16:59:49 <gaba> #startmeeting Network July 27th 2020
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16:59:53 <gaba> Pad is here: http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
16:59:56 <asn> gaba: good to be back :)
17:00:09 <gaba> please add your statuses and anything that needs to be discussed to the agenda
17:00:13 <ahf> hey
17:00:22 <nickm> hi all
17:00:52 <nickm> starting with the board .. I'm happy with the board as it stands
17:01:01 <nickm> at least my part of it
17:01:45 * ahf would have liked if this week was longer
17:02:17 <nickm> some time in the future let's consider whether we need to look at the kanban board every week -- for now, I'm mainly keeping my tickets on the board up-to-date as I work on things
17:02:52 <gaba> yes. I think it could work just to look at the next month once a month
17:02:59 <gaba> but we can talk about it later at other time
17:02:59 * ahf nods
17:03:24 <gaba> I mostly wanted people to get used to have that board as a place to take care of
17:04:03 <nickm> asn: have you had a chance to get used to the kanban now that we're on gitlab? is it working for you?
17:04:11 <asn> yes
17:04:16 <asn> i started taking care of it
17:04:21 <asn> i think it has great potential
17:04:30 <asn> i dont think i have made it perfect for m eyes
17:04:32 <asn> i dont think i have made it perfect for me yet
17:04:36 <asn> but i think it's really good
17:06:31 <gaba> next is review assignments, how are we doing?
17:06:43 <asn> i havent done it yet today
17:06:47 <asn> been busy with backlog
17:06:49 <asn> will note for tomorrow
17:06:50 <nickm> i changed the URL on the pad so that it doesn't list things marked as "Backlog".
17:06:53 <nickm> err
17:06:54 <nickm> i changed the URL on the pad so that it doesn't list things marked as "Backport".
17:07:04 <nickm> actually, there are only 3 tickets there.  Can we split them up now?
17:07:38 <asn> sure!
17:07:43 <asn> let me see them
17:07:57 <asn> oh something changed and now https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/wikis/NetworkTeam/GitlabReviews is 404
17:08:28 <asn> ah maybe im not logged in. sec.
17:09:00 <gaba> mm, wiki is disabled in tor
17:09:32 <nickm> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/wikis/NetworkTeam/GitlabReviews
17:09:57 <nickm> asn: you may want to remove those to exclude the Backport tickets -- the Backport label means "this is merged and waiting for a backport".
17:10:08 <asn> hm right
17:10:25 <gaba> we should rename https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/wikis/Network-Team-Wiki-(home) back to home as otherwise it does not come back when you click the team project
17:10:32 <nickm> here's the URL with all the non-backport Tor MRs:     https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/merge_requests?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&not[label_name][]=Backport
17:10:47 <asn> i took the crash u told me about today nickm
17:10:49 <asn> so there is two left
17:11:10 <asn> ah both are urs nickm
17:11:12 <nickm> I wrote the code on both, so I can't review them
17:11:14 <asn> so ill take one and give the other to ahf
17:11:21 <nickm> asn/ahf: want to split up !73 and !79?
17:11:27 <ahf> sounds good
17:11:30 <asn> ok i take 79
17:11:35 <ahf> i take !73 then
17:11:38 <asn> great
17:11:38 <nickm> ok. dgoulet already reviewed the first draft of !73, so it should be fast
17:11:39 <asn> i assign
17:11:41 <Caitlin> (i'm multitasking, still listening in, just let me know if my input is desired)
17:11:42 <nickm> thanks!
17:11:43 <ahf> thx asn
17:11:55 <asn> done
17:12:39 <gaba> I wonder if https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40069 was done last week
17:12:58 <nickm> huh.
