16:00:56 <cohosh> #startmeeting anti-censorship checkin
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16:01:11 <cohosh> not sure if phw is around yet
16:01:24 <gaba> o/
16:01:47 <cohosh> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
16:01:55 <cohosh> there is nothing on the agenda yet
16:02:49 <phw> ugh, time shift
16:03:17 <cohosh> yeah x_x
16:03:22 <phw> i think when daylight savings kicked in, we didn't change the meeting time
16:03:34 <cohosh> let's take a few mins to let ppl update the pad
16:03:38 <cohosh> i think you're right
16:03:40 <phw> anyway, doesn't matter
16:03:53 <cohosh> we moved it earlier at the beginning of summer though
16:06:10 <phw> brief announcement: we got a new default bridge from Louis-Philippe VĂ©ronneau
16:06:22 <phw> he used to run one, but then handed it over to a colleague. he now set up another one
16:06:34 <cohosh> :)
16:07:05 <agix> nice :)
16:08:14 <cohosh> any discussion points for today?
16:08:29 <cohosh> otherwise we can move to our needs help with and make it a short meeting
16:09:59 <cohosh> *crickets*
16:10:24 <cohosh> no new bugs on the bug reporting pad
16:10:52 <cohosh> i could use a review of snowflake#40012
16:11:05 <cohosh> snowflake!16
16:11:14 <dcf1> I'll do that one.
16:11:21 <cohosh> thanks
16:11:37 <phw> i need a review of https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/bridgestrap/-/issues/3
16:11:49 <cohosh> i can do that phw
16:11:52 <phw> thanks
16:12:59 <cohosh> cool, i'll wait another minute or so to close the meeting
16:13:48 <agix> our next reading group is next week right?
16:14:20 <cohosh> yup!
16:14:41 <agix> cool :)
16:15:38 <cohosh> okay see you all next week \o/
16:15:42 <cohosh> #endmeeting