18:59:58 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting part 2: nickm and asn
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19:00:01 <nickm> hi!
19:00:05 <asn> :)
19:00:13 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep is the pad
19:00:29 <asn> i added my update
19:00:29 <nickm> let's go through the stuff-to-do-every-week list.
19:00:32 <nickm> anything for us to do there?
19:00:39 <nickm> i think we're okay for now
19:00:54 <asn> yep
19:00:56 <asn> i assigned reviews
19:01:06 <asn> and made sure that the offline people dont have any important review on them
19:01:14 <nickm> ok
19:01:37 <nickm> i think I'm not likely to make a lot of progress on ticket triage or other issues this week, so that could be it for discussions
19:01:51 <asn> ack ack
19:02:04 <asn> yes i still havent gone through my whole gitlab list
19:02:18 <asn> so i havent yet answered all the core/team/issues
19:02:29 <nickm> ack
19:02:31 <asn> but will get to that this week
19:02:47 <nickm> this week I'm going to try to attack my ticket backlog. I have a lot of tiny little things to do
19:02:57 <asn> ack ack
19:03:08 <nickm> i'll assign you reviews as I write code; please do the same with me
19:03:12 <asn> for sure
19:03:36 <asn> btw there are a bunch of backlog-marked tickets that are approaching multi-week. what do we do with those?
19:04:05 <nickm> like, they have been there for multiple weeks?
19:04:44 <nickm> assigned to you, or in general?
19:05:04 <asn> assigned to me
19:05:06 <asn> let me find one
19:05:32 <asn> for example: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/merge_requests/15
19:05:32 <nickm> so I've got 24 backlog items right now; I don't think that's necessarily a huge deal
19:05:41 <asn> i guess mainly this
19:06:38 <asn> it's 1 month old
19:06:42 <asn> should i go ahead with backport?
19:06:59 <asn> i dont think i have ever backported from the root in the past
19:07:02 <nickm> oh!
19:07:10 <nickm> yeah, we shouldn't have that assigned at all imo
19:07:15 <asn> oh
19:07:23 <nickm> when a ticket is merged and marked for backport, i think we let the backport ticket be our reminder
19:07:28 <nickm> and we shouldn't have it in backlog
19:07:32 <nickm> wait
19:07:38 <nickm> when you said "backlog" did you mean "backport"?
19:07:40 <asn> i can update https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/wikis/NetworkTeam/GitlabReviews if that's the case
19:07:44 <asn> man did i say backlog?
19:07:48 <nickm> yeah
19:07:50 <asn> i really meant backport.
19:07:53 <nickm> and i believed you! ;)
19:07:54 <nickm> ok
19:08:02 <asn> (sorry!)
19:08:04 <nickm> i think for those, if we are really using the label right, we should unassign
19:08:07 <nickm> np
19:08:35 <asn> ack
19:08:41 <nickm> (the label should mean "This is merged but we could backport it more.")
19:08:57 <nickm> i'll unassign
19:09:02 <asn> ack
19:09:03 <asn> will note thi sdown
19:09:12 <asn> on the docs
19:09:25 <nickm> the idea should be IMO that we only want things to be assigned when they are something you should do
19:09:44 <asn> good point
19:09:51 <asn> agreed.
19:10:22 <nickm> With that in mind, I will also un-assign !79 and !43, since they are in Backport.
19:10:30 * asn cehcks
19:10:35 <nickm> there
19:10:36 * asn cjecks
19:10:38 * asn checks!
19:10:42 <asn> right
19:10:43 <asn> yes
19:10:48 <asn> that's good
19:10:53 <asn> i will update the wiki page tomorrow
19:10:58 <nickm> great
19:10:59 <asn> do u want me to try to backport !15?
19:11:39 <nickm> like, merge it?  I don't think so, not right now.
19:11:44 <asn> ack
19:11:51 <nickm> We'll do a round of backports all at once when we're going to put out stables
19:11:55 <asn> ok
19:11:58 <asn> sounds good!
19:14:02 <asn> what's next?
19:15:27 <nickm> I think we're ok, unless you want to talk about making progress on triage/proposals/045 over the next couple of weeks before I do?
19:15:45 <asn> hm
19:15:58 <asn> i think im good
19:16:03 <nickm> sounds good
19:16:12 <asn> perhaps next week i will have more clarity
19:16:27 <asn> after i finish the gitlab backlog
19:16:30 <nickm> i'm excited for the v3 metics stuff, please feel free to use me as a rubber duck :)
19:16:49 <nickm> asn: is it going down? there have been times I've been worring that I'm generating work for you too fast
19:16:58 <asn> yes def going down!!
19:17:03 <asn> yes also excited about v3 metrics
19:17:05 <nickm> awesome
19:17:07 <asn> im working with pastly on that
19:17:30 <asn> btw, also if you are full with some work, feel free to bounce it on me
19:17:36 <asn> especially since you have vacations coming up
19:17:37 <nickm> for my own part: i am having a mixed  experience with my gitlab backlog.  I had one ticket turn into three tickets when I started working on it, and then one ticket turn into two.
19:17:44 <nickm> asn: sounds good; same!
19:18:00 <nickm> asn: I will try to plan to end next week with nothing on my plate, just spending the last couple days doing fun things
19:18:07 <asn> great :)
19:18:28 <nickm> anything more on your end for this meeting?  If not I'm done for now. :)
19:18:36 <asn> btw. do u think we should do the voice meeting on thursday given that it's just the two of us? or should we just communicate over IRC and if there is something we can do voice?
19:18:43 <nickm> i think we can just chat
19:19:06 <nickm> though maybe on thursday or friday we should just grab time to talk about something, anything, besides "whatever we're focused on"
19:19:11 <nickm> sound good?
19:19:15 <asn> sounds good!
19:19:18 <nickm> great!
19:19:19 <asn> ok
19:19:24 <nickm> time to end meeting then; see you more online!
19:19:26 <nickm> #endmeeting