16:59:17 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting 8 september 2020
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16:59:31 <asn> yoyo
16:59:32 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
16:59:54 <ahf> last week before nick is back
17:00:16 <ahf> let's start with board: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:00:53 <ahf> are we more than just the two of us ? :-P
17:01:19 <asn> who knows
17:01:33 * asn assigning a review
17:01:38 <ahf> very nice
17:02:01 <asn> gave it to david since i'm leaving starting tomorrow
17:02:06 <asn> it was your patch
17:02:12 <asn> -Wextra-semo
17:02:16 <ahf> is it the -Wextra-semi?
17:02:16 <ahf> ye
17:02:18 <asn> yeah
17:02:21 <asn> all reviews are assigned
17:02:22 <ahf> no idea if that is a good idea or not
17:02:25 <ahf> very nice
17:02:34 <ahf> and board is looking OK too?
17:02:39 <asn> yep
17:02:49 <dgoulet> o/
17:02:51 <asn> o/
17:02:59 <ahf> o/
17:03:42 <ahf> ok, are we OK on with 0.4.4? i have two tickets left i think tor#27194 in the set, but it is already in backport stage it seems
17:03:49 <asn> how are we doing with nick's vacation message?
17:03:52 <asn> are we doing OK?
17:03:58 <asn> sorry for jumping on the topic ahf
17:04:04 <ahf> which one?
17:04:10 <asn> https://gitlab.torproject.org/nickm/notes/-/wikis/Vacation2020
17:04:11 <ahf> no is fine we are so few people we can jump around a bit
17:04:49 <ahf> uhm
17:04:55 <ahf> the chutney one seems to need review
17:05:02 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40066
17:05:21 <asn> that's back to Caitlin
17:05:21 <ahf> i guess that one has fallen through the cracks
17:05:36 <asn> if u see the MR https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40066
17:05:37 <ahf> the last change is they change it to needs review?
17:06:00 <ahf> ah, but outreachy is over
17:06:22 <ahf> i think?
17:07:03 <asn> probs
17:07:08 <asn> i dont see any info on my emails about it
17:07:34 <ahf> ok, might be worth for us to look into, but worst case we can probably massage the changes and merge it after
17:08:29 <ahf> oki, so, CI we are a bit in a bad state with jenkins. weasel found some issues the other day. the extra-semi one is related to that
17:08:32 <ahf> but there is a few more
17:08:36 <ahf> i will try to dive into that this week
17:08:43 <ahf> otherwise what are we missing from nick's list?
17:09:13 <asn> i think the rest is good
17:09:21 <ahf> ok, good good
17:09:28 <ahf> what else do we have for today?
17:10:02 * asn looking at CI
17:10:46 <asn> hmm travis 035 and 042 also seem broken
17:10:59 <ahf> link?
17:11:05 <ahf> if you have it at you
17:11:13 <asn> sec
17:11:19 <asn> 042: https://travis-ci.org/github/torproject/tor/builds/723284105
17:11:25 <asn> 035: https://travis-ci.org/github/torproject/tor/builds/725113971
17:11:39 <asn> hmm that stem fail on 042
17:11:41 <asn> i've seen it before
17:11:58 <ahf> one is stem
17:12:02 <dgoulet> yeah I thought that was fixed huh
17:12:10 <ahf> it is not just poking it again?
17:12:14 <ahf> i think stem is fetched from git?
17:12:21 <ahf> so maybe just restarting the build make it go away?
17:12:24 <asn> hm
17:12:38 <asn> i think stem is trying that ONION_CLIENT_AUTH_ADD integration tst on 042 where the feature does not exist
17:12:45 <asn> was introduced in 043
17:12:57 <ahf> 0.3.5 is single-onion-ipv6.md
17:13:04 <ahf> s/./-/
17:13:10 <ahf> asn: ah!
17:13:17 <ahf> so maybe the stem version we use there is too new right now?
17:13:18 <asn> is this our fault or stem's fault for doing that?
17:14:29 <ahf> i don't think we should test features that isn't in a given branch?
17:14:43 <ahf> maybe stem needs to detect the presence of that feature? :o
17:14:50 <asn> same stem fail for 035
17:14:53 <ahf> i don't know - i only use stem for analyzing data
17:14:54 <ahf> yeah
17:15:06 <asn> ok i will ask atagar in #tor-dev
17:15:06 <ahf> but in the 0.3.5 there is also a chutney one, but i think that one might be a flaky one?
17:15:11 <ahf> ok, awesome \o/
17:15:19 <ahf> i will do the jenkins stuff then
17:15:31 <ahf> then i think we are OK with CI for the week if we fix that stuff
17:15:45 <ahf> do we have anything else we need to dive into today?
17:16:47 <asn> ye the chutney might be flaky indeed
17:16:50 <asn> i think we are ok for today
17:16:55 <ahf> buenos
17:17:03 <dgoulet> yah
17:17:06 <asn> great
17:17:12 <ahf> cool. thx all o
17:17:15 <ahf> /
17:17:16 <ahf> o/
17:17:18 <ahf> cut his arm off
17:17:20 <asn> cheers
17:17:21 <ahf> #endmeeting