15:58:33 <cohosh> #startmeeting tor anti-censorship meeting
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15:58:43 <phw> o/
15:58:45 <cohosh> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
15:59:50 <cohosh> the first announcement is to add your october highlights to the monthly report pad
15:59:57 <cohosh> https://pad.riseup.net/p/-mFSnGRKoOGCIq0pByRz
16:00:21 <phw> yes, pleeease
16:00:45 <cohosh> phw: do you want to take the next announcement?
16:01:10 <phw> sure. i've been in touch with a student from my old college who's interested in working on https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/emma/-/issues/4 as part of his msc (?) thesis
16:01:56 <phw> the goal is to build a web-based emma. instead of telling people to compile and run the binary, we point them to a web page
16:02:22 <phw> i only have a vague idea of what this entails, so if any of you all have thoughts, please engage in the ticket
16:03:11 <cohosh> cool
16:03:37 <agix> hi (forgot the time shift^^)
16:03:45 <cohosh> hey agix!
16:04:00 <phw> agix: the most confusing part is when europe and north america are suddenly separated by an additional hour
16:04:16 <agix> totally haha
16:04:21 <agix> hey cohosh
16:04:38 <cohosh> any other discussion or announcements for today?
16:05:17 * antonela waves
16:05:22 <phw> o/
16:05:26 <antonela> phw: i'll add an UX tag in your emma ticket
16:05:30 <antonela> is a great task
16:05:36 <phw> thanks antonela!
16:06:16 <antonela> np!
16:07:11 <agix> since it was announced that emma #4 will result in a master thesis, maybe I should mention that i will tackle Pluggable Transports/HTTPT/Issues/#4 for my master thesis
16:07:38 <phw> great news!
16:08:02 <phw> let us know how we can help, agix
16:08:16 <agix> i am looking forward to it :) i will thanks!
16:08:21 <cohosh> :D
16:08:45 <cohosh> okay let's move on to needs help with
16:09:20 <cohosh> looks like there aren't any new bugs on the pad
16:10:03 <dcf1> cohosh: you need me to test 40013 on my network?
16:10:11 <cohosh> dcf: i'd just like another pair of eyes on the broker firewall configs for snowflake#40013 to make sure i didn't make a mess of things
16:10:25 <cohosh> but yes, a test would also be good
16:10:33 <dcf1> oh I understand now
16:10:51 <cohosh> docker does it's own modifications to iptables
16:10:56 <cohosh> and then i added a custom change
16:11:25 <cohosh> i am not sure which of these will be presistent after restarting or compatible with the existing firewall rules
16:11:33 <dcf1> ok
16:13:45 <cohosh> anything else for today?
16:14:10 <cohosh> do we have a reading group topic? :)
16:15:24 <phw> the imc'20 papers are out but that's never light reading
16:15:39 <agix> so i was looking into it and I am leaning towards either "The use of TLS in Censorship Circumvention" or "On Identifying Anomalies in Tor Usage with Applications in Detecting Internet Censorship", what do you think?
16:16:51 <phw> i find the first one more interesting
16:16:56 <cohosh> either of those sound good to me
16:18:05 <agix> so the TLS one from Sergey, if that's cool with you all?
16:19:44 <cohosh> yup!
16:20:16 <cohosh> and let's discuss it two weeks from now
16:20:30 * cohosh waits another minute or two before closing the meeting
16:20:44 <agix> ok :)
16:22:56 <cohosh> #endmeeting