15:01:44 <ahf> #startmeeting Tooling meeting 6 October 2020
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15:01:45 <ahf> there
15:01:47 <ahf> ok!
15:01:52 * ahf had to /lastlog the command
15:01:52 <gaba> great
15:01:53 <gaba> thanks
15:02:00 <gaba> http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-tooling-meeting-pad-2020-keep
15:02:00 <ahf> shall we start out with the open registration in gitlab - how has it been going? topic
15:02:03 <gaba> pad ^
15:02:03 <gaba> yes
15:02:14 <ahf> it seems like it did not go very well, sadly
15:02:18 <gaba> it seems that it was a lot more work that we can do right now?
15:02:31 <anarcat> certainly was a painful experience for me
15:02:46 <anarcat> i am also worried about the pages of fake acounts that were created in the two weeks registration was opened
15:02:50 <ahf> i don't think we can do anything there until we have the moderation front-end for anonymous accounts
15:03:01 <ahf> right
15:03:07 <gaba> yes, im worry about those accounts too
15:03:23 <gaba> the main problem was people abussing the comments
15:03:24 <ahf> we have some accounts opened from the lobby that was also unused, so the lobby seems to catch the most obvious ones and let a few ones in (i think)
15:03:37 * hiro is still convinced gitlab should be closed
15:03:38 <gaba> not the anonymous account somebody created
15:03:54 <ahf> nickm have offered to help do a garbage collection on these accounts and i have added adding him as an admin to the agenda too
15:04:00 <ahf> i will help with that too
15:04:06 <ahf> some of them are quite obvious
15:04:15 <gaba> im sad that we can not open gitlab. It is hard to have this with a wall around. We need to find ways to make it better for people to participate
15:04:29 <anarcat> hiro: in case you missed it, i closed registrations last week
15:04:39 <hiro> yes I know I mean for the future
15:04:53 <ahf> yeah. i also think we need to have a way to create accounts for people in a way and i think the lobby might be an OK compromise
15:05:05 <ahf> blocking for external contributors entirely is no good and is not what our teams wants
15:05:13 <hiro> I think we shold do what other communities do
15:05:23 <anarcat> i agree that having the lobby is a good compromise
15:05:37 <hiro> we aren't special in the end
15:05:48 <hiro> many communities integrate discourse with their bug tracker
15:05:49 <hiro> and it works
15:06:00 <anarcat> interesting
15:06:07 <anarcat> you would integrate discourse inside gitlab?
15:06:09 <anarcat> how does that work?
15:06:23 <ahf> i am going to make a modification to the lobby that i want to just get an ack on: for gitlab we added a HUGE list of domain names that we WONT allow users to sign up. this includes domain names that are these 'throw away' mailboxes. i want to add a rule to the lobby that we do not allow users to sign up with email addresses from those domains
15:06:29 <ahf> just like we have an auto-accept rule for riseup.net
15:06:45 <anarcat> that sounds good
15:06:47 <ahf> are people OK with me doing that? the list of domain names is in the admin page on gitlab under sign up restrictions
15:07:10 <ahf> hiro: i think that would be really good, as that limits that ordinary users needs a gitlab account just to file a ticket
15:07:27 <ahf> i think we will still need a way to promote development contributors into having GL accounts
15:07:57 <anarcat> ahf: btw, you want this cheat sheet https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
15:08:23 <ahf> ya, i can remember the command, but can never remember how we order dates in the string after :-P
15:08:26 <hiro> you file bugs on discourse
15:08:33 <hiro> and then you can open issues from discourse
15:08:42 <hiro> and if a user is contributing a lot they get a gitlab account
15:08:44 <gaba> hiro: do you have an example of tha tintegration?
15:08:53 <ahf> hiro: yep, i think that would be nice
15:09:06 <hiro> https://zapier.com/apps/gitlab/integrations/discourse
15:09:39 <hiro> I have seen the github integration but I don't remember where
15:09:47 <ahf> is zapier one of those if x then this or that services?
