17:02:31 <nickm> #startmeeting network-team meeting (part 1) aug 3 2020
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17:02:44 <nickm> so, we might have a pretty short meeting today:
17:03:02 <nickm> ahf and gaba and dgoulet are on break, and asn is getting dinner and is gonna check in with me later
17:03:08 <nickm> so, anybody want to talk about anything?
17:03:24 <jnewsome> nothing from me :)
17:03:34 <nickm> I'm also happy to talk about bug triage, 045 planning, etc etc if folks are into those
17:03:39 <Caitlin> i was just hung up over the stuff i was tasked with, but you helped answer my questions yesterday and today, so thank you
17:03:45 <nickm> great
17:03:50 <Caitlin> i think that was my only concern, just still getting a feel for the layout of tor's code
17:04:28 <Caitlin> tor might actually make me learn rust, lol
17:04:50 <jnewsome> yay rust! we've been ramping up using rust for shadow as well
17:04:51 <Caitlin> i'd like to refactor, but i doubt refactoring C that will get replaced anyway, is the best use of my time
17:04:54 <nickm> someday, rust for everything :)
17:05:24 <jnewsome> there's a rust discord I've found to be super helpful btw
17:05:33 <Caitlin> i've been using C, python, perl, and shell for so long, need to get out of my comfort zone
17:06:00 <Caitlin> i'm not on discord but i think i could learn the ropes on my own
17:06:09 <Caitlin> anyway other than that, no concerns that i can think of
17:08:59 <nickm> ok
17:09:20 <nickm> Caitlin: rust is super fun but i think we've learned that the last place you want to start learning rust is by refactoring a big c project
17:09:44 <nickm> ok, having no new business, I'll be ending the meeting and hanging around on IRC.
17:09:47 <nickm> #endmeeting