16:58:22 <ahf> #startmeeting network team meeting november 23 2020
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16:58:27 <nickm> hihi
16:58:33 <ahf> our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2020.1-keep
16:58:50 <GeKo> o/
16:58:57 <juga> o/
16:58:58 <ahf> o/
16:59:01 <dgoulet> o/
16:59:37 <ahf> let's start by looking at board: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/core/-/boards
16:59:51 * ahf has a ticket both in next and doing :o
17:00:03 <asn> o/
17:00:33 <ahf> o/
17:00:49 <nickm> i need to rework the structure of my arti tickets on the board a bit... there's a lot of cleanup to do.
17:01:53 <ahf> another place where you are free to see if there are smarter ways to work on too :-)
17:02:48 <ahf> mikeperry: i would buy you an ice cream if you found an avatar on gitlab that isn't the default one - there is a lot of stupid things in gitlabs UI where it just shows the avatar and for default ones you have to hover over each of them to see who it is :-S
17:03:03 <ahf> maybe you can use the pulse raccoon there :-P
17:03:17 <ahf> ok, sounds like folks are OK with the boards and it doesn't look too chaotic
17:03:52 <asn> yeah
17:04:00 <ahf> looks like we have tow tickets that aren't assigned for review, but they are just opened within the last 60 min
17:04:09 <asn> yep
17:04:18 * ahf takes the volunteer one
17:04:20 <asn> i will assign later today or tomorrow
17:04:43 <ahf> oh, i take both actually. the other one is PT/bridge stuff and i am sitting with that right now too
17:05:04 <ahf> asn: oki!
17:05:05 <ahf> cool
17:05:23 <ahf> how are we with 0.4.5?
17:05:56 <asn> im good
17:06:09 <nickm> i'm planning to put out an alpha today. has anybody looked at the changelog?
17:06:17 <ahf> isn't our queries wrong on the pad?
17:06:28 <ahf> nickm: i have not. i can take a look
17:07:01 <nickm> thanks; I'd love a look
17:07:03 <nickm> ahf: it may be!
17:07:35 <ahf> no, they look right
17:07:42 <ahf> it was me mispasting
17:08:22 <ahf> okay, i need to look at changelogs after the meeting
17:08:32 <ahf> we have no new announcement, no discussion items, no new incoming things from other teams
17:09:03 <ahf> so let's transform the meeting into s61
17:09:09 <ahf> mikeperry: you wanna lead here?
17:09:10 <nickm> a reminder to non-US folks: we're doing thanksgiving on thu/fri
17:09:15 <nickm> so I'll be away from the net then
17:09:22 <asn> ack
17:09:23 <ahf> nickm: ah! thanks for the heads up with that
17:09:32 <asn> wrt s61 im waiting for the cbt fixes from mike
17:09:36 <asn> to resume experiments
17:09:50 <mikeperry> I lost most of last week due to a very stressful comms miscommunication.. I made some progress on CBT fixes for Xm estimation, but still need to do a C impl (this is objective 1)
17:10:13 <mikeperry> obj 2, juga stargts this week! and rob ran the flashflood shadow experiment but is still doing analysis
17:10:34 <ahf> flashflood!? floodflow?
17:10:44 <ahf> XD
17:10:52 <ahf> but still no code for it?
17:10:56 <mikeperry> yeah they still don't know what to call it. I like floodflow. they don't.
17:10:59 <mikeperry> no idea re code
17:11:16 <ahf> ack ack, nice that you are in contact with them on it
17:11:21 <mikeperry> if shadow can find and the bug and let us fix it, that might be enough, but limits our ability to do more testing ofc
17:11:59 <ahf> why does it limit that ability?
17:12:51 <mikeperry> lack of code means we can't test sbws fix interaction with floodflow in the future, and we can't test floodflow/flashflow hybrids while we wait for relays to upgrade
17:13:07 <gaba> today juga and me went through the board of tickets and clean some of them
17:13:20 <mikeperry> one problem at a time seems enough for this communication channel with nrl tho
17:13:28 <mikeperry> I will ask for code again after we get shadow results
17:13:59 <ahf> mikeperry: sounds like a good plan, cool
17:14:44 <ahf> gaba: nice
17:14:52 <ahf> i also see things are split into boards, very good
17:16:42 <ahf> anybody have anything they want to add to the s61 part here?
17:16:51 <ahf> it sounds like things are moving forward
17:17:21 <ahf> next week will be an ordinary IRC meeting (since it's monday the 30) and then i guess we do the BBB one the week after
17:17:52 <asn> mikeperry: btw do you need me to help with CBT stuff this week?
17:18:03 <asn> mikeperry: i mean apart from waiting for you for the fixes and reviewing/testing them after
17:19:05 <mikeperry> asn: sadly I think you are blocked on me. I got some progress done while you handled the comms thing on monday, but then it went sideways :/
17:19:32 <asn> alright no worries
17:20:24 <mikeperry> I might have a fix before thanksgiving
17:20:37 <mikeperry> if I do, testing it over that break would be very useful
17:20:43 <mikeperry> we'll see tho. it is tricky
17:20:44 <asn> ye for sure
17:20:45 <asn> ack
17:21:05 <mikeperry> I might be able to do something inefficient but functional that is still testable and won't impact onionperf results
17:22:11 <asn> ack
17:22:36 <ahf> okay
17:22:38 <ahf> anything else?
17:22:46 <ahf> otherwise i will stop the bot
17:23:54 <ahf> okay!
17:23:56 <ahf> thanks all
17:23:58 <ahf> #endmeeting