15:09:48 <gaba> at first i thought that adding discourse may be a crazy idea but now im changing my mind. It seems the integrations with blog, support and gitlab would be good
15:09:53 <gaba> uh, zapier
15:10:02 <ahf> gaba: and as a forum too!
15:10:13 <anarcat> zapier seems to be a commercial product though
15:10:16 <gaba> i used that for other project this year and i do not think it would be a good idea for us
15:10:25 <gaba> totally commercial and a money pit
15:10:35 <anarcat> yeah i would steer away from that
15:10:45 <anarcat> but i don't think we absolutely need discourse + gitlab integration to solve this problem
15:10:52 <anarcat> the point is to have a lower bar for entry somewhere
15:11:04 <hiro> https://forum.securedrop.org/t/adding-dependency-for-test/1268
15:11:07 <gaba> but it can be done with other open source solutions but not sure if it is something that erquires a lot of time or not
15:11:24 <hiro> you don't have to use zapier
15:11:29 <hiro> that's only an example
15:11:43 <hiro> this is how securedrop uses it
15:11:49 <gaba> do you know any other tech community using discourse + gitlab?
15:11:53 <gaba> ah, ok
15:12:19 <anarcat> what's happening in the securedrop forum there? i don't get it
15:12:54 <ahf> wont we get the same issue with discourse that we just had on gitlab with someone creating an account with an open username+pw and then get super abusive in no time? or the good thing with discource is they have awesome moderation and gitlab very much lacks that?
15:12:55 <anarcat> anyways, i agree that we should be using discourse, for many reasons: to get rid of drupal, to offer a nicer support forum than RT (!), and to remove pressure on gitlab's (weak) moderation system
15:13:13 <anarcat> ahf: i think the point is we can distribute moderation more easily in discourse
15:13:15 <ahf> it has been so long for me that i have forgotten everything we spoke about with discource. i remember thinking it was a good idea and i still think that
15:13:19 <ahf> anarcat: yeah
15:13:21 <anarcat> you don't have to be admin to moderate, there are multiple levels
15:13:22 <hiro> I think discourse is easier to moderate
15:13:50 <hiro> all the integration can be done via the webhooks which are supported in gitlab and in disocurse
15:13:54 <ahf> hiro: could we setup a demo instance and start playing around with it?
15:13:55 <ahf> ya
15:13:58 <gaba> discourse has tooling for moderation that gitlab does not
15:14:09 <gaba> ahf, hiro: a demo instance to try would be good
15:14:23 <ahf> maybe also to get folks like gus to try it out
15:14:55 <gaba> RT will still be used for fundraising and others but it would be good to remove frontdesk support from it and put it in something that we can integrate with gitlab
15:15:07 <anarcat> ugh
15:15:09 <ahf> +9000
15:15:12 <anarcat> i really wish we could get rid of RT :p
15:15:14 <ahf> i have no clue about RT
15:15:18 <ahf> but all other the stuff +9000
15:15:23 <anarcat> but that's a different discussion i guess
15:15:32 <hiro> anarcat: in that secure drop forum they do chat about development issues with contributors and can link code from github
15:15:36 <gaba> giving@ and other stuff from the money team works with RT and it seems to be working for them
15:15:43 <anarcat> i'm always wary of adding a tool without removing another :p
15:16:01 <gaba> anarcat: it seems that we have hard time removing tools here :)
15:16:11 <anarcat> hiro: but that's nothing special with that instance, that's just an "infobox", a link to a website that allows previews... you get that inany instance
15:16:13 <anarcat> no?
15:16:18 <anarcat> gaba: yeah no shit :p
15:16:22 <anarcat> gaba: that's why i'm so militant about it
15:16:38 <anarcat> gaba: how's SVN going, btw? :p
15:16:54 <anarcat> here's another piece of junk i want to send into orbit :)
15:16:59 <anarcat> anyways
15:17:06 <anarcat> do we agree that we keep registrations closed in gitlab?
