13:58:57 <antonela> #startmeeting ux monthly sync
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13:59:00 <antonela> hellooo
13:59:16 <dunqan> hey!
13:59:18 <antonela> November is here and the year is wrapping up
13:59:27 <antonela> hey dunqan :)
13:59:44 <thurayya> hello
13:59:49 <antonela> oi thurayya!
13:59:53 <antonela> let me share the pad here
13:59:54 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
14:00:24 <antonela> so, this meeting is more or less a ux team meta-sorting-stuff kind of meeting
14:00:26 <antonela> :)
14:00:43 <antonela> i'll add two emails we got in the lists about UX queries too, hold on
14:02:17 * antonela done
14:02:24 <antonela> okey, so first things firts
14:02:27 <antonela> *first
14:02:47 <antonela> as you may know there is going to be a live streaming with the "state of the onion"
14:03:04 <antonela> that is our usual yearly update on how things was and how things are going :)
14:03:10 <antonela> *were
14:03:30 <antonela> I did a pad with random things i had in my head we did this year, that doesnt have any sorting yet
14:03:46 <antonela> but if you can take a look to check if i'm missing anything, that'd be amazing
14:03:55 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/ux-team-soto-2020-keep
14:04:23 <antonela> thurayya: i'll mention your bertha fellowship + a quick line about your first trip, is that good?
14:04:48 <antonela> dunqan: i'll mention the personas extension worked in s30 and how we will continue iterating next year on them
14:04:52 <thurayya> sure! i can add some stuff about the second trip too
14:04:56 <dunqan> sure thing :)
14:05:11 <antonela> oki, it should be super short because i think is 5 or 10 minutes each of us
14:05:25 <thurayya> aah ok, np then
14:06:10 <antonela> tomorrow there is a general rehearsal so i'll work on the slides today :)
14:06:23 <antonela> i think we can move to the roadmapping
14:06:32 <antonela> do we have ggus or gaba around?
14:06:40 <antonela> please, let me know if you can access to the spreadsheet
14:07:02 <thurayya> i'm there o/
14:07:27 <dunqan> yup got on it fine
14:07:35 <antonela> i tried to list all the things i have in my mind we have scheduled + some things that needs to be confirmed but we can plan for them anyways
14:08:15 <antonela> so, sponsors we currently have running: S9 (user research and usability) and S30 (circumvention)
14:09:05 <antonela> thurayya: i put bridges - india UR starting in jan and you can work on it all the first quarter
14:09:18 <thurayya> perfect
14:09:34 <antonela> i also added the Tor Browser usage survey, i'll make sure the tb team is aware of it during their roadmapping session this week
14:09:40 <thurayya> what about trainings and UR by partners?
14:10:04 <antonela> i added an item about it, that is a general s9 item and we need to coordinate with ggus
14:10:10 <thurayya> ok
14:10:38 <thurayya> thanks anto
14:10:50 <antonela> dunqan: im adding items on S30
14:10:56 <dunqan> cool
14:10:57 <antonela> the ux/ui work of it is already done BUT
14:11:06 <antonela> we will need to support developers on iterations
14:11:11 <gaba> im here
14:11:25 <antonela> and anything that might be a problem/moved to a second phase
14:11:32 <dunqan> yup, got it anto
14:11:40 <antonela> i'll have a more clear scope of s30 for TB after the roadmapping this week
14:11:43 <antonela> hey gaba
14:12:06 <antonela> gaba: can you access the spreadsheet? we are looking at a tentative roadmap for ux 2021
14:12:51 <antonela> then, we have TB for Android Fenix issues, that i think will be indeed roadmapped on TB work, so i included them here as well
14:13:05 <antonela> not sure about the timeline, but we will refine this during this month
14:13:27 <antonela> then we have some to be confirmed proposals
14:13:37 <gaba> antonela: no, I do not know which spreadsheet you are talking about.
14:13:50 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
14:14:04 <antonela> gaba: go to line 47
14:14:31 <dunqan> antonela: sure thing, let's have a meeting or two nearer the end of the month when you know more about the timeline and workload?
14:14:34 <gaba> ok
14:14:49 <antonela> dunqan: yes
14:15:31 <gaba> antonela: you do not have s84 there
14:15:38 <antonela> no, this is 2021
14:15:43 <antonela> s84 will close next week
14:15:47 <antonela> before my leaving
14:15:58 <gaba> ahh, ok
14:16:03 <antonela> then we have line 11, if it happens will start in july (if im not wrong)
14:16:10 <antonela> line 12, if it happens, is september
14:16:42 <antonela> s9 phase 5 thurayya, on july
14:16:56 <antonela> thurayya: i want to review with you the activities we submitted last week
14:17:06 <antonela> maybe on our friday's sync :)
14:17:43 <antonela> also, we included the onion services developer experience research as part of a proposal, if it happens is april (i think, gaba can confirm)
14:18:08 <thurayya> ok! :)
14:18:26 <antonela> and then, a big wish is if we have capacity, back to our regular triage
14:18:33 <antonela> probably, per quarter
14:18:55 <antonela> there are a lot of amazing tickets in backlog
14:19:14 <antonela> then some comms and some end of year campaign which we support
14:19:41 <antonela> and i think that is all what i have _so far_ in my back brain
14:19:53 <antonela> gaba: after the tb roadmapping we can refine this
14:20:11 <dunqan> awesome, this is super helpful anto thank you
14:20:13 <antonela> gaba: and please, let me know if we are missing anything
14:20:29 <gaba> if this is 2021 then it seems fine so far
14:20:52 <antonela> dunqan: yeah, just to give some kind of general overview
14:21:27 <gaba> for s30 I expect you to have the lead on what needs to happen in browser
14:22:08 <antonela> yes, we will refine the scope during the roadmapping this week
14:22:56 <antonela> (the TB roadmapping is for 10.5 so will cover until june 2021 (not this year))
14:23:12 <antonela> folks, do you have any questions about it?
