13:58:23 <dunqan> #startmeeting ux monthly sync
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13:58:51 <ggus> hello o/
13:59:00 <dunqan> Meeting pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
13:59:14 <dunqan> hey ggus o/
13:59:15 <championquizzer> hey dunqan!
13:59:20 <thurayya> o/
13:59:43 <dunqan> I'll give it another couple of minutes to see if anyone else turns up, in the meantime feel free to add anything else you want to discuss to the pad
13:59:52 <dunqan> hi thurayya!
14:02:31 <dunqan> okaydokes, first thing's first: announcements
14:03:01 <dunqan> we finished the onion guide fanzine before the break, which you can find here: https://community.torproject.org/outreach/kit/
14:03:13 <dunqan> thanks very much to antonela and ggus for all their hard work pulling it together!
14:03:30 <thurayya> looks great! :)
14:03:44 <dunqan> that *should* officially wrap up S84 I believe?
14:04:32 <ggus> yes, we just need to collect the survey feedback and put together the report.
14:04:46 <dunqan> gotcha, of course
14:05:07 <championquizzer> great work :)
14:05:21 <thurayya> on that matter, we are collecting feedback this week and the next one
14:05:41 <dunqan> ah fantastic
14:05:50 <thurayya> i'm gonna send a reminder to our partners today ;)
14:06:08 <dunqan> \o/
14:06:25 <dunqan> secondly there have also been several minor releases for TB since the last team meeting, the most recent of which can be found here: https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-1007
14:07:41 <dunqan> now over to you championquizzer if you'd like to talk about the community team user feedback report for dec 2020?
14:07:54 <dunqan> (the link to which can be found here: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2021-January/003040.html)
14:08:33 <championquizzer> yeah, so I mentioned relevant details under ui/ux in that report
14:08:51 <championquizzer> 1. lot of reviews on play store after the TBA update
14:09:34 <championquizzer> mixed responses. we also got a few tickets on frontdesk regaring this ^
14:10:14 <dunqan> yep, totally expected with a major change like this – but I'm sure there are still actions we can take to improve things going forward
14:11:10 <championquizzer> yeah, I tried to figure what really the users weren't liking. Looks like it's more of an issue with firefox rather than TBA :)
14:11:22 <championquizzer> the new interface and all
14:12:12 <championquizzer> we updated the Tor Mobile documentation mid-Dec, so hopefully some queries related to how to find the security settings, etc ...have been resolved
14:13:05 <dunqan> yes, I saw this – great work!
14:13:09 <championquizzer> I would also like to mention this issue: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/tpo/-/issues/86
14:13:53 <dunqan> ah, interesting
14:14:09 <championquizzer> so currently when you click on the Signature link it opens up on the webpage displaying the text of the signature. Users need to right click on the link and click "Save link as"..
14:14:25 <championquizzer> to actually save the .asc file. Has been a pain point
14:14:41 <thurayya> good one! i was looking at some issues related to it too, like #32479
14:14:53 <thurayya> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/applications/tor-browser-build/-/issues/32479
14:15:20 <thurayya> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/support/-/issues/90
14:15:23 <dunqan> thanks championquizzer – there's definitely some room for improvement there
14:15:40 <championquizzer> ty :)
14:15:49 <dunqan> hrm okay, looks like we've got some overlapping tickets on this one
14:16:04 <championquizzer> thurayya: that's a neat idea too
14:16:40 <dunqan> I think all of these suggestions still apply
14:17:47 <championquizzer> yes, plus the original reason why ggus opened the ticket also applies, lots of question on how to actually find the Signature
14:18:56 <dunqan> ggus would you like me to leave this one for championquizzer & the outreachies to work on, or assign it over to me? I'm happy either way
14:19:35 <ggus> for .asc download, we can add a simple html attribute called "download", so when people click on the .asc they will download it. i thought someone was working on this, lemme check
14:20:55 <dunqan> is there a use-case someone would just want to view the sig in the browser? e.g. should we add a couple of options to view/download .asc to the UI?
14:21:43 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/tpo/-/issues/64#note_2712607
14:22:27 <dunqan> ah this is a nice solution
14:24:50 <dunqan> maybe this should be the subject of some UR if we have a volunteer in the near future
14:25:22 <thurayya> def!
14:25:50 <dunqan> do we have any existing activities for verifying sigs thurayya?
