13:58:03 <dunqan> #startmeeting ux monthly sync
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13:58:23 <dunqan> Okay welcome to February's UX team meeting!
13:58:28 <nah> kk
13:58:28 <dunqan> Who's here today?
13:58:30 <gaba> o/
13:58:30 <ggus> hello
13:58:32 <nah> o/
13:58:41 <josernitos> o/
13:58:48 <dunqan> hi all :)
13:58:53 <dunqan> Meeting pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
13:59:31 <dunqan> please feel free to add any extra items to the agenda
14:00:48 <dunqan> okay, I think we're good to go
14:01:32 <dunqan> first item on the agenda (and this is more of an announcement): we've started a new project – Collaborative ResistancE to Web Surveillance (CREWS)
14:02:25 <dunqan> where we'll be producing a prototype (or prototypes) to test a number of privacy & agency enhancing features in conjunction with sponsor 103
14:02:27 <nah> nice name
14:02:37 <dunqan> ha, yes!
14:03:16 <dunqan> including things like https by default, sharable hsts data and hiding the fingerprint created by enabling hsts
14:03:56 <dunqan> the sponsor itself is going to be handling the user testing on this one nah, so we get a slight break there :)
14:04:09 <dunqan> but in the coming months I'll hopefully have something to share here for wider input
14:05:12 <nah> cool! sounds very interesting :)
14:05:21 <dunqan> if anyone's curious, the tickets are all here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&label_name[]=Sponsor%20103
14:05:44 <dunqan> nah: yup! it's a nice little project
14:05:57 <gaba> one more thing about s103 is that they would like advise in UR from Tor
14:06:26 <gaba> meetings with them are every Friday if anybody wants to attend any time
14:06:39 <dunqan> yup
14:07:52 <dunqan> once we've got a little further down the road we could certainly use an extra pair of eyes or two
14:08:54 <dunqan> Okay next up on the agenda: this is our final meeting before the launch of the TB usage survey
14:09:08 <nah> \o/
14:09:10 <dunqan> (ticket for reference: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/issues/11)
14:09:35 <dunqan> one exciting announcement is that the anticensorship team is planning a similar survey for Snowflake users
14:09:53 <dunqan> and we're going to be running both surveys in parallel
14:10:06 <dunqan> (snowflake ticket here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake/-/issues/40007)
14:10:09 <nah> wow! :D
14:10:25 <dunqan> yup! it's going to be a busy month on TB ^^
14:10:53 <dunqan> So I've chatted to the browser team, and the plan is to deploy a banner linking to the TB usage survey on TB-Stable
14:11:05 <dunqan> and a banner linking to the Snowflake survey on TB-Alpha
14:11:14 <dunqan> which will then run concurrently of course
14:11:38 <nim> Sorry I'm late! Had some trouble connecting. Hello!
14:11:50 <dunqan> hey nim! no problem, welcome to the ux team meeting :)
14:12:20 <dunqan> we're still working our way through the agenda so we've not got to user research coordination yet
14:12:45 <josernitos> Sorry. What is TB = Tor Browser?
14:12:51 <nim> Ah no worries, I'll catch myself up
14:12:55 <nah> yep
14:13:00 <dunqan> yes, sorry josernitos!
14:13:06 <dunqan> bad habit of using acronyms
14:13:10 <ggus> TBB, TB == Tor Browser. TBA == Tor Browser for Android.
14:13:35 <dunqan> we do have one loose end I'd like to get everyone's input on
14:13:52 <josernitos> Cool
14:14:06 <dunqan> the first iteration of the survey will not be localized, and as such the banner itself is also in English
14:14:22 <dunqan> however the about:tor screen is generally fully localized I believe
14:14:43 <dunqan> which poses the question: should we include the English banner on all lang versions to increase our sample size
14:14:51 <dunqan> but risk alienating/confusing some users
14:15:01 <dunqan> or limit its deployment to EN versions of the browser instead?
14:15:17 <dunqan> nah / ggus what are your thoughts?
14:16:19 <ggus> i think we should include on all langs.