15:17:25 <ahf> yes
15:17:37 <ahf> well, i am for it
15:17:59 <gaba> anarcat: svn is comfortable on the corner here. I still need to go through it with sue but she is in the middle of an audit now
15:18:06 <hiro> anarcat: that's what you see from the outside we don't know if they have setup some integration, in any case it was an example of how we can use discourse for external contributors
15:18:19 <hiro> in a dev setting
15:18:23 <gaba> yes, let's keep gitlab registration closed
15:18:29 <anarcat> hiro: yeah i think that's standard :)
15:18:36 <hiro> oook
15:18:37 <anarcat> hiro: user still has to create issue by hand
15:18:42 <anarcat> and link to it
15:18:51 <hiro> why?
15:18:53 <anarcat> no biggie, IMHO, and i'm not sure how "integration" would otherwise work
15:18:59 <hiro> you can allow registration in discourse
15:19:09 <hiro> and use the anti spam and moderation tools
15:19:16 <hiro> that are created to manage communities
15:19:18 <gaba> can you tie registration in discourse with gitlab?
15:19:32 <anarcat> hiro: i agree, and i'm confused about the "why" question :)
15:19:46 <anarcat> gaba: probably!
15:19:48 <hiro> https://www.discourse.org/integrations
15:20:07 <gaba> i think the most important thing here is a way to have anonymous users to report issues and second important thing is a place to ask for support and from there to get issues created in gitlab.
15:20:32 <gaba> hiro: do you have any time to get a demo discourse going and we can talk again in other of this meetings?
15:21:16 <anarcat> #agreed we keep registrations closed in gitlab for the time being
15:21:33 <anarcat> ahf: ^^^ that won't work because i'm not chair, but if *you* say it, it will show up prominently in the notes :)
15:21:45 <ahf> #agreed we keep registrations closed in gitlab for the time being
15:21:48 <ahf> done
15:21:53 <anarcat> awesome :)
15:21:54 <gaba> :)
15:22:07 <anarcat> i think it'd be great to get that discourse thing back online
15:22:21 <anarcat> either hosted by the discourse folks (my pref) or ourselves (ugh)
15:22:35 <hiro> https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-code-review/103142
15:22:43 <hiro> This is what I was looking for!!! finally
15:22:55 <gaba> the second item in the agenda may be outdated as it seems we need to talk about discours efirst
15:22:58 <ahf> and we know now form gitlab that it takes around a month before folks in the org are comfortable with a new tool. after that the support goes down a lot
15:23:22 <hiro> https://review.discourse.org <-demo
15:23:34 <anarcat> hiro: that's github though
15:24:34 <hiro> anarcat yes
15:24:40 <gaba> do we move to the next item in the agenda?
15:24:51 <hiro> but if zapier has an integration maybe we can have what we are looking for
15:25:09 <anarcat> seems like there's a gitlab omniauth plugin https://meta.discourse.org/t/gitlab-omniauth-plugin/24382
15:25:19 <anarcat> ie. you can authentify to discourse with your gitlab account
15:26:08 <anarcat> and i was wrong, it's not "infobox" it's "onebox", and only gitlab.com is supported for now https://meta.discourse.org/t/add-ability-to-embed-gitlab-onebox/86368
15:26:28 <anarcat> it seems there's not plugin specifically for gitlab code review https://meta.discourse.org/t/gitlab-plugin-for-discourse/72592
15:26:38 <ahf> should we conclude that we want a discource test setup and then maybe go on with the list on the agenda? we have a few items left there still and we are 50% into the time :o
15:27:11 <anarcat> https://meta.discourse.org/search?q=gitlab is somewhat interesting
15:27:28 <anarcat> sure
15:27:35 <gaba> i would say we want to see if discourse will fit what we need
15:27:43 <hiro> sure
15:27:53 <anarcat> who's it?
15:28:00 <gaba> ?
