15:58:20 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship team meeting
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15:58:23 <phw> hello world
15:58:35 <phw> here's today's meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
15:59:05 <agix> hi
15:59:06 <cohosh> hi
15:59:25 <arlolra> hello
15:59:32 <phw> let's start with our discussion item: where should we put snowflake's probetest thingy?
15:59:34 <cohosh> :D
15:59:49 <cohosh> oh sure
16:00:03 <phw> hey arlolra! haven't seen you in a while :)
16:00:05 <cohosh> i guess this could happen in the ticket but this seems likea  good place to just quickly ask
16:00:34 <cohosh> if we're going to deploy a probetest, i think it makes sense to deploy it with existing snowflake infrastructure
16:00:50 <cohosh> just wondering if anyone has thoughts about where it should go
16:01:19 <arlolra> phw: :D
16:01:36 <cohosh> (yes welcome back arlolra!)
16:01:42 <phw> sounds good to me. excessive bandwidth/cpu/memory isn't really an issue here, right?
16:01:48 <cohosh> uh
16:01:57 <cohosh> i don't think so
16:02:16 <phw> so it would run alongside our broker?
16:02:25 <cohosh> there is some involved but we're not actually sending anything through the established data channels
16:02:42 <cohosh> or the bridge
16:02:54 <cohosh> idk if it matters which, heh
16:03:20 <cohosh> and we could just move it
16:04:12 <cohosh> okay maybe i'll just propose putting it at the broker for now
16:04:28 <phw> makes sense. that seems easiest
16:05:45 <phw> anything else that we should discuss here?
16:05:48 <cohosh> nah
16:06:19 <phw> any other announcements, actions, or discussion items?
16:07:03 <cohosh> not from me
16:07:05 <phw> crickets means no
16:07:10 <phw> review time
16:08:00 <cohosh> i'd like snowflake-webext!7 reviewed
16:08:05 <cohosh> it's a part of snowflake#40013
16:08:26 <cohosh> which can also use a sign off from you phw after the revisions
16:09:11 <phw> i'd be happy to take snowflake-webext!7.. unless arlolra wants to
16:09:26 <arlolra> I'm going to need some time to get back up to speed
16:09:39 <phw> ok, then i'll snatch it
16:09:41 <cohosh> sounds good :)
16:09:54 <phw> agix has tpo/anti-censorship/rdsys#5 and i'll happily review that
16:09:55 <phw> thanks agix!
16:10:07 <agix> thanks :)
16:10:38 <phw> agix: how has your experience with the code been so far?
16:11:24 <agix> honestly the code seems cleaner and easier to follow then the one used in BridgeDB
16:11:46 <agix> *than
16:12:04 <phw> i hope we can keep it that way. let me know if anything's confusing to you
16:12:15 <agix> sure will, thanks
16:12:19 <phw> (because that's a problem of the code and not the reader)
16:12:58 <phw> ok, we went through today's agenda. anything else?
16:14:09 <agix> have we decided on a new paper yet for the next reading group
16:14:29 <cohosh> we were waiting a few weeks
16:14:49 <cohosh> because people were busy, but i'm down to chose a paper for 2 weeks from now
16:15:01 <phw> agix: whoever's asking is the one who has to pick the next paper ;)
16:15:06 <cohosh> :P
16:15:23 <cohosh> yes please choose agix
16:15:35 <agix> great, some insider joke I wasn't aware of ^^
16:15:51 <phw> no, i just made that up
16:16:29 <agix> I will look into it til the next meeting
16:16:51 <phw> thanks agix
16:17:21 <agix> cool
16:17:36 * phw waits another minute before closing the meeting
16:18:45 <phw> #endmeeting