14:16:47 <nah> i think we should include on all lang versions too, but maybe with a warning that this survey is in english
14:17:00 <dunqan> the browser team were leaning that way too
14:17:02 <nah> so, whoever spekas/read english can participate
14:17:23 <nah> even if they have their browser in other lang
14:17:55 <dunqan> right now the banners themselves are in english too nah, which is part of the issue
14:18:12 <nah> guess that does it, then
14:18:25 <dunqan> I suppose we could rush them into localization but I would need your help ggus as I'm not sure what the process is there? or what lead times are like?
14:18:38 <nah> but yes, it gives us an opportunity to diversify answers and users...
14:18:54 <dunqan> yeah, for sure nah
14:19:25 <dunqan> also we have the opportunity to localize next time, since this is still a pilot of sorts
14:19:26 <ggus> dunqan: for tor browser strings or the survey?
14:19:41 <dunqan> ggus: just the browser strings
14:19:47 <dunqan> ~3-4 lines
14:19:55 <dunqan> but only if you think it's worth it
14:20:10 <nah> problem with localization atm is will need other supporting on the report side too -- otherwise, it doesn't make sense
14:20:34 <nah> and choose to which langs we will localize
14:21:24 <dunqan> yes that's a good point nah
14:21:31 <ggus> dunqan: i think the process is: matt pushed TBB strings to transifex, we talked with Erin L10nLab and then we had the strings translated.
14:22:37 <dunqan> gotcha
14:22:48 <dunqan> hrm, I
14:22:54 <dunqan> *I'm not sure it's worth it for a one-time thing
14:23:10 <dunqan> especially since the survey could be half-way done by the time some strings are ready
14:23:31 <dunqan> we also have a small issue with about:tor in that they'll need manually copy-pasted in
14:23:57 <dunqan> (this is due to using different strings on stable and alpha I believe)
14:25:40 <dunqan> okay, any final thoughts on this topic team?
14:25:48 <dunqan> or shall I move on
14:25:59 <nah> hmmm i think we can localize next time
14:26:08 <ggus> dunqan: yeah, i think it worth to add in limesurvey a phrase:"Sorry, at the moment this survey is only in Englih"
14:26:49 <dunqan> yup agree to both, or I can add it to the banners themselves
14:27:19 <ggus> lgtm
14:27:43 <dunqan> great, so on to UR coordination
14:28:11 <dunqan> I see we have nim here! do we also have imauri and fatoumata/fatou?
14:28:21 <sweet_curator> Imauri here :)
14:28:44 <dunqan> sweet_curator: hey! thanks for coming!
14:29:40 <dunqan> nim / sweet_curator: have either of you contributed to the tor project before?
14:29:55 <nim> Nope, first time
14:30:00 <sweet_curator> Thanks for having me.
14:30:03 <sweet_curator> Same first time
14:30:38 <nah> hi nim, hi sweet_curator :)
14:30:48 <sweet_curator> Hi nah!
14:30:48 <dunqan> awesome, so I'll do some quick introductions first!
14:31:04 <dunqan> nah is our resident user research expert :)
14:31:13 <nim> Hello nah!
14:31:23 <dunqan> ggus is our community team lead \o/
14:31:32 <nim> Hi ggus!
14:31:42 <sweet_curator> Hi ggus!
14:32:24 <ggus> hi! :D
14:32:39 <nah> we also have josernitos that is running user research too :)
14:32:58 <nim> Hi josernitos :)
14:32:58 <sweet_curator> Hi josernitos!
14:33:02 <dunqan> yes josernitos is here too!
14:33:09 <josernitos> Hello everyone :))
14:34:03 <dunqan> and I'm a UX designer here, but I'm only leading UX temporarily until antonela (our UX team lead) is back
14:34:26 <nim> Hello dunqan! :)
14:34:33 <dunqan> hello ^^
14:34:45 <sweet_curator> Hi dunqan! Thanks for the intros! :D
14:35:04 <dunqan> So I've added a couple of questions to the pad – if you don't feel comfortable sharing there's absolutely no pressure
14:35:57 <dunqan> but could you share with us where your UR will take place (i.e. what country) and what you expect your audience will likely be composed of (e.g. students)?