15:28:21 <ahf> next item is about service desk
15:28:36 <anarcat> who's taking care of setting up discourse?\
15:28:39 <ahf> oh
15:28:54 <anarcat> and ahf needs to say "#agreed" :p
15:29:01 <gaba> hiro? :)
15:29:05 <anarcat> ahf: you can also say "#topic service desk"
15:29:10 <ahf> *nods*
15:30:00 <gaba> that ticket was a discussion with ggus on using service desk to move frontdesk support from rt to gitlab
15:31:09 <ahf> i don't think service desk has entered core yet?
15:31:15 <anarcat> it has, actually
15:31:17 <anarcat> we have it
15:31:19 <ahf> oh
15:31:23 <ahf> neat
15:31:25 <anarcat> which ticket is it?
15:31:32 <anarcat> i think it's scary, personnally :p
15:31:35 <anarcat> more junk
15:31:38 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/gitlab/-/issues/70
15:31:44 <ahf> #topic service desk
15:31:52 <hiro> gaba: yes I will setup discourse on discourse.org
15:31:57 <hiro> so we can test
15:32:03 <ahf> #agreed hiro will work on discourse setup
15:32:04 <ahf> cool
15:32:12 <hiro> btw gitlab uses discourse as their forum
15:32:20 <ahf> hiro: ah, neat
15:32:30 * ahf have not looked at all at the service desk system :o
15:32:50 <hiro> https://forum.gitlab.com/
15:33:04 <anarcat> it's kind of curious they don't have better integration, given that...
15:33:15 <anarcat> to be honest, it seems no one from gitlab.com actually cares about that forum
15:33:20 <anarcat> i posted questions there, and it's crickets
15:33:27 <anarcat> so i spam their issue queues instead :p
15:33:32 <anarcat> where it is also, somewhat, crickets
15:33:36 <anarcat> (re wiki stuff)
15:33:39 <anarcat> anyways
15:33:52 <anarcat> so does frontdesk want to use discourse or gitlab? :)
15:34:01 <anarcat> should we hold off on this until they can give discourse a try?
15:34:09 <anarcat> discourse might not do email as well as gitlab
15:34:17 <gaba> yes to hold off until they can give discourse a try
15:34:21 <anarcat> e.g. i'm not sure you can create a new topic by email, unregistered
15:34:24 <anarcat> okay
15:34:31 <gaba> right, we still do not know what is best for frontesk
15:34:34 <anarcat> well that point is solved quick then :)
15:34:46 <ahf> ok
15:34:57 <ahf> so: wait until we have discource ready to evaluate options ?
15:34:57 <gaba> can we do the dashboard at the end if we have time?
15:35:15 <gaba> right, move that item to the end..
15:35:19 <gaba> ahf: yes
15:35:22 <ahf> #agreed wait until we have discource ready to evaluate options
15:35:22 <ahf> ok
15:35:28 <ahf> okay
15:35:37 <ahf> #topic adding nick as admin
15:35:43 <ahf> nick offered to help with going through the user list
15:35:50 <gaba> +1 on adding nick to the admin
15:35:52 <ahf> i was OK with that, but wnated to bring it up here first
15:35:56 * anarcat checking the admin list
15:35:59 <ahf> if people are ok with it, i will create a nickm-admin user
15:36:09 <ahf> and probably remove the admin accounts that haven't been used in a while
15:36:14 <anarcat> we have lobby, weasel, anarcat, trac (!?), pili, gaba, hiro and ahf
15:36:18 <ahf> by just removing the admin flag
15:36:27 <anarcat> apparently that's sorted by name
15:36:29 <anarcat> go figure
15:36:36 <ahf> yeah, trac and pili i think might no longer need admin flag on their accounts
15:36:38 <anarcat> +1 with nick admin
15:36:53 <ahf> ok, awesome
15:36:53 <anarcat> okay, i'll remove trac and pili and add nickm
15:36:59 <ahf> oh
15:37:02 <ahf> add a new account for nick i think
15:37:07 <ahf> a nickm-admin account
15:37:10 <anarcat> ack
15:37:15 <ahf> cool! thanks anarcat
15:37:17 <anarcat> i add a new account or ask him to make one?