17:13:06 <nickm> I just merged dgoulet's mr for that
17:13:13 <gaba> ok. I'm going to close it
17:13:30 <nickm> I explained where it's closed
17:13:36 <nickm> (let's never close stuff without explaining why)
17:14:56 <nickm> asn: it looks like you've got only one 044 ticket assigned right now, tor#34084
17:14:58 <ahf> nod
17:15:38 <nickm> dgoulet has tpo/core/tor#33072 and tpo/core/tor#34086
17:15:59 <nickm> I think it's okay to defer the remainder of #33072 to 045, and assign tpo/core/tor#34086 to asn?
17:16:07 <asn> hmm nickm yes
17:16:09 <asn> will take care of it
17:16:43 <nickm> ahf: you have a bunch of 044-must and 044-should issues, and you're pretty busy with TB stuff.  Should we try to do something about that load?
17:17:49 <asn> nickm: sounds good
17:17:54 <asn> (about assigning #34086 ot me)
17:18:04 <ahf> yes, my first thought was to write them up in a list by how important they are try to pass that on
17:18:12 <asn> ahf: sounds good
17:18:13 <nickm> asn: assigned
17:18:18 <asn> let me know what you would like me to take on
17:18:24 <nickm> same here
17:18:45 <nickm> I'd like us to try to have everything even a bit tricky in 044 finished before I take off in mid-august
17:19:00 <nickm> so we can put out an rc then and plan to put the release out when I'm back
17:19:15 <nickm> (that gives us 1 month in RC to deal with surprises)
17:19:26 <asn> ack agreed
17:19:27 <nickm> ahf: how do you want to do this dividing-up?
17:19:59 <ahf> i do not know until i have an idea about the priority i think
17:20:52 <nickm> ah, ok.  should we come back to this after the meeting then and try to sort through?
17:21:03 <nickm> or at the end of the meeting
17:22:14 <ahf> i would say probably tomorrow. after this meeting i have the next meeting i think
17:22:18 <nickm> ok
17:22:37 <nickm> let's plan on doing that once we're both online
17:22:46 <nickm> I'll try to write a quick email if i can
17:23:11 <nickm> next up is looking at the issues in https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/issues
17:23:45 <nickm> for tpo/core/team#1 -- I think we can call that accepted?  If so, we can adjust our practices, and all I have to do is edit the part of doc/HACKING that explains versions files.
17:24:00 <nickm> 2 is waiting for september.
17:24:03 <ahf> oki
17:24:27 <nickm> for tpo/core/team#5 -- that will take a little explanation for asn, expecially if asn hasn't seen it yet, and I have a question
17:24:42 <nickm> the idea is that we're going to purge most of our tickets from the tor component
17:24:49 <nickm> we're going to do this in two phases
17:25:14 <nickm> first we close what we can, and label stuff that we want to preserve (but not as an unsorted ticket)
17:25:20 <nickm> that's the part we're in now
17:25:42 <nickm> We divided up all 19xx tickets in core/tor, and gave everybody about 500 to sort/label in this way
17:25:43 * asn reading
17:25:58 <nickm> but on friday, I got through all 500 of mine and I'm wondering if anybody would like me to do more.  it was fun :)
17:26:51 <asn> hmm ok
17:27:02 <asn> that seems a bit like the unspecified discussion we did some thursdays ago
17:27:07 <nickm> yeah
17:27:30 <asn> ok sounds good
17:27:35 <asn> what's the deadline for this purge?
17:27:52 <nickm> we didn't make one.
17:28:02 <nickm> I believe I could have it finished by mid-august if I do the sorting myself
17:28:19 <nickm> but if ahf/asn/dgoulet would rather do sorting too, I don't want to impose a hard deadline
17:28:33 <asn> by sorting you mean the triaging?
17:28:45 <ahf> this is the stuff we talked about thursday?
17:28:47 <nickm> yeah
17:29:10 <asn> ok
17:29:28 <asn> im not super excited about triaging 500 tickets, but if the deadline is not so soon, i can definitely do it
17:29:32 <nickm> I got through the first 500 tickets on Friday; I closed about half and labeled all but 24 of the remainders
17:29:40 <nickm> to be clear: I _am_ excited about triaging another 500.
