16:58:44 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting september 28
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16:58:47 <ahf> hello everybody
16:58:52 <ahf> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep is our pad for today
16:59:07 <ahf> but it looks like riseup is having some issues. i haven't been able to type more than 4 letters before being thrown off the pad
16:59:38 <pastly> +1 having issues
16:59:41 <gaba> o/
16:59:48 <nickm> i had some issues too
16:59:59 <asn> hmmm
17:00:19 <ahf> i gave up on the updating part. even pasting seemed to only happen halfly
17:00:23 <ahf> ... no idea if that is word
17:00:26 <ahf> incomplete paste
17:00:36 <ahf> how are we doing with roadmap: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:01:17 <nickm> making progress with my stuff.  i keep finding new things to do to put on there, though
17:01:55 <ahf> cool
17:02:06 <asn> im good
17:02:21 <dgoulet> my HS work is advancing well!
17:02:26 <dgoulet> so onward
17:02:56 <ahf> cool
17:03:12 <ahf> reviewer assignment hasn't happened yet, but will happen at some point today i think i got from #-dev ?
17:03:24 <dgoulet> "at some point" is very accurate :)
17:03:32 <asn> correct
17:03:47 <ahf> bueno
17:03:57 <ahf> ok
17:04:14 <ahf> so for 0.4.4 tickets we last time said we were gonna give the lists a look and see if there was anything that could go off them
17:04:28 <ahf> all the links are in the pad here, one for each of us
17:04:46 * ahf didn't get around to look at tor#33411 last week
17:05:49 <nickm> i don't think i can dump any of mind
17:05:51 <nickm> *mine
17:06:58 <nickm> maybe we should put 33411 into 045, but consider it for backport?
17:08:00 <nickm> (anybody else have issues with their issues?)
17:08:23 <ahf> i ended up in some chaos on gitlab
17:08:26 <ahf> i don't think i have
17:08:54 * ahf good
17:09:04 <asn> im good
17:09:31 <asn> with
17:09:34 <ahf> ok
17:09:37 <asn> (wrong window)
17:09:41 <ahf> next item is:     Core Tor Releases: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/wikis/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases
17:09:58 * asn looks
17:10:13 <nickm> nothing to report there -- we're going to have a ticket backport discussion at our next meeting
17:10:33 <ahf> yes, next monday we have some backport distribution work to do, that also seems to solve some of the open 0.4.4 tickets we have
17:11:15 <ahf> okay, it looks like pastly managed to get some questions onto the pad
17:11:23 <ahf> but i don't see any other discussion points here
17:11:36 <nickm> there are 2 new announcements
17:11:46 <ahf> pastly: i can reply to the last two questions: yes, there is CI on gitlab.torproject.org - feel free to (and actually please) use it :-)
17:12:09 <nickm> one to remember the planned discussion of 324-rtt-congestion-control.txt on thursday
17:12:18 <ahf> pastly: sbws is handled by juga and it is in active progress i'd say. they are working on some bug right now that is being spotted by the dirauth's bw scanners now
17:12:19 <nickm> one about a kickoff meeting for the scalability work next week
17:12:28 <ahf> ya, was gonna take those at the end after discussion
17:12:33 <gaba> yes, still do not have a date for kickoff meeting
17:12:41 <gaba> will send mail to everybody that should be involved in
17:12:42 <pastly> ahf: great! I tried many weeks (> month ago? probably) ago and it didn't have workers or something.
17:13:02 <pastly> ahf: I'll look again if you pinky promise it should work for a Python project :)
17:13:04 <ahf> but yes, on thursday remember to read the congestion control proposals. mike will join us in the meeting.    next thursday (the 8th) pastly and aaron will join us for the flashflow session
17:13:12 <gaba> DRL sent agreement for this project. We still didnt sign it but it will happen :)
17:13:20 <ahf> pastly: it is very generic. i think it should work for a python project 8)
17:13:30 <ahf> we have workers now on the instance
17:13:45 <ahf> gaba: cool
17:14:04 <ahf> asn: there is a question for you on the pad from pastly
17:14:06 <nickm> (yay)
17:14:14 * asn sec
17:14:16 <pastly> what's the status of bwauths running torflow vs sbws?
17:14:21 <ahf> for asn: how's the onion counting going?
17:14:35 <asn> pastly: o/
17:14:37 <asn> pastly: onion counting going good
17:14:42 <asn> pastly: im working on the differential privacy part
17:14:46 <asn> pastly: so far the code works great
17:14:49 <ahf> pastly: i am actually not sure right now, since i have no idea if anything changed while i was on vacation. i would ask geko or juga here
17:15:01 <asn> so im just trying to figure out whether the diff privacy logic needs to change, because admittedly it was done pretty yolo last time we did v2 stats
17:15:26 <asn> but yeah progress is being made
17:15:33 <pastly> asn: ok. let me know if you're about to start a sim and memory seems low.
17:15:36 <asn> (not running shadow right now. i ran a simulation early last week)
17:15:50 <pastly> ahf: ok
17:16:24 <ahf> ok!
17:16:25 * pastly is satisfied and sorry if he interrupted another convo
17:16:31 <ahf> pastly: you did not!
17:16:44 <ahf> do we have other questions or discussion items for today's meeting?
17:16:53 <ahf> a bit annoying with the pad - hope that gets fixed next week :-/
17:18:17 <ahf> okay, it sounds like a no or people are already hacking the planet in another window
17:18:23 <ahf> i am gonna close the meeting for today then o/
17:18:31 <gaba> \o
17:18:34 <ahf> happy hacking folks, and remember to prepare for thursday meeting o/
17:18:37 <asn> cheers
17:18:37 <nickm> peace all!
17:18:38 <ahf> #endmeeting