14:24:02 <antonela> my plan is organizing a meeting for the last week of the month with ggus and you both so we go through december + Q1
14:24:22 <antonela> and i think we will be fine :)
14:24:43 <thurayya> for me it sounds good
14:24:53 <antonela> super
14:24:58 <dunqan> I have some tickets bookmarked for S30 that I need to read over, I'll give you a shout if I've got any Qs :)
14:25:10 <antonela> please, feel free
14:25:17 <thurayya> and if i think about something new i'll bring to our 1:1 on friday ;)
14:25:32 <antonela> yes yes, please na
14:25:36 <antonela> last two things
14:25:42 <antonela> there are two ux questions in the lists
14:25:59 <antonela> one is about our onion services client authentication, i'll reply that one
14:26:11 <antonela> the other is about a search regression in TB
14:26:20 <antonela> if one of both wants to reply, feel free to do it!
14:26:31 <antonela> i'll take a look next week tho
14:26:39 <antonela> and i think that is all what i have for today
14:26:57 <antonela> anything else? am i missing something?
14:27:05 * antonela will review the soto list
14:28:02 <thurayya> just wanted to let you know:
14:28:04 <thurayya> on my last trip i had the opportunity to test tba with indigenous leaders
14:28:18 <thurayya> so i'm going to work on reporting it this week :)
14:28:28 <antonela> oh that is amazing, i saw the pictures!
14:28:37 <antonela> i forgot that! we released TBA last week
14:28:59 <antonela> we got several 1 starts in google play, users mostly sad with the new Fenix UI
14:29:12 <antonela> and some reports about trackers
14:29:22 <antonela> on the latest, matt is working on it with firefox folks
14:29:44 <antonela> on the former, we will need have an eye on that and find a way to share this feedback to firefox folk's also
14:29:55 <antonela> i'll try to build that bridge before my leaving
14:29:58 <thurayya> it worked well from where i was standing
14:30:39 <thurayya> ok ;)
14:31:44 <dunqan> has it all been added to git? I'll have a look too just so I'm up to speed
14:32:42 <antonela> the trackers one yes: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/fenix/-/issues/40077
14:32:58 <antonela> and also, there are opened issues in the former fenix repo
14:33:02 <antonela> https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/issues/12809
14:33:10 <antonela> https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/issues/15820
14:33:15 <dunqan> gotcha, ty
14:34:00 <antonela> latest user feedback can be seen here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.torproject.torbrowser&showAllReviews=true
14:34:17 <dunqan> yup, checking it out now
14:34:34 <dunqan> it may be getting brigaded too
14:34:43 <antonela> yes
14:35:02 <antonela> i want to learn what is the best way to do it, i'll investigate this week
14:35:22 <antonela> maybe opening a general isssue in their repo to point this comments is good
14:35:29 <antonela> not sure, will find out and let you know
14:36:38 <antonela> oki folks
14:36:45 <antonela> as always is a pleasure o/
14:36:57 <antonela> lets talk async!
14:37:26 <adrian-p> ah hello
14:37:32 <dunqan> o/
14:37:41 <antonela> oh hey adrian-p
14:37:45 <adrian-p> i got caught up with some other things
14:37:55 <adrian-p> reding the backlog now
14:38:25 <dunqan> anto do you want to pick some times and let me know offline when you'd like to sync?
14:38:32 <dunqan> i'm flexible
14:38:41 <antonela> adrian-p: how are you? we are about to close this meeting, but you can join us next month or async in the mailing list if you have questions / want to work on something specific
14:38:46 <antonela> dunqan: yes yes, will do
14:38:51 <dunqan> ty :)
14:39:10 <adrian-p> antonela: yeah I guess i'll join through the mailing list
14:39:26 <antonela> adrian-p: excellent and let us know how your design ethics research goes!
14:39:36 <adrian-p> IDK if/how i could contribute exactly
14:39:45 <adrian-p> i'll figure it out i guess
14:40:08 <antonela> oki, feel free to reach out us
14:40:17 <antonela> thanks folks! have a nice week!
14:40:20 <antonela> #endmeeting