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13:58:41 <dunqan> Okaydokes, let's get started
13:58:47 <dunqan> here's the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
13:59:16 <dunqan> who's here today?
13:59:30 <nah> hey o/
13:59:35 <swast> Hi I'm Swastika!
13:59:43 <dunqan> hey nah & emmapeel!
13:59:55 <Pritika_> hello I am pritika
13:59:55 <dunqan> hi swast, glad you could make it!
13:59:56 <emmapeel> hello!
14:00:10 <bavaz> Hi, I'm Vaz
14:00:14 <nah> emmapeel: :D
14:00:31 <dunqan> hi Pritika_! nice to see you bavaz :)
14:00:44 <swast> Hi good to see y'all :))))
14:01:02 <bavaz> Nice to be here
14:01:54 <ggus> hello o/
14:02:10 <nim> Hello!
14:02:33 <dunqan> oi ggus
14:02:37 <dunqan> hi him!
14:03:14 <dunqan> *nim
14:03:35 <dunqan> here's the meeting pad again nim incase you can't see it above: https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
14:03:47 <nim> Ah yes thank you!
14:04:04 <dunqan> no prob!
14:04:07 <dunqan> looks like we've got a full house today :)
14:04:39 <dunqan> first things first, welcome back emmapeel!
14:04:40 <emmapeel> i just wanted to say hello, i have no points for the agenda
14:04:48 <emmapeel> thanks dunqan !
14:04:55 <dunqan> so glad to have you back again ^^
14:05:17 <emmapeel> please let me know if the UX team has any priorities to push regarding localization
14:05:25 <emmapeel> it will help me to situate myself quickly
14:06:12 <dunqan> for sure, I'll have a think
14:06:49 <dunqan> (for anyone new-ish to the UX team meetings emmapeel coordinates localization for the tor project)
14:07:18 <nim> Nice! Hi emmapeel!
14:07:36 <swast> got it! Hi emmapeel :)
14:07:46 <dunqan> right – on to the first agenda item
14:08:14 <dunqan> we launched the Tor Browser surveys last week and have been blown away by the response so far
14:08:36 <dunqan> some of you may have seen links to the surveys on Tor Browser or social media
14:08:49 <dunqan> here's a blog post we published last week summarizing the work: https://blog.torproject.org/learning-more-about-tor-users
14:09:36 <dunqan> So far the Snowflake Client User Survey for Tor Browser alpha users has received 350 completions
14:10:01 <dunqan> and the general Tor Browser User Survey has received 18,318 completions as of right now
14:10:09 <nah> \o/
14:11:03 <dunqan> I've only spot checked ~100 submissions for spam, so there could still be a large quantity of spammy responses hidden in there – but overall it looks like the vast majority are genuine
14:11:36 <dunqan> at a guess it maybe translates to greater than 1% of Tor Browser stable's userbase?
14:11:40 <sweet-curator> Hi. Imauri here. Sorry I am late.
14:11:49 <dunqan> hi imauri, no problem!
14:12:00 <dunqan> here's the link to the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
14:12:48 <emmapeel> that is a lot of responses! how are you going to review them all?
14:12:55 <dunqan> huge thanks to nah for all her hard work on the survey
14:13:22 <sweet-curator> Who is are target audience for the survey?
14:13:47 <nah> dunqan: to us all
14:13:52 <nah> sweet-curator: tor users in general
14:14:04 <nah> sweet-curator: https://blog.torproject.org/learning-more-about-tor-users
14:14:06 <dunqan> emmapeel: yes and no, the second page of the survey contained a few free text boxes but there are some clear patterns emerging in terms of feedback from what I've checked so far
14:14:26 <dunqan> but the overall volume may prove tricky for us :s
14:14:54 <dunqan> nah: how do you feel about us taking down the banners on 23-03-2021?
14:15:03 <dunqan> that's our next release across all platforms
14:15:52 <nah> dunqan: i wanna say the sooner the better...
14:15:59 <josernitos> o/ I'm a bit late. It seems the banner was extremely successful. Congrats team!
14:16:07 <dunqan> nah: haha yes, I thought you'd say that
14:16:29 <dunqan> hey josernitos, nice to see you!
