16:59:15 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting august 24th
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16:59:20 <ahf> hello everybody
16:59:34 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
16:59:51 <ahf> we are missing a lot of people today to vacation/holiday
17:00:16 <ahf> let's start with our board: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:01:23 <dgoulet> beautiful board
17:01:34 <ahf> looks ok to me too
17:01:47 <ahf> i haven't looked at it until now so i will probably need to revise that over the week
17:02:08 <ahf> ok, reviewer assignment
17:02:16 <ahf> oh wow, 27 tickets in the queue
17:02:37 <ahf> i guess it's just up to the two of us to crunch through some of those
17:02:47 <dgoulet> nea nea
17:02:55 <dgoulet> filter out Label == Backport
17:03:06 <ahf> i have label != ~Backport
17:03:08 <dgoulet> 2 MRs have no assignee
17:03:15 <dgoulet> I see 13 opened
17:03:21 <dgoulet> 2 withuot an assignee
17:03:21 <ahf> 14
17:03:25 <ahf> *nods*
17:03:33 <ahf> two from neel
17:03:51 <ahf> ok, cool, looks reasonable
17:04:20 <ahf> 0.4.4 status
17:04:33 <ahf> 3 tickets with no owners
17:05:04 <ahf> #40097 is interesting
17:05:31 <ahf> i guess that looks reasonable too
17:05:32 <dgoulet> well I think I fixed it
17:05:44 <ahf> ya
17:05:46 <dgoulet> We can close it actually
17:05:48 <ahf> i am just skimming over it
17:06:00 <ahf> do we have anything else we need to discuss this week?
17:06:15 <dgoulet> 044-must are the interesting ones
17:06:20 <dgoulet> one security issue there
17:06:57 <dgoulet> two are handled by asn, another needs review and the security issue
17:06:59 <dgoulet> so under control
17:07:34 <ahf> yep
17:08:18 <ahf> asn is back tomorrow i think
17:09:05 <ahf> ok, do we have anything else for today?
17:09:10 <dgoulet> nope
17:09:17 <dgoulet> (as in not here)
17:09:53 <ahf> let's call it then
17:10:00 <ahf> #endmeeting