17:00:04 <asn> #startmeeting network-team meeting
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17:00:07 <asn> dgoulet: o/
17:00:15 <dgoulet> great
17:00:39 <asn> dgoulet: ok so
17:00:49 <asn> i guess one reason to do this meeting is to see if someone shows up
17:00:57 <asn> because in the past meetings someone has showed up
17:01:04 <dgoulet> sounds good
17:01:10 <asn> the other is to discuss if anything needs to be discussed
17:01:24 <dgoulet> (for context, asn and I are the only two people working at the moment, ahf and nickm are AFK)
17:01:34 <asn> i havent read nick's holiday email yet
17:01:38 <asn> i started reading a few mins ago
17:01:42 <asn> but it was bigger than i thought
17:01:56 <dgoulet> https://gitlab.torproject.org/nickm/notes/-/wikis/Vacation2020
17:02:07 <dgoulet> mostly a series of "what was done and what is left"
17:02:09 <asn> oh wow it's on the wiki
17:02:17 <dgoulet> and some indications about MRs and tickets
17:02:21 <asn> right
17:03:00 <gaba> hi!
17:03:02 <asn> also nick hacked up the CI in gitlab before he went
17:03:05 <gaba> sorry I got distracted
17:03:06 <dgoulet> so I can status update a bit, this morning I went through my entire todo list
17:03:08 <asn> gaba: o/ wb
17:03:16 <asn> dgoulet: yes please do
17:03:21 <dgoulet> I think I'm mostly up to date at the moment both on emails and GL todos
17:03:22 <gaba> I added a few things to the pad
17:03:47 <asn> yikes i forgot to write weekly update
17:04:05 <gaba> pad in http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
17:04:18 * dgoulet is waiting for the pad to open here ehhe
17:04:54 <dgoulet> gaba: so what did you add?
17:04:56 <asn> where is the stuff you added gaba? i'm kinda lost on the pad
17:05:01 <asn> dgoulet: :P
17:06:13 <gaba> some stuff from nick's notes to the agenda for today
17:06:37 <gaba> but let's start with the stuff from the board and look through the pad after
17:06:39 <dgoulet> right so 044 tickets need to be addressed
17:06:57 <gaba> dgoulet: there is nothing on your plate in the board https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&assignee_username=dgoulet . Is that right?
17:07:31 <dgoulet> I have 0 Doing at the moment correct, I have not selected stuff to work on yet
17:07:34 <asn> i'm lacking expertise with #32729
17:07:40 <dgoulet> I ended my bootstrap 1h ago eheh
17:07:44 <asn> it's an android ticket
17:07:56 <asn> my plan is to wait for ahf to show up and then do a small call with him so that we work on it together
17:07:59 <gaba> dgoulet: sounds good. MAybe later this week we can see if you can take any s28 or s30 work?
17:08:02 <asn> i'm kinda lost on all the androidness
17:08:17 <dgoulet> gaba: I do not know what those sponsors are so why not :)
17:08:33 <gaba> asn: sounds good. ahf will be back next week
17:08:37 <asn> yep
17:08:43 <gaba> dgoulet: I can take a look later this week and ping you about it
17:09:10 <gaba> asn: is the next right: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&assignee_username=asn ?
17:09:35 * asn checks
17:09:53 <asn> yes
17:09:58 <gaba> loved the blogpost on bad-relays!
17:10:05 <asn> im kinda lost on the PoW vs Token thing
17:10:12 <asn> that is, what we should be doing
17:10:18 <dgoulet> I will likely pickup 044-must things this week
17:10:18 <asn> since both things have been going forward at the same time
17:10:25 <asn> gaba: u mean the DoS blog post?
17:10:26 <asn> or another thing?
17:10:36 <asn> im kinda swamped by reviews right now
17:10:58 <gaba> the one on exit relays
17:11:06 <gaba> https://blog.torproject.org/bad-exit-relays-may-june-2020
17:11:27 <dgoulet> I was not aware of that
17:11:35 <asn> that's def not me
17:11:38 <asn> but yes was good
17:11:48 <dgoulet> I smell some arma2 and GeKo :P
17:11:50 <asn> yeah
17:11:53 <gaba> oh, ok
17:12:47 <gaba> I'm guessing this week will be mostly reviews
17:13:13 <gaba> nickm's tickets for 044 are all in merge ready and one in review. Any of you have that on your palte?
17:13:27 <dgoulet> I have 0 MRs on my plate which I found suspicious hehe
17:13:31 <asn> hm
17:13:39 <asn> i have 6 MRs to review
17:13:45 <asn> i think they are all nick's
17:13:49 <dgoulet> ah lots of them unassigned
17:13:55 <asn> gaba: are the merge-ready one to be backported?
17:14:05 <asn> because i dont think we are backporting yet
17:14:15 <dgoulet> 13 open without Backport
17:14:33 <dgoulet> I can pickup the ones unassigned
17:14:40 <gaba> ok
17:14:57 * asn checks
17:15:21 <asn> dgoulet: how many are they?
