15:58:05 <cohosh> #startmeeting tor anti-censorship meeting
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15:58:10 <cohosh> hey everyone
15:58:23 <agix> hi
15:58:36 <arlolra> hello
15:58:37 <phw> o/
15:59:11 <cohosh> phw: do you want to start with the first announcement?
15:59:40 <phw> it's basically all in there. roya ensafi's looking for a summer intern who can help with development
16:00:07 <phw> and it's a paid position. so if any of you are interested in this (or know anyone who may), i'll get you in touch
16:01:06 <agix> sounds nice
16:01:22 <cohosh> looks like we don't have anything else on the agenda for today
16:02:13 <cohosh> any other discussion before we move on to needs help with?
16:02:36 <phw> one thing:
16:02:50 <phw> there's https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/emma/-/issues/4 where a student is looking for ways to do bridge testing in the browser
16:03:11 <phw> he's run into some problems and needs some help
16:03:35 <cohosh> oh right, i was meaning to take a look at that
16:03:38 <phw> the web experts among you may have useful things to say
16:04:06 * cohosh is not a web expert by a long shot heh
16:04:30 <phw> cohosh: among the blind, the one-eyed is king ;)
16:05:02 <cohosh> lol
16:05:09 <phw> anyway, we don't have to discuss this now but i wanted to point your attention to it
16:05:13 <agix> idk if I would be of any help, but i could also take a look into it
16:05:31 <phw> at this point tobias is mostly looking for ideas
16:05:45 <agix> is he on irc?
16:05:48 <cohosh> okay i'll also take a look, hopefully today. maybe together we can figure something out
16:06:31 <phw> agix: i don't think so. all we know is on this issue
16:06:34 <cohosh> looks like no, atleast not with the same handle on tor-dev
16:07:02 <agix> ok :)
16:07:11 <cohosh> any other needs help withs?
16:07:57 <phw> not from me
16:08:12 <agix> nope
16:08:47 <cohosh> alright, short meeting today
16:09:04 <cohosh> arlolra: btw thanks for taking care of those snowflake-web issues, nice to see you around :)
16:09:44 <arlolra> should I not be assigning you as a reviewer, and instead wait for you to volunteer at this meeting?
16:10:03 <cohosh> oh you can go ahead and assign me, that's actually better
16:10:11 <arlolra> ok
16:10:16 <cohosh> hopefully the turn around time is faster that way
16:10:22 <arlolra> I hope to contribute more significantly this year
16:10:25 <cohosh> though i let that last one slip a bit
16:10:41 <cohosh> awesome, glad to hear it!
16:10:46 <arlolra> there's no rush, I just don't want to be rude
16:11:00 <cohosh> oh no worries there
16:11:52 <cohosh> okay i will go ahead and end the meeting here, see you all next week and don't forget we have a reading group discussion :)
16:12:01 <cohosh> the paper is short this time (~5 pages)
16:12:17 <cohosh> #endmeeting