15:58:00 <cohosh> #startmeeting tor anti-censorship meeting
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15:58:04 <cohosh> hey everyone!
15:58:13 <cohosh> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
15:58:18 <hanneloresx> hi
15:58:23 <tech_exorcist> hi
15:59:07 <cohosh> the first announcement is that we have a wiki page for research ideas now: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/team/-/wikis/Research-ideas/
15:59:27 <cohosh> I only put the question that came up last week
15:59:43 <cohosh> feel free to add to it :)
16:00:13 <cohosh> no idea where the old wiki page i thought we had went
16:00:42 <cohosh> another recent improvement is that wiki.torproject.org now redirects to the trac wiki
16:01:01 <cohosh> blah gitlab* sorry
16:01:32 <cohosh> and you can navigate to the anti-censorship team wiki from that page
16:02:12 <cohosh> dcf1: is the next discussion point yours?
16:02:14 <atagar> bah, got dc-ed over the night - good morning
16:02:38 <dcf1> it's not mine, maybe arlo's
16:02:53 <cohosh> morning atagar
16:03:21 <cohosh> okay, i don't think they're here right now
16:04:05 <dcf1> bug, related to the topic, gus reports that Snowflake FAQs got added to the support portal FAQS
16:04:05 <cohosh> so we can probably move on for now and discuss in the ticket
16:04:12 <dcf1> https://old.reddit.com/r/TOR/comments/lh8eu3/what_is_snowflake_how_can_i_use_snowflake_how_to/
16:04:15 <dcf1> I'll add to the ticket
16:04:21 <cohosh> ah thanks dcf1
16:06:04 <cohosh> that's it for announcements/discussion for today. anything else anyone wants to talk about?
16:06:16 <cohosh> i'm excited about the signal proxy stuff
16:08:36 <cohosh> they have this very personal/friend network/social media driven approach to distributing proxies
16:09:17 <dcf1> yeah it's an interesting idea
16:09:31 <cohosh> https://signal.org/blog/help-iran-reconnect/ for reference
16:09:35 <dcf1> not bad considering how quickly they set up all the proxy stuff
16:09:48 <cohosh> yeah, that was impressively quick
16:10:40 <cohosh> it reminded me alot of the convo we had during the shadowsocks reading group about proxy distribution in china
16:11:02 <cohosh> and how it handled in a decentralized way through individuals or these "airport" groups
16:11:31 <cohosh> you can technically do this with tor bridges, but i have no idea how common that is
16:12:44 <dcf1> https://twitter.com/hashtag/IRanASignalProxy?f=live
16:13:00 <dcf1> people tweeting the designated hashtag that invites others to inquire about proxy details
16:13:30 <dcf1> https://mastodon.social/tags/IRanASignalProxy
16:14:19 <cohosh> nice XD
16:16:58 <cohosh> okay, i don't have anything else to discuss today
16:17:07 <cohosh> anyone need reviews or have questions?
16:19:29 <cohosh> alright i'll end the meeting here, thanks everyone!
16:19:57 <cohosh> #endmeeting