15:37:21 <gaba> ok
15:37:23 <ahf> you can add it
15:37:26 <hiro> ,you can add it
15:37:27 <ahf> with nickm+gitlab-admin@torproject.org
15:37:30 <ahf> for example
15:37:32 <hiro> and I think he will have to set a password
15:37:33 <anarcat> ack
15:37:44 <ahf> #agreed anarcat cleans up admin list and creates admin account for nickm
15:37:45 <ahf> cool
15:37:46 <anarcat> lobby still needs admin right?
15:37:51 <ahf> yes :-/
15:38:04 <ahf> #topic What do we do with Trac?
15:38:11 <ahf> we still have trac running, right? :-S
15:38:18 <anarcat> done
15:38:19 <ahf> i still see people linking to trac every now and then
15:38:27 <gaba> some people are still sometimes referring to the wiki in trac....
15:38:33 <anarcat> trac is still running, and the plan is to shut it down with redirects in november, iirc
15:38:38 <gaba> can we archive trac and have it static somewhere?
15:38:49 <gaba> ah, ok
15:38:52 <ahf> okay, great, so it has one month left to live
15:38:58 <ahf> that is fine with me. i had no memory on what we decided there
15:39:04 <anarcat> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/team/-/issues/34373 is the task
15:39:04 <ahf> that is perfect
15:39:11 <ahf> awesome
15:39:16 * anarcat happy to serve as memory :)
15:39:20 <anarcat> trac was archived to the internet archive
15:39:22 <ahf> long-term memory
15:39:25 <anarcat> by archiveteam and myself
15:39:25 <ahf> very nice!
15:39:52 <gaba> cool
15:40:01 <anarcat> it will be completely shutdown on dec 9th (not november, it seems) and replaced with redirects to gitlab
15:40:10 <anarcat> which will be ... interesting... for the wiki part
15:40:11 <ahf> #agreed Trac is being removed in December. See tpa/team#34373
15:40:13 <gaba> \o/
15:40:16 <anarcat> presumably it will redirect to the legacy stuff
15:40:22 <gaba> we should send a mail reminding people that this is happening
15:40:31 <gaba> to tor-project@
15:40:42 <ahf> ya, we can do that when we are bit closer to it - is still 2 months away :o
15:40:50 <ahf> tor folks will just be /ignore if it's too far into the future
15:40:50 <gaba> yes
15:41:07 <anarcat> ahf: i think we'll need https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/gitlab/-/issues/12 before that retirement, btw
15:41:18 <anarcat> gaba: good idea
15:41:29 <anarcat> i'd say 30d in advance is good
15:41:48 <ahf> ya, the script is in one of the repos we made. i will dive into my gitlab tickets again later this week i think. need to get my s30 stuff running first and then i can dive into that again
15:41:52 <anarcat> qbi is assigned there, i'm not sure they will be able to take care of it though
15:41:52 <ahf> i also have a few other open tickets there
15:42:01 <anarcat> cool
15:42:18 <ahf> ok!
15:42:24 <ahf> #topic IRC bot situation
15:42:31 <ahf> ok, so the `tor` bot has been running for a while now
15:42:44 <ahf> and is still missing in a few channels and people seems to be using the short-hand thing
15:42:50 <anarcat> cool
15:42:59 <hiro> I think we can do the same thing with the tor bot for discourse
15:43:00 <ahf> i don't know if we want to disable zwiebelbot's lookup here if i move it into the other channels too
15:43:03 <anarcat> curiosity: what is it built of?
15:43:18 <ahf> anarcat: it's build in python and with large amounts of kriek some friday evening
15:43:20 <anarcat> i would prefer not having two bots talking about the same thing like they did above :)
15:43:28 <ahf> yes
15:43:30 <anarcat> ahf: sounds awful :)
15:43:37 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/ahf/torbot
15:43:50 <anarcat> ahf: also, zwiebelbot seems to do something `tor` doesn't: it recognizes gitlab links and shows titles and all
15:44:05 <anarcat> god, you wrote a bot from scratch!
