16:58:16 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting october 26 2020
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16:58:20 <ahf> hello network-team
16:58:25 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
16:58:36 <ahf> how is everybody?
16:59:18 <dgoulet> o/
16:59:23 <ahf> hello dgoulet
16:59:25 <jnewsome> good good. wrapped up a gnarly shadow PR last week. (well, still needs review)
16:59:33 <ahf> jnewsome: nice!
16:59:38 <ahf> which one?
16:59:58 <nickm> hihi
17:00:02 <jnewsome> "hybrid mode" - combines coverage of ptrace-based interposition with performace of ld-preload + ipc interposition
17:00:14 <ahf> ohhh, cool
17:00:16 <ahf> hello nickm
17:00:25 <ahf> do we have asn here too?
17:00:26 <nickm> doing okay here; trying to do a zillion things at once but they're all pretty fun
17:00:33 <ahf> nickm: nice!
17:01:10 <ahf> okay
17:01:12 <ahf> let's get started
17:01:32 <ahf> are folks doing alright with roadmap?
17:01:35 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:01:54 <dgoulet> I need to address that board on my side! but at least I know what to do :)
17:01:58 <nickm> after our triage, we have a few unassigned tickets in Backlog now.
17:02:20 <ahf> as in, we didn't have any before and now we have? or we have less now than we had before?
17:02:35 <nickm> we have new ones that we did not have before
17:02:39 <ahf> ok
17:03:01 <nickm> (I think)
17:03:14 <ahf> hmm
17:03:17 <ahf> some of it is s61
17:03:24 <ahf> some chutney
17:03:58 <ahf> does it make sense to move some of them to icebox or do we need to find assigners for it? if it's the latter, we should do it on thursday i think
17:04:23 <nickm> let's look at them on thurs; i don't know the right disposition for them
17:04:46 <ahf> ya. i hope it's okay i push for these "list operations" to the thursday meetings. i think it goes way faster when we are on audio for those
17:04:53 <ahf> even with the annoyances we have there
17:04:54 <ahf> cool!
17:05:25 <ahf> looks like we are OK with reviewer assgnments
17:05:48 <ahf> and our 0.4.4 new tickets queue seems empty
17:06:09 <ahf> do we have anything to discuss around s61 today
17:06:09 <ahf> ?
17:06:55 <nickm> not i
17:07:07 * ahf neither
17:07:15 <ahf> dgoulet / mikeperry, you guys have anything here?
17:07:21 <dgoulet> not much nope
17:07:24 <ahf> ok!
17:07:28 <dgoulet> working on some DRL stuff on my side
17:07:36 <ahf> cool
17:07:36 <mikeperry> I found a bunch of CBT bugs with asn and while testing the demo
17:07:42 <mikeperry> we need to file those and tag with s61
17:07:55 <ahf> yeah, it seems like you have a very nice feedback loop there between each other. very cool!
17:08:19 <ahf> cool
17:08:35 <ahf> *nobody* have added anything else to discuss? :o
17:08:42 <ahf> it will be a short meeting then
17:08:56 <nickm> Things are pretty chill at the moment
17:09:15 <nickm> want to remind everybody to get 0.4.5.x-stable stuff finished on the soon-ish side
17:09:34 <nickm> also please remember to get through reviews when you can; some of them are blocking
17:09:54 <ahf> ya, i am behind on reviews. will get through those today and tomorrow i think
17:10:05 <ahf> hopefully this week will be more chill than last week :-/
17:10:16 <ahf> anything else for now?
17:11:27 <ahf> okay
17:11:29 <ahf> #endmeeting