17:15:45 <dgoulet> I see 4
17:16:22 <dgoulet> 121, 126, 127, 128
17:16:53 <dgoulet> I have 116 but I sent it back to the author
17:16:57 <asn> are u ok with those?
17:17:43 <dgoulet> yes
17:17:49 <asn> kk
17:18:15 <asn> dgoulet: btw i assume you've seen nusenu's blog post?
17:18:19 <asn> ah yes you saw you told me
17:18:27 <dgoulet> yes yes
17:18:31 <gaba> link?
17:18:42 <asn> it's about the blog post u linked
17:18:51 <asn> https://medium.com/@nusenu/how-malicious-tor-relays-are-exploiting-users-in-2020-part-i-1097575c0cac
17:19:28 <gaba> ty
17:19:53 <dgoulet> ok all MRs are assigned afaict
17:20:02 <dgoulet> (the ones _not_ awaiting Backport)
17:20:16 <asn> great
17:20:21 <asn> some of them are pretty low priority btw
17:20:30 <asn> so dont rush them if u got other things
17:21:11 <gaba> sounds good
17:21:16 <asn> i dont have anything else for this week
17:21:26 <asn> last week for me was mainly 044/reviews + the blog post
17:21:32 <asn> and i still have 044/reviews to go
17:21:38 <dgoulet> I see 8 044 tickets
17:21:40 <gaba> there are 3 044 tickets that I'm not sure needs to be addressed this week or they can wait for ahf https://gitlab.torproject.org/dashboard/issues?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&assignee_username=ahf&milestone_title=Tor%3A%200.4.4.x-final
17:21:43 <dgoulet> (filtering out Backport)
17:21:44 * asn sees
17:21:58 <asn> ah right
17:21:59 <asn> ok
17:22:02 <asn> so before nick went
17:22:04 <asn> we triaged all the tickets
17:22:10 <asn> and we assigned the 044-must keyword
17:22:56 <asn> so i wouldnt say that these urgent tickets if they are not -must
17:23:12 <dgoulet> the 2 are in 044-must
17:23:14 <dgoulet> both assigned
17:23:36 <dgoulet> 7 in 044-should
17:23:47 <asn> yeah he second one is on me (and ahf when he comes back)
17:23:53 <asn> the first one (the confidential) is kinda complicated
17:24:06 <asn> there was a big inconclusive discussion between arma and nick
17:24:07 <gaba> this one is not must but it is a requirement for snowflake to move out of alpha https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/33669
17:25:17 <dgoulet> gaba: seems in ahf's court
17:25:22 <gaba> ok
17:25:31 <dgoulet> and set for 044 final
17:26:01 <dgoulet> asn: the TROVE is under control you think?
17:26:10 <dgoulet> asn: as in we wait until Nick comes back?
17:26:30 <asn> there is trove?
17:26:38 <dgoulet> asn: well that is the confidential issue ;)
17:26:42 <asn> ah u mean the condiential one right
17:26:46 <asn> i need to look into this again
17:26:50 <dgoulet> TROVE-2020-005
17:26:52 <dgoulet> ok
17:26:57 <asn> i did the review, but then roger came in
17:27:01 <asn> and im not sure now what's the current state of things
17:27:17 <gaba> Nick mentions the trove in his notes
17:27:26 <gaba> "We have an open low-severity issue tracked as tpo/core/tor#40080 (private) and tpo/core/tor#40086 (public).  More thought there would always be valuable.  If it is indeed low-severity, the it's okay to merge it in 044 if you like it and are confident in it. But please be careful: the code is subtle."
17:27:32 <asn> ah right
17:27:37 <asn> i havent reached there
17:27:55 <dgoulet> private issue is #40080
17:28:12 <asn> ya
17:30:29 <asn> we can do another look at these tickets during this week
17:30:52 <asn> dgoulet: do u know stuff about canonical connections dgoulet?
17:30:52 <gaba> ok
17:30:56 <asn> because that's the name of the game
17:31:18 <dgoulet> asn: yeah yeah I get the problem
17:31:28 <dgoulet> I just read the whole thing
17:31:30 <asn> ah nice
17:31:44 <asn> i mean if u undersand the roger/nick discussion you already more ahead than me
17:32:09 <dgoulet> I can try to shime in with my opinion on the severity, might be more noise though...
17:32:40 <asn> ack
17:32:52 <asn> i think if we can resolve the severity thing we can move forward
17:33:14 <dgoulet> ok
17:33:48 <asn> ok so i guess that's it for today?
17:33:50 <dgoulet> I'll go over 044-should/must tickets this week and see how I can help there so we can get 044 going soon
17:33:53 * dgoulet is good
17:33:58 <asn> ack
17:34:05 <asn> let's be in contact!
17:34:07 <asn> wb people :)
17:35:30 <gaba> yep
17:35:37 <asn> #endmeeting