17:00:27 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting august 31
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17:00:29 <ahf> yoyoyoyoyo
17:00:41 <ahf> pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
17:00:55 <ahf> o/ jnewsome & asn
17:01:10 <ahf> who else is here?
17:01:12 <dgoulet> yello!
17:01:22 <ahf> hello hello dgoulet
17:01:26 <ahf> do we have gaba?
17:01:57 <gaba> Hi!
17:01:59 <ahf> we can start
17:02:01 <gaba> yes yes
17:02:02 <ahf> o/ gaba
17:02:03 <gaba> sorry I'm late
17:02:10 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:02:19 <gaba> this week starts school and my house is full
17:02:28 <asn> 3/4 devs here
17:02:29 <ahf> ahh! no worries, we haven't started for real yet
17:03:50 <asn> jnewsome: in other news, i've used shadow a bunch of times recently, with the help of pastly
17:04:06 <asn> jnewsome: i've been using it to generate & validate v3 metrics
17:04:08 <asn> jnewsome: it's good fun
17:04:17 <jnewsome> oh cool!
17:04:22 <asn> so far it has been working flawlessly for the very limited use case i need it for
17:04:32 * ahf updates his part of roadmap
17:04:49 <ahf> ok
17:05:13 <ahf> how are we with reviewer assignments? it is my impression there is not so much going on right now there?
17:05:24 <ahf> the queue i looked at lsat week was things awaiting nick i think or backport stuff
17:06:34 <asn> yeah i think there was nothing to be assigned
17:06:35 <asn> when i looked
17:06:56 <ahf> ok, bueno
17:07:03 <asn> ye nothing there
17:07:33 <ahf> ok, let's look at 0.4.4
17:07:39 <asn> yeah i have a task there
17:07:42 <asn> ahf: now that you are back
17:07:58 <ahf> looks like https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40073 is there
17:07:58 <asn> ahf: i wanted to ask you if you'd be up for looking at #32729 together at some point?
17:08:22 <ahf> yes, we can do that. we can do that this week. after tomorrow i think i am back to just android things
17:08:29 <asn> ok great
17:08:33 <ahf> but it would be nice if we could be two people in netteam who have the toolchain and such running
17:08:34 <asn> so perhaps wednesday?
17:08:37 <ahf> all the browser folks hvae it running
17:08:38 <ahf> ye
17:08:41 <ahf> wednesday is good
17:08:47 <asn> hm
17:08:56 <asn> i dont have the toolchain and such running
17:08:58 <ahf> we should maybe steal a bbb room and do screen sharing
17:09:04 <ahf> i have all of that in a VM
17:09:07 <asn> i downloaded android-studio and the SDK but never managed to get the full thing running
17:09:21 <ahf> the fenix gitlab-ci file have all the stuff you need to do on a debian image (unless ith as changed a lot)
17:09:25 <ahf> tpo/applications/fenix on gitlab
17:10:00 <ahf> ok, we can coordinate on wednesday
17:10:07 <asn> noted
17:10:11 <gaba> hey! just to say that we have a bbb server and we can create accounts there
17:10:16 <gaba> i will send a mail to tor-internal later
17:10:28 <ahf> tor#33411 is the bad one of my issues for 0.4.4 - i hope to do that one late this week
17:10:29 <gaba> in https://torprojectbbb.fosshost.org/
17:10:32 <ahf> gaba: ah, cool!
17:10:47 <ahf> we also have mumble in the network team. we should try to get back to that again. it was very nice pre-vacations
17:10:56 <ahf> ok
17:11:11 <ahf> do we have anything else we need to talk about?
17:11:18 <asn> hm
17:11:23 <gaba> one more thing
17:11:33 <asn> i wanted to ask if u guys have any idea what's up with gitlab CI
17:11:44 <asn> i know that nick played with it before leaving for vacs, but does it mean that we dont need to use GH anymore?
17:11:50 <asn> or when do we get to the phase where we dont need to use GH anymore?
17:12:00 <gaba> It is time to apply a project for Outreachy for next year. If you have a project that you want a mentor for please let me know.
17:12:07 <asn> hmmm
17:12:26 <gaba> sorry for interrupting asn. I will add this to the pad
17:12:26 <ahf> asn: no, not yet
17:12:30 <ahf> we need to use GH still
17:12:39 <ahf> gaba: ohhh
17:12:43 <ahf> that was fast
17:13:16 <ahf> man i have no idea
17:13:23 <ahf> then it would be the stats stuff dgoulet and i have talked about
17:13:28 <ahf> but we were thinking of just yolo coding it
17:15:09 <gaba> well, we could always apply with it
17:15:15 <asn> ack on outreachy
17:15:15 <ahf> dgoulet: you think that would be something that makes sense for an outreachy intern?
17:15:18 <asn> what's the deadline for a project ?
17:15:20 <ahf> it's some low-level coding too
17:15:23 <asn> i mean to come up wiht description?
17:15:38 <dgoulet> ahf: the stats thing... not sure no
17:15:53 <dgoulet> because I think there will be some intense refactoring for the HTTP interface...
17:16:07 <gaba> asn: september 24th
17:16:22 <ahf> yeah, it is true
17:16:28 <gaba> im collecting projects here: http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/outreachy-2021
17:16:42 <gaba> and tbh i need to look at it and see how to send stuff because pili was the one that did this before
17:16:43 <asn> ack
17:16:52 <asn> ok i will have it in mind
17:17:14 <ahf> gaba: i can help you maybe if you want to have extra eyes on anything. i feel quite comfortable with the outreachy site now
17:17:48 <ahf> ok
17:17:51 <ahf> anything else for the meeting?
17:18:06 <gaba> ok
17:18:19 <asn> nope
17:18:27 <ahf> let's call it then
17:18:29 <ahf> #endmeeting