14:37:36 <dunqan> if you haven't thought about the latter question yet, no worries :)
14:38:25 <nah> one thing i wanted to share, if you didn't see yet
14:38:30 <nah> it's our research repo
14:38:34 <nah> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/blob/master/README.md
14:38:57 <dunqan> thanks nah!
14:39:09 <nim> Sure, I'm in India, so it would be here. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by audience yet, but I'm gonna say students and young adults since that's whom I'm surrounded by mostly
14:39:09 <nah> you can read our guidelines for running UR (user research) and how to report
14:39:21 <nim> Thanks nah!
14:39:30 <josernitos> [I'm curious.] How did all of you found out about the UR Contributions? My link was Antonela, I think she tweeted about it.
14:39:42 <dunqan> that's perfect nim, thank you
14:40:38 <sweet_curator> My UR will take place in the US. I am not sure, but my initial thoughts are that I would love to explore marginalized communities in the US, specifically Baltimore. But also would love to explore the global south, specifically Dakar where I will be base out of in a few months
14:41:09 <sweet_curator> Through Antonela :D
14:41:15 <dunqan> that's fantastic, thank sweet_curator!
14:41:15 <nim> I crawled my way through the web and found the UR page on the website, haha
14:41:58 <nim> I was looking for ways to get involved in more open source projects by NOT coding, and found this
14:42:08 <ggus> awesome! :)
14:42:20 <dunqan> we're super excited to have you all involved :)
14:42:30 <nah> yeep :)
14:42:38 <dunqan> So I believe you've both read through the Open User Research section in the Community portal previously, so the next steps would be to get familiar with the UR guidelines nah has linked above
14:42:45 <sweet_curator> Excited to be here and see where I can help support and add value
14:42:48 <dunqan> so save that link :)
14:43:04 <dunqan> I may have sent it to you before too, I forget
14:44:06 <dunqan> nah: do you have any thoughts for activities for these regions? or would you like to proceed with user needs discovery for their first session?
14:45:22 <nah> yep, it's good to see the guidelines to understand some specifications about our user research
14:45:41 <nah> like not recording or storing records from our audience
14:46:02 <nah> yep! currently we're running UR around bridges on Tor Browser
14:46:42 <nah> and if nim can run some in india, that would be great :)
14:47:03 <dunqan> yes, that was my first thought too :)
14:47:03 <nim> Sure!
14:47:49 <dunqan> are you comfortable enough with running a session on bridges nim? is it a feature you've used before?
14:48:03 <dunqan> (no worries if not! it can get complicated)
14:48:29 <nim> I haven't, are there any resources I can go through?
14:49:31 <nah> sure, we can share with you.
14:49:48 <nah> but i think dunqan is right, let's start with user needs discovery :)
14:50:12 <nah> so you all can get used to Tor UR
14:50:34 <dunqan> yeah I think that's a good idea! we can circle back around to bridges later
14:50:39 <nah> yep
14:51:02 <dunqan> nim: here's the activity we're referring to: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/blob/master/scripts%20and%20activities/2019/1._User_Needs_Discovery_-_Tor_Browser_Desktop.pdf
14:51:29 <nim> Perfect, thank you!
14:51:56 <ggus> nim: do you have an account on gitlab.torproject.org?
14:52:23 <dunqan> it's a straightforward (but fun!) exercise aimed at finding pain points during the setup of tor browser, which then directly informs product improvements on our end
14:52:31 <nim> I do, do you need my username?
14:53:08 <ggus> if you can access https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research is all good.
14:53:19 <nim> Ah all good then
14:53:25 <dunqan> welcome back sweet_curator!
14:53:36 <sweet_curator> Thanks, sorry got disconnected for a sec
14:53:57 <dunqan> no problem, it happens :)
14:56:15 <dunqan> So next steps would be to read through the guidelines and the user needs discovery activity, let us know if you have any questions on both (you can pop into the #tor-ux channel any time) and begin to think about planning your session
14:56:24 <nah> nim, sweet_curator are you subscribed to tor-ux mailing list?
14:56:47 <sweet_curator> Got it.
14:56:48 <dunqan> sweet_curator can you read back or would you like me to repost the links?
