16:58:30 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting november 2 2020
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16:58:33 <ahf> hello network-team
16:58:35 <ahf> o/
16:58:41 <jnewsome> o/
16:58:47 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
16:58:57 <ahf> we have one of the slightly longer meetings today, as it is the first monday of the month
16:59:17 <ahf> and there has also been time changes in the US i think
16:59:24 <dgoulet> o/
16:59:32 <ahf> dgoulet, asn, nickm: here? :-)
16:59:33 <ahf> o/
16:59:44 <jnewsome> right (re time change in the US)
17:00:06 <mikeperry> o/
17:00:22 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
17:00:23 <nickm> hihi!
17:00:29 <nickm> sorry for delay, needed tea
17:00:42 <ahf> are we all doing well on the board?
17:00:52 <ahf> very nice, i missed my tea slot right before the meeting :-(
17:01:41 <asn> o/
17:01:48 <nickm> board is ok w me
17:01:57 <asn> same here
17:02:02 <ahf> excellent
17:02:04 <dgoulet> yah
17:02:14 <ahf> looks like stuff was delegated out. we missed torspec!16 but i can grab that one
17:03:24 <ahf> are folks doing OK with 0.4.4 tickets?
17:03:36 <nickm> maybe we should be looking at 045 instead now?
17:03:43 <ahf> err 0.4.5 yes
17:03:57 <ahf> so if we just change all the strings there to 0.4.5 we should be good?
17:03:58 <nickm> honestly I haven't started mine yet.
17:04:10 <nickm> ahf: let's try and see?
17:04:46 <ahf> done
17:04:53 <nickm> I'm concerned about tor#40172 -- I can't make progress there till there are repro instructions, but I'm hoping that the tb folks will find that it's just a missing AR=
17:04:55 * ahf was planning on doing windows stuff on thursday and friday
17:05:23 <ahf> nickm: ah, that one made me think that we should probably have a cross-compiler macos builder on linux on gitlab-ci as well
17:05:32 <ahf> to build like the browser folks do
17:05:42 <nickm> no objection from me!
17:05:56 <ahf> ok, let's talk a bit more about CI under the jenkins point
17:06:13 <ahf> ok!
17:06:33 <ahf> do we have anything we need to discuss for s61 today? i think we might have caught that in the s61 meeting an hour ago?
17:06:42 <ahf> or is there some follow up we need to have with just the network team here?
17:06:49 <ahf> do you have something to add here, mikeperry ^^
17:07:39 <ahf> i assume not :o
17:07:47 <ahf> okay!
17:07:51 <ahf> it's the first monday of the month
17:07:54 <ahf> which means we have a few more items to do
17:08:03 <ahf> Look at Core Tor Releases and see if there is anything important coming up: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/wikis/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases
17:08:16 <ahf> anything that needs to be revised here?
17:08:29 <nickm> not afaik.
17:08:34 <ahf> excellent
17:08:39 <nickm> one thing: it's 2 weeks till we open the merge window for 046
17:08:46 <mikeperry> ahf: main thing is I am going to make a proper MR for https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues/40168 and would (eventually) like backport
17:08:58 <nickm> if at all possible, I'd like everybody to try to get the 045 bugfixes done on the early side
17:09:08 <dgoulet> +1
17:09:25 <ahf> mikeperry: okay, awesome! once thte MR is there we can make a plan for backporting!
17:09:28 <ahf> nickm: yep
17:09:50 <ahf> speaking of backports. next item is:     Look at tickets/MRs with Backport label and figure out what to do and who is going to do the merging. https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/tor/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&label_name[]=Backport
17:10:02 <ahf> nickm recently did a lot here
17:10:37 <ahf> hm, ok, so tor#40168 already has backport label
17:11:15 <ahf> nickm: so all the tickets we have with Merge Ready is the ones we need to figure out how to handle, right?
17:11:15 <nickm> I'm planning to do a round of backports this week, but probably a conservative round.
17:11:43 <nickm> I think what we should look at there is if there are any in that list that we should be 100% to backport for the upcoming stable releases
17:11:44 <ahf> ok. do you want help? i can do some of the merging if we plan on doing it, say, thursday post-meeting?
17:11:52 <ahf> ok
17:11:53 <nickm> (which I hope will be next-week)
17:12:15 <nickm> I think I'll be okay; mainly I'd like opinions on "absolutely must" vs "absolutely must not" backport.