17:29:41 <ahf> as stressed as i am this week, i am not entirely sure it is the best use of your time to do mine. i would like to look at some of them, but i also don't feel bad if anybody does them or vert some of the things i suggest to do
17:29:54 <ahf> i have no hard feelings at all with things changing in the issue tracker underneeth me :-S
17:30:11 <asn> yes i echo @ahf
17:30:42 <nickm> Unless you tell me know, I'll take this over?  It's very enjoyable, and I think looking at all the tickets at once helps me remember and keep stuff consistent
17:30:42 <ahf> s/vert/revert/
17:30:52 <ahf> ok, go ahead then
17:30:59 <ahf> you meant now or know here?
17:31:07 <nickm> I'll impose a time-limit on myself so I don't spend too much time on it.
17:31:10 <asn> sounds good
17:31:17 <nickm> sorry, meant now
17:31:42 <ahf> ok
17:32:38 <nickm> that leaves tpo/core/team#7
17:33:06 <nickm> basically, between now and thursday, everybody please list stuff that you think we should work on for 045.  We have more flexibility than usual this time.
17:33:17 <asn> wow this new tpo/core/team/#? thing is pretty cool
17:33:22 <nickm> on thursday's meeting we'll try to pick top priorities.
17:33:33 <asn> ack
17:33:37 <nickm> asn: yeah!  I stole the idea from Atul Gawande, who took it from construction contractors
17:33:54 <nickm> the idea is not only to have  a to-do list for stuff to do, but also a to-do list for conversations that need to happen
17:34:16 <asn> gitlab team issues?
17:34:26 <asn> Atul Gawande (born November 5, 1965) is an American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher.
17:34:36 <asn> ok im having trouble piercing all those pieces of information together
17:34:39 <nickm> asn: well, not gitlab team issues per se, but the idea of having a to-do list for dicussions and decisions we need to do :)
17:34:40 <asn> but i will manage :P
17:34:42 <nickm> sorry
17:34:46 <nickm> my brain is all over the place today :/
17:35:06 <asn> hehe no problem :P
17:35:06 <nickm> one last topic from me: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/torspec/-/issues/1
17:35:46 <nickm> I've tried to list all the proposals I could find that were not in the right status.  I'd like asn and ahf to look over the list and tell me if there are any that you don't agree about
17:35:52 <asn> agreed
17:36:01 <asn> im gonna look at all the to-do discussions
17:36:02 <nickm> if there's anything that's complicated, we can talk about it on thursday
17:36:12 <asn> ah that's to-do discussion on torspec
17:36:15 <asn> ok
17:36:19 <asn> will look at all the places
17:36:22 <nickm> thanks
17:36:57 <ahf> i answered about one of them there
17:37:01 <ahf> that was the only one i had feedback on
17:37:17 <nickm> ahf: great
17:38:50 <nickm> oh one-last-thing ... I'm planning to put out later today
17:39:06 <nickm> please let me know if there is anything wrong with the candidate in https://people.torproject.org/~nickm/volatile/src/
17:39:11 <nickm> and I'm out of topics!
17:39:34 <ahf> just to be 100% sure: 0.4.4 is medio september stable, right? so everything needs to be in by the end of august?
17:39:49 <nickm> stable in mid-september: yes.
17:40:07 <nickm> but in practice it's a good idea to have an RC out around a month before stable.
17:40:12 <asn> ack
17:40:24 <nickm> so I'd _like_ to get all the 044 stuff that might break anything done before I leave in mid-august.
17:40:24 <ahf> ok
17:41:38 <gaba> Anything else for today?
17:41:48 <nickm> not from me.  Anything else to talk about for now?
17:42:02 <asn> im good!
17:42:13 * ahf good
17:42:16 <gaba> ok
17:42:19 <gaba> #endmeeting