickm> ok
17:43:42 <nickm> i'm out of topics
17:43:47 <gaba> anybody needs any help with anything?
17:43:51 <gaba> or blocked with anything
17:44:24 * ahf is good
17:44:37 <nickm> i'm ok i think!
17:44:45 * dgoulet is good
17:44:57 <gaba> ok. Let's finish for today then
17:45:01 <gaba> #endmeeting