17:00:37 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network team meeting (or is it?), 10 August 2020
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17:00:45 <nickm> hi!  If anybody is here for the network team meeting, that's grand!
17:00:58 <jnewsome> o/
17:01:06 <nickm> hi jnewsome ! how goes?
17:01:32 <jnewsome> good! mostly working on shadow as per usual :)
17:01:59 <nickm> neato
17:02:59 <nickm> My big project this week is to end the week and go on vacation with nothing big and pending
17:03:07 <nickm> and with nobody having any reason to wonder what I was up to
17:03:32 <jnewsome> :)
17:06:31 <jnewsome> I guess that's about it then? Seems like wer'e the only ones here and I mostly just lurk in these
17:06:51 <nickm> i guess so!
17:07:04 <jnewsome> ok, have a great vacation!
17:07:14 <nickm> there is about a 25% chance that on my vacation i learn some rust, and about a 50% chance i do no programming at all :)
17:07:29 <jnewsome> ah fun, i've been doing mostly rust in the last month or so
17:08:24 <jnewsome> def enjoying working in it more than C, but no programming at all on vacation is also a good plan
17:09:13 <nickm> #endmeeting