17:12:41 <ahf> hm, tor#33781 i think can bake for a bit longer
17:14:20 <nickm> I'm planning to backport tor#40080 unless somebody shouts that it's broken
17:15:08 <dgoulet> good with it
17:15:13 * ahf too
17:16:17 <ahf> ok, i can jump to next item? it doesn't sound like there is much more feedback here
17:16:21 <asn> sounds good
17:16:25 <nickm> ok
17:16:26 <ahf> nickm: you good with that?
17:16:27 <ahf> ok
17:16:51 <ahf> okay, let's look at our meta issues: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/issues
17:17:10 <dgoulet> "under control" :)
17:17:13 <nickm> yeah
17:17:25 <nickm> we should open more stuff there maybe if we think of it
17:17:28 <ahf> for some reason, gitlab juts logged me out, and i need to go into another room and get my u2f device. can someone else close core/team#18 for me ? that was solved a while ago
17:17:38 <ahf> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core/team/-/issues/8
17:17:41 <ahf> err, 8, sorry
17:17:49 <nickm> doing
17:17:53 <ahf> thank you, nickm
17:18:00 <nickm> done
17:18:08 <ahf> if you ever spot these duplicated labels, please let me know. they are nightmare to deal with
17:19:18 <ahf> okay, the next item is me looking at whether we have anything coming in from other teams. i haven't seen anything other than tasks related to the anti-censorship team (and nickm's macos bug mentioned earlier in here). the anti-censorship team ones are all under s30 or s28, so i think we are doing OK with that
17:19:23 <ahf> i don't think we are blocking anybody there
17:19:44 <ahf> any questions/additions here?
17:20:58 <ahf> i take that as a no
17:21:18 <ahf> okay! that was all the first meeting of the month tasks
17:21:26 <ahf> nickm have one discussion item:     [For Nov 2] What shall we do with Jenkins? -nick
17:21:53 <nickm> yup.  weasel points out our builds have been been broken for a while there.
17:22:16 <ahf> i think my answer here is that i am not sure. i want us to move away from it, but from what i can understand we right now depend HEAVILY on travis and appveyor, and jenkins have a bit less priority than the two first systems?
17:22:36 <nickm> IMO we should use gitlab CI for everything we can
17:22:37 <ahf> travis just announced a new pricing model and i don't fully understand if it will impact us :-/ they seem to want to people ot do much less macos builds
17:22:48 <ahf> yes, so our goal is to get rid of jenkins here, right?
17:23:03 <ahf> jenkins is a nightmare compared to the other systems in that it is not controlled with a config file in the repo
17:23:12 <ahf> but some config files and deployment elsewhere
17:23:33 <nickm> yeah.  Maybe let's plan to decommission tor builds on jenkins on some given date, first going over the config repo to see if we're missing anything that we want to do in gitlab
17:23:57 <dgoulet> agree
17:24:03 <ahf> i can do that. i think i have probably touched jenkins the most recent i think
17:24:20 <ahf> ok
17:24:24 <nickm> ok.  Let's say "end of november" for our target?
17:24:45 <nickm> and say that this only applies to tor builds; others can still use jenkins as much as they want
17:24:48 <ahf> for requesting removal of jenkins?
17:24:49 <ahf> yep
17:24:52 <ahf> i think that is fine
17:25:12 <nickm> we'll probably want to migrate stuff to nightly builds, not commit-triggered builds.  I don't know how those coexist on gitlab.
17:25:18 <ahf> i cannot imagine we'll find something we are missing. it could be that we need to have a better strategy with testing actively maintained releases for nightly builds
17:25:21 <ahf> heh yes
17:25:33 <ahf> good we are aligned here even with bringing it up :-P
17:25:51 <ahf> okay
17:25:58 <ahf> i don't see anything else on our discussion list?
17:26:16 <nickm> (I think older/weirder debian/ubuntu/fedora/*bsd versions are something we'll want to do on Nightly)
17:26:21 <ahf> yes
17:26:35 <ahf> did someone delete asn/dgoulet's updates on the pad? :o
17:26:51 <ahf> i keep being thrown off it
17:27:04 <dgoulet> oh wow ! lolll... I think I have entirely forgotten that it is a thing I need to do! woa
17:27:16 <ahf> oh, so *i* have deleted it
17:27:27 <ahf> but yes, please do the updates 8) i use them to check for questions
17:27:31 <dgoulet> mine was simply never on the pad :)
17:27:37 <ahf> mikeperry: is your questions for asn still relevant?
17:27:50 <ahf> wait, no, that is not mike
17:27:51 <ahf> never mind
17:28:02 <ahf> okay, i think we are good
17:28:03 <ahf> thanks all
17:28:06 <ahf> #endmeeting