15:58:16 <cohosh> #startmeeting tor anti-censorship meeting
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15:58:21 <cohosh> hey everyone
15:58:23 <phw> o/
15:58:26 * phw is on time for once
15:58:30 <cohosh> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
15:58:35 <cohosh> phw: :)
15:59:14 <agix> hi :)
15:59:38 <cohosh> anyone have any announcements/discussion today?
16:00:06 <phw> semi-announcement: i just stumbled upon a ccs'20 paper called "Poking a Hole in the Wall: Efficient Censorship-Resistant Internet Communications by Parasitizing on WebRTC"
16:00:11 <phw> i wonder if it's relevant for us
16:00:39 <cohosh> yeah i have that on my to-read list
16:00:57 <phw> https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/3372297.3417874
16:00:59 <cohosh> there is another one by some of the same authors
16:01:23 <agix> from reading the abstract it would make a good paper for the next reading group
16:01:31 <cohosh> https://www.gsd.inesc-id.pt/~nsantos/papers/barradas_dicg20.pdf
16:01:47 <cohosh> also about webrtc ^
16:02:07 <phw> yes, i would also be up for reading it as part of our reading group
16:02:08 <cohosh> agix: i'd be down to read this for reading group
16:02:25 <cohosh> (the ccs one looks more releveant to us than the other one)
16:02:58 <cohosh> cool let's discuss it two weeks from now
16:03:16 <agix> cohosh: cool
16:05:16 <cohosh> okay let's move on to our needs help with
16:05:28 <cohosh> but if there are more discussion points feel free to jump in with them
16:05:56 <cohosh> i have two reviews i need, but one of them is much higher priority
16:06:12 <dcf1> I approved snowflake!18 just now.
16:06:24 <cohosh> thanks dcf1
16:07:36 <phw> i can take snowflake!19 if dcf1 doesn't want it
16:07:56 <cohosh> i created a wiki page about NAT matching to put all the information in one place
16:08:03 <cohosh> which should help with that ticket
16:08:11 <cohosh> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake/-/wikis/NAT-matching
16:08:28 <phw> oh, very nice
16:08:34 <dcf1> I need to read these things
16:08:55 <cohosh> i'm still planning to add some more info but this will get you started
16:09:54 <cohosh> i'm also around to discuss it anytime
16:10:18 <phw> dcf1: does that mean that you'd like to review snowflake!19?
16:12:09 <dcf1> ok
16:13:34 <cohosh> it's ok if you don't have time
16:14:04 <phw> yes, i'm generally happy to review whatever but you're more qualified to review snowflake code
16:14:25 <cohosh> i would really like to get going on this change since it will make a big improvement to the availability of unrestricted proxies (right now the majority of clients are using them and the broker is frequently running out)
16:14:43 <cohosh> and it will take a while to get it into Tor Browser since it's a lcient-side change
16:14:45 <dcf1> I'll review it today.
16:14:56 <cohosh> ok thanks
16:16:50 <cohosh> anything else for today?
16:17:14 <phw> not from my side
16:17:23 <HashikD> cohosh can you review snowflake-mobile!16 when you have time?
16:17:30 <cohosh> HashikD: hey!!
16:17:37 <cohosh> (welcome back)
16:17:41 <HashikD> Hello! :)
16:17:45 <cohosh> yes i can review that
16:17:51 <HashikD> Thanks :D
16:18:24 <phw> hey HashikD, good to see you again o/
16:19:20 <HashikD> Thanks phw :)
16:19:23 <HashikD> Good to meet ya'll again
16:21:11 <stump_> I think I'm late but I'm here for the anti-censorship meeting
16:21:35 <dcf1> any topics you want to discuss, stump_?
16:21:44 <cohosh> welcome stump_
16:21:46 <stump_> First time here so any direction would be helpful
16:22:07 <dcf1> This is the meeting agenda: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
16:22:22 <dcf1> We will be reading this paper to discuss in 2 weeks: https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/3372297.3417874
16:23:33 <stump_> Great, I look through that, thanks
16:23:36 <cohosh> we usually add our names to the pad and what we've done and are planning to do
16:23:45 <cohosh> feel free to do so but also no pressure
16:24:07 <cohosh> we're about to end the meeting for today
16:24:34 <cohosh> is there anything particular you're interested in? (we can also discuss after the meeting or in #tor-dev)
16:25:31 <stump_> want to familiarize myself first but am interested in contributing code if possible
16:26:11 <cohosh> okay cool :)
16:26:28 <stump_> I'll look through the gitlab
16:26:28 <cohosh> let's end the meeting here, and continue discussion in #tor-dev
16:26:36 <Guest6321> Hi, I'm also new here :) I'm super interested in bridge distribution, and am curious about latest with Salmon. where can I learn more/ask questions?
16:27:11 <phw> Guest6321: we're implementing salmon as part of the rdsys resource distribution system
16:27:14 <phw> here's the repository: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/rdsys
16:27:26 <Guest6321> thanks!
16:27:38 <HashikD> Hello Guest6321 you can ask questions at #tor-dev
16:27:42 <phw> everything's very much work in progress
16:28:09 <phw> however, i just finished documentation on rdsys's architecture, which may be helpful: https://gitlab.torproject.org/phw/rdsys/-/blob/issue/16/doc/architecture.md
16:28:09 <Guest6321> what's the process to contributing code if possible?
16:28:33 <phw> the process is 1) create a gitlab account, 2) fork rdsys, 3) create a MR and let me know
16:28:55 <Guest6321> awesome thank you
16:28:58 <phw> and feel free to talk to me at any step in the process
16:29:27 * cohosh waits another minute to see if there is anything else
16:31:18 <cohosh> #endmeeting