14:26:49 <ggus> fwiw, there's a metrics page about signature downloads - https://metrics.torproject.org/webstats-tb.html
14:27:30 <thurayya> it was included in some past research with s9 - discover tbb (find, download and install tb)
14:28:08 <dunqan> Ah was that it? I thought maybe it had been part of the onboarding user testing script but couldn't find it
14:28:50 <dunqan> okay great, I'll create a UR ticket in the near future and we can assemble something from the previous UR scripts
14:29:12 <thurayya> great, thanks!
14:29:19 <dunqan> also ty ggus, that's helpful :)
14:29:57 <josernitos> What's UR == User research?
14:30:08 <dunqan> right, moving on: we're hoping to publish the TB usage survey at the end of the month – but it may get pushed back into Feb depending on browser deployments
14:30:18 <dunqan> yep josernitos, sorry :)
14:30:18 <thurayya> yes, josernitos
14:30:50 <josernitos> No prob, learning the 'lingo' as we go
14:31:03 <dunqan> here are the proposed banners for about:tor for the survey: https://www.figma.com/file/DQXHH0PD3Lcze7wVbSX1Eu/About-Tor?node-id=26%3A9
14:31:33 <dunqan> I'll be working on the text today and will post in the ticket too, but feel free to jump in with any suggestions now if you have them!
14:31:54 <dunqan> here's the master ticket, for reference: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/issues/11
14:32:46 <championquizzer> looks very nice, dunqan :)
14:32:54 <thurayya> we also should get some feedback from developers about the questions on this UR plan
14:33:04 <dunqan> thurayya: do you happen to know anything more specific about duration?
14:33:18 <thurayya> if you have some spare time, this week, i would love to talk about it, dunqan
14:33:38 <dunqan> <+thurayya> we also should get some feedback from developers about the questions on this UR plan <- yes 100%, I was also going to speak to isa & the comms team about it too
14:34:00 <dunqan> I'm not sure if there will be any sensitivities about asking for demographics via TB from our userbase, so we have to keep that in mind too
14:34:08 <dunqan> <championquizzer> looks very nice, dunqan :) <- ty!
14:34:31 <dunqan> <+thurayya> if you have some spare time, this week, i would love to talk about it, dunqan <- for sure, what day works for you?
14:35:00 <thurayya> dunqan: we usually ask very impersonal questions, but also, we can make them optional, if it is the case
14:35:15 <dunqan> yep I think that's a good idea
14:35:28 <thurayya> wed and thursday are good
14:36:00 <thurayya> demographics: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/issues/6
14:36:12 <dunqan> great, I'll DM you some times :)
14:36:59 <dunqan> yeah I think the script is all good, I'm just conscious moreso about recruitment being in the browser itself
14:37:03 <dunqan> but maybe I'm overthinking it :)
14:38:08 <dunqan> was the plan to just run this study once, or multiple times in 2021 thurayya?
14:38:24 <dunqan> I'm guessing the initial study will need to be min ~1 month due to the TB release schedule
14:38:25 <thurayya> twice this year
14:38:37 <ggus> dunqan: after this topic, let's go back to discuss the download page. because i think there are two things: one is the download page UX and the other thing is how to verify tor browser. the first one is more urgent
14:38:43 <thurayya> first one jan/feb, wait couple of months and run it again
14:38:55 <dunqan> gotcha
14:39:57 <dunqan> let's pick up on the specifics in our 1to1 sync then, I need to catch up with sysrqb about it too and given all of the above I can see it getting pushed into Feb quite easily
14:40:28 <thurayya> perfect! thanks ;)
14:40:47 <dunqan> ggus: sure! by download page UX do you specifically mean the sig issue or the wider experience?
14:40:54 <ggus> the wider experience
14:40:56 <dunqan> thanks thurayya!
14:41:23 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/tpo/-/issues/112
14:41:37 <dunqan> so my thinking is that due to the proposed OS detection enhancement, we could quite easily end up redesigning the upper portion of the page
14:41:46 <dunqan> (within reason)
14:42:08 <dunqan> aha you beat me to it
14:42:49 <ggus> yeah, i think we would need a layout change
14:43:08 <championquizzer> i think this one is relevant too: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/web/tpo/-/issues/68
14:43:40 <dunqan> would you like me to start working on some wireframes or would you prefer someone else to have a stab at it first ggus?