14:56:56 <sweet_curator> Nah I believe so
14:57:01 <nah> and subscribe to our mailing list if you're not there yet :)
14:57:12 <sweet_curator> I can back track
14:57:15 <nim> Quick question, this can be done remotely, can't it? As long as the guidelines are being followed and everyone's okay with what's happening?
14:57:22 <sweet_curator> ^^
14:57:31 <nah> yep, nim! we're doing everything remotely these days
14:57:38 <nim> Ah perfect.
14:57:47 <dunqan> I've added both links to the pad for reference too :)
14:57:52 <ggus> i would suggest to use Jitsi for your interviews
14:58:03 <ggus> Or a Signal call
14:58:10 <sweet_curator> Cool, my question too because I work with an Senegalese company so have access to a lot of people there
14:58:20 <dunqan> yes absolutely nim, we're all remote now!
14:59:13 <dunqan> sweet_curator: that's fantastic!
14:59:23 <nim> Cool, and how many participants are we expected to work with? Just to get an idea of the scale here
15:00:11 <dunqan> nah do you have some advice here?
15:00:29 <nah> nim: up to five is good
15:00:38 <nah> nim:  https://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-you-only-need-to-test-with-5-users/
15:00:50 <nim> Alrighty, sounds great.
15:01:20 <josernitos> This is a jitsi server list. I just remembered, might be useful. https://ladatano.partidopirata.com.ar/jitsimeter/
15:01:55 <nim> Thanks josernitos!
15:01:56 <nah> josernitos: nice!
15:02:29 <dunqan> thanks josernitos!
15:02:33 <ggus> I'd recommend instances that are our partners/friends: https://meet.greenhost.net/ https://meet.calyx.net/
15:03:00 <josernitos> Ah cool, I didn't know :)
15:03:04 <ggus> https://meet.systemli.org/
15:03:39 <dunqan> nim / sweet_curator: any last questions about the materials for today? as mentioned feel free to pop into the #tor-ux channel or email any time
15:03:53 <nah> dunqan: do we have more time? maybe josernitos can share his updates too? otherwise we can move to tor-ux
15:04:05 <dunqan> and once you've got a firmer idea of your session please do reach out and we can review together :)
15:04:39 <nim> Nothing as of now! I'll keep y'all posted on the ux channel :)
15:04:47 <sweet_curator> Same!
15:04:48 <dunqan> nah: yes for sure, but if anyone has any other meetings to sneak off to please go ahead!
15:05:10 <dunqan> nim/sweet_curator: thanks very much both! glad to have you onboard!
15:05:32 <nim> Glad to be here! :)
15:05:52 <dunqan> how are things going josernitos? :D
15:06:01 <sweet_curator> Thank you guys :)
15:06:08 <sweet_curator> Glad to be here!
15:06:21 <josernitos> Update from my UR: I'm working on getting a day confirmed with the community I'll be doing the research. The person who links me with the community is a bit sick and occupied. In the meantime I had a meeting with nah to see the presentation.
15:07:19 <dunqan> sorry to head that :(
15:07:32 <josernitos> I would hopefully have a date by next week. Or else I have to find another community.
15:08:13 <nah> josernitos: hmm if there is anything we can do to support you, let us know
15:08:20 <dunqan> +1
15:08:41 <dunqan> thanks for keeping things moving forward (as best you can under the circumstances)
15:09:38 <nah> and we can schedule another meeting to see your presentation again :)
15:09:45 <josernitos> <3 thanks. I have questions regarding the onboarding. But more of: how to run it if everyone is online and if we can do it as a group, and not 1x1.
15:10:10 <josernitos> (If that's possible group vs 1x1.)
15:10:18 <dunqan> yup, I would love to see it too!
15:10:38 <josernitos> Awesome. Let me know when can we meet?
15:10:59 <nah> ok! i'll email you both so we can coordinate this
15:11:13 <josernitos> Thanks nah
15:11:14 <dunqan> thanks very much both :)
15:11:50 <dunqan> okaydokes are we all done for today?
15:11:58 <nah> yep! :)
15:12:15 <dunqan> thanks very much for coming everyone! hope you all have great weeks o/
15:12:15 <josernitos> Yes. Thank you dunqan and team :)
15:12:24 <dunqan> #endmeeting