15:44:07 <anarcat> damn man
15:44:08 <ahf> yes, there are some features in zwiebelbot that makes me not want to disable everything. just the #1234
15:44:09 <ahf> no no
15:44:13 <anarcat> there are plugins you know :)
15:44:13 <ahf> it uses some bot framework
15:44:23 <anarcat> scary
15:44:23 <ahf> and then it's all plug-ins
15:44:24 <anarcat> anyways
15:44:40 <ahf> i am not crazy enough to just do it from scratch ahaha
15:44:44 <anarcat> well i'd let you decide and duke it out with weasel
15:44:52 <anarcat> nice thing with zwiebelbot is it's a supybot plugin
15:44:56 <anarcat> i think it's kind of messy
15:45:03 <anarcat> but it's still nice that it's not an entirely new bot
15:45:07 <anarcat> like it does other stuff
15:45:18 <anarcat> this could have been implemented as a zwiebelbot patch, IMHO
15:45:21 <anarcat> and still could be
15:45:31 <anarcat> but i don't want to rock the boat here :)
15:45:34 <anarcat> i'm easy either way
15:45:38 <ahf> the reason that i wanted to do it from scratch was that i want to handle webhooks directly in the bot as well, and that requires some async io layer for me to not go loco
15:45:40 <anarcat> i'm just worried about ... well, yet another service :)
15:45:47 <anarcat> i see
15:45:59 <anarcat> yeah that's a different thing
15:46:01 <ahf> ya, but zwiebelbot isn't run on TPO infra right? i think `tor` have been running stable since i started it
15:46:19 <anarcat> zwiebelbot is running on weasel infra, which used to be the same :p
15:46:21 <anarcat> now i don't know
15:46:25 <ahf> ack ack
15:46:30 <anarcat> i don't actually know where either zwiebelbot or tor is running
15:46:34 <anarcat> honestly, i don't care :)
15:46:34 <ahf> ok, i will talk with weasel about whether we can cherry pick some parts of it
15:46:37 <anarcat> yeah
15:46:39 <ahf> tor is running on the lobby vm i have
15:46:46 <anarcat> just make sure they don't start yelling at each other
15:46:53 <anarcat> so tor is not running on TPO infra either ? :)
15:46:54 <ahf> ya
15:46:58 <ahf> nope!
15:47:12 <anarcat> can we look at the dashboard?
15:47:18 <anarcat> did we lose gaba and hiro ? :)
15:47:24 <ahf> yes!
15:47:31 <hiro> I am reading
15:47:35 <ahf> #topic look at gitlab dashboard at https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/gitlab/-/boards
15:47:56 <ahf> ok, i see some stuff that can be resolved
15:48:03 <ahf> gitlab#54
15:48:05 <anarcat> okay so i'm going a little crazy with the gitlab issues
15:48:09 <anarcat> because there are a *lot* of them
15:48:16 <anarcat> like if you look at the TPA board https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/tpa/-/boards
15:48:21 <gaba> im still here
15:48:27 <anarcat> like 3/4 of the "Next" board is gitlab stuff
15:48:33 <anarcat> and it's not like it's super active
15:48:45 <anarcat> i'm tempted to aggressively move most tickets back into the icebox
15:48:51 <anarcat> which we could rename "penalty box" :p
15:49:00 <anarcat> like tickets that don't behave go to the icebox :)
15:49:03 <gaba> oops, there are some in doing that im not doing right now
15:49:11 <anarcat> yeah, that's what i mean :)
15:49:14 <gaba> lets move them into backlog
15:49:16 <anarcat> i mean i understand everyone is crazy busy
15:49:29 <anarcat> but i'm actually trying to use the dashboard and labels in the way we intended here :)
15:49:31 <gaba> i looked into #64
15:49:39 <anarcat> so it's difficult when people don't update issues like that
15:49:48 <gaba> but couldnt figure out a way to disable only for confidential bugs