14:43:59 <dunqan> I'm not sure if anyone's had the chance to read my comment from yesterday on ticket #112 yet
14:44:10 <ggus> since it's a layout change, i would prefer you do some wireframes
14:44:18 <dunqan> no problem
14:44:45 <dunqan> also thanks for the heads up championquizzer: if we're changing the layout hopefully we can resolve/bypass that issue too
14:45:00 <championquizzer> absolutely!
14:46:21 <dunqan> great, in that case I'll add that to my list – feel free to pause on the UI work in the OS detection ticket in the meantime, and maybe we can schedule some time to review the wireframes once they're ready
14:46:50 <dunqan> (unless the next UX team sync comes around first)
14:47:34 <dunqan> anything else on this topic? I'm aware we have a couple more points on the agenda to cover
14:47:44 <ggus> i'm good!
14:47:56 <dunqan> lovely, ty
14:48:40 <dunqan> since we've had a few volunteers get in touch in the past month or so about contributing to open user research, thurayya and I thought it would be good to review our UR needs and materials on the community portal
14:48:47 <dunqan> https://community.torproject.org/user-research/open/
14:49:22 <dunqan> some of these (e.g. onboarding & security settings) could perhaps be replaced with something newer
14:49:41 <dunqan> for example bridges, signatures, or any other suggestions anyone has
14:49:49 <dunqan> what do you think ggus / thurayya?
14:50:17 <ggus> +1
14:50:23 <thurayya> yes, also we have many new UR going on that we should add (bridges, tor browser usage)
14:50:42 <dunqan> yup 100%
14:51:05 <thurayya> and we can also add something about the research i'm doing and josernitos is about to start and how ppl can contribute to that too
14:51:38 <thurayya> (what i'm doing as a fellow)
14:51:49 <dunqan> yes! I noticed josernitos has added an item about AXIS Feedback Collection to the pad – is that what your working on, or is it something else?
14:51:56 <dunqan> (sorry, I'm not aware of what this is)
14:52:50 <dunqan> *you're
14:53:06 <thurayya> josernitos applied to https://usable.tools/uxfcf2020/ in the end of 2020 to run some research about tor browser :)
14:53:22 <thurayya> josernitos: are you around? can you share more about your project?
14:53:23 <championquizzer> thurayya: about bridges, would the research revolve around how easy/difficult it is for the users to locate (the bridge settings) and connect to them?
14:53:42 <josernitos> Yes dunqan. I talked with Antonela since a few months ago and given the open call for UR we had a talk. She told me about the axis fund and I'm finishing details with them, but I got approved!
14:54:10 <dunqan> fantastic, congrats!
14:54:45 <thurayya> josernitos: do you have a start/end date for the project?
14:55:10 <josernitos> Yes :) thurayya. My idea is to talk with a community, give them a workshop about security, privacy, etc. And do a onboarding exercise with them by downloading Tor and giving feedback. Then I wait a month, and send them a survey to see if they have continue to use it.
14:55:48 <dunqan> do you have a gitlab account all set up by any chance josernitos?
14:55:57 <josernitos> Afterwards, hopefully, I would interview at least some of them to understand how they used it. And go deeper into that.
14:56:07 <josernitos> I have 15 Jan - 15 June
14:56:33 <josernitos> I do have a gitlab account. I think is the same username, josernitos.
14:56:38 <thurayya> championquizzer: ggus and i are doing interviews around it, yes!
14:57:10 <championquizzer> nice! thanks!
14:57:36 <dunqan> that sounds awesome josernitos, looking forward to seeing it
14:57:49 <josernitos> :)
14:58:10 <thurayya> josernitos, dunqan maybe we can move this conversation to #tor-ux and see how we can overlap some of our UR :)
14:58:38 <dunqan> yes, that's a great idea – let's do it
14:59:17 <dunqan> thanks everyone for coming!
14:59:43 <thurayya> o/ thanks dunqan
14:59:43 <championquizzer> thanks everyone! o/
14:59:47 <josernitos> Yes thurayya :) Definitely. I want to provide as much value to the org as possible, and if this can overshadow the current UR, perfect.
14:59:59 <josernitos> Thanks :D
15:00:08 <dunqan> have a good week and we'll meet again in Feb o/
15:00:09 <ggus> thanks! o/
15:00:14 <dunqan> #endmeeting