15:50:03 <anarcat> then back to the icebox it goes :)
15:50:14 <anarcat> i tend to just close tickets like that with a message that says it's an upstream issue
15:50:19 <anarcat> i closed a bunch of tickets last week like that
15:50:20 <gaba> i went through the board a month ago and kind of cleaned up
15:50:50 <gaba> the confidential issues. This is something may not work for us for the stuff that people are using it for
15:51:10 <anarcat> there are a few issues like that around
15:51:20 <anarcat> like https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/tpa/gitlab/-/issues/76
15:51:34 <gaba> let's keep #5 in next as i still have to finish it
15:51:43 <anarcat> those are basically unsolveable unless we pay someone (ahf? hiro? who wants to code in ruby? :p) to hack at gitlab
15:51:47 <ahf> i think it can all be cleaned up, yeah
15:51:54 <ahf> yeah, we are not going to maintain patches on gitlab i think :-/
15:52:03 <anarcat> i would put those in the Icebox or just close them
15:52:10 <ahf> i think the latter is fine :-/
15:52:11 <anarcat> because otherwise the backlog also becomes unmanageable
15:52:17 <ahf> keeping them on the icebox forever is also not so good
15:52:26 <gaba> #11 still should happen
15:52:31 <hiro> uhm I think sometimes we don't have reasonable expectations
15:52:48 <ahf> gitlab#11
15:52:51 <anarcat> ahf: i moved tpo/tpa/gitlab#54 to Doing, feel free to close it
15:52:51 <hiro> like I am afraid that we hack a solution then gitlab updates something and you die on that hill
15:52:52 <ahf> lol, yes
15:53:01 <anarcat> hiro: yeah exactly
15:53:06 <ahf> anarcat: i just closed it
15:53:11 <anarcat> gaba: agreed
15:53:13 <anarcat> ahf: great
15:53:35 <anarcat> gaba: can we set a more realistic deadline maybe? :)
15:53:41 <gaba> 16 tickets in next
15:53:44 <gaba> I think we are fine
15:53:51 <gaba> anarcat: ha, yes
15:54:01 <gaba> it has been busy and this one has been going to the bottom of th elist
15:54:03 <anarcat> i'm moving the wikis one to the icebox
15:54:12 <hiro> I am seeing most of the integration work with these webhooks bots... maybe if that's something we can use we can try to look at those and see what they can do for us
15:54:32 <anarcat> witht he hope that the wikis stuff might actually get resolved upstream, there's been some activity in a ticket i'm watching
15:54:41 <gaba> let's do #11  before shutting down trac
15:54:47 <anarcat> KGB has webhook support, BTW
15:55:01 <hiro> is that the russian secret service from the past?
15:55:04 <anarcat> gaba: yeah, it could be merged with the announcement task
15:55:10 <anarcat> hiro: it's a notification bot, yeah
15:55:19 <anarcat> i think it's the thing announcing changes in #tor-bots
15:55:21 <hiro> basically the same :P it spies on people
15:55:31 <anarcat> KGB-TPA
15:55:32 <anarcat> yeah
15:55:38 <anarcat> it's a long story
15:55:46 <anarcat> Next is still at 18 tickets
15:56:01 <anarcat> i'd like people here to take a long hard look at that list and keep in "Next" only what they will actually do in the next "cycle"
15:56:03 <hiro> I have to jump in a meeting with the giantrabbits
15:56:07 <anarcat> (which i guess is a moht?)
15:56:09 <anarcat> month*
15:56:12 <hiro> but I will be reading
15:56:14 <anarcat> yeah, i need to go have lunch
15:57:07 <ahf> ok
15:57:28 <ahf> #action Everybody takes a look at the list in tpa/gitlab and cleans up things: closing or iceboxing
15:57:31 <ahf> ok?
15:57:41 <ahf> then i am gonna close the meeting?
15:57:42 <gaba> ok
15:57:44 <anarcat> awesome
15:57:47 <ahf> thanks all
15:57:50 <ahf> #endmeeting