14:16:59 <nah> but if it's not possible, i might export the current pool answers and start digging it
14:17:37 <nah> and see if we can find a better way to compile it
14:17:45 <dunqan> yeah, let's schedule a meeting in the next couple of weeks to discuss our strategy for organizing the data
14:17:56 <nah> yep :)
14:18:01 <dunqan> I know matt has volunteered to help, and I'm sure there will be more hands if we need them :)
14:18:23 * dunqan checks the agenda
14:18:45 <dunqan> Looks like the next item is from nim
14:18:47 <sweet-curator> Happy to help with this too.
14:18:49 <Naiah> this is Naiah, this is my first meeting...will just listen in for now to get familiar with what is going on
14:19:04 <dunqan> sweet-curator: thanks very much!
14:19:11 <dunqan> Hey Naiah, no problem!
14:19:55 <sweet-curator> I am really curious about audience and ensuring the sample we are interviewing is reflective of the target audience/segment (e.g. 90% of people survied are from one area)
14:20:03 <dunqan> nim: how are you doing? do you need any help from the team?
14:20:10 <nim> Yes, I wanted to know if what I've done so far is okay, I wasn't sure about how to recruit users and such for the study
14:20:22 <nim> https://pad.riseup.net/p/nimsTorURAgenda-keep Here's the link to the pad
14:20:47 <sweet-curator> Nim, maybe we should explore internet users in general as a profile.
14:21:03 * dunqan is taking a look...
14:22:42 <nim> sweet-curator: Yep, if I had access that demographic then that would work, I'm limited by the kind of users I can work with
14:22:54 <dunqan> Nim: I think this is looking good! is there anything in particular you would like to change about the User Needs Discover activity?
14:22:59 <nah> hey nim! looks good! in terms of audience, it sounds good to start with colleagues to get familiar with the research and methodology - let's just ensure they are first time users.
14:23:17 <dunqan> otherwise I'm happy for you to run it as is for the first session :)
14:23:30 <dunqan> +1 to nah's comment on audience too
14:23:38 <sweet-curator> Ok true.
14:23:43 <Naiah> Nim, I am not sure what previous Tor researchers have done to recruit but you can try social media, or if you have sites like craig list  you can make posting on there
14:23:54 <sweet-curator> ^^
14:24:45 <nim> Ah, that sounds great. Nah had mentioned testing the new TB in India, so I could just stick to colleagues for this one
14:25:04 <dunqan> yep I think that's a great plan for the first session
14:25:27 <dunqan> we can potentially widen the pool later!
14:25:42 <dunqan> but colleagues for now sounds ideal
14:26:23 <nah> nim: i'm gonna review/update the research methodology this week and get back to you on our mailing list, if it sounds good :)
14:26:30 <sweet-curator> What about casting a wide net, but also adding some profiling/demographic collection to the initial survey?
14:26:50 <sweet-curator> 👍🏾
14:26:52 <nim> nah: Perfect :)
14:27:06 <nim> Would it be possible for someone more experienced to sit in on one of my sessions so I get some feedback and stuff?
14:27:14 <dunqan> sweet-curator: I think that's a great idea for future research, for sure
14:27:27 <nah> +1 ˆ
14:27:39 <dunqan> nim: of course! depending on the time/date either nah or I (or both!) should be able to make it
14:27:45 <nah> yep!
14:28:05 <nim> That's great! Thanks you! I'll keep you posted
14:28:26 <nim> That's it from my end :) Thanks for the feedback!
14:28:28 <Naiah> nim: I am able to sit in on the your session and provide feedback
14:28:35 <dunqan> awesome, no problem!
14:28:51 <dunqan> Nah, I believe the floor is yours :)
14:28:58 <nah> thanks dunqan
14:29:08 <nim> Naiah: cool! I'll send out some dates on the mailing list and we can coordinate
14:29:33 <nah> i'm a bit late on my reporting from our last research, sorry for that
14:29:46 <nah> and i wanted to share with y'all our findings
14:30:16 <nah> we did a research on bridges with a small sample of users that are in context of censored internet / internet shutdowns
14:31:11 <nah> our findings for these research is that: it's slower to use tor with a bridge than without a bridge; it's not easy to find a useful brige, so having a way to find it automatically would be ideal
14:31:53 <nah> many users in this context don't have access to good bandwidth - a questions made was: is it possible to have Tor deisnged for ppl who have poor internet bandwidth?
14:32:43 <Naiah> nah: is there somewhere where the findings are posted?
14:33:10 <nah> as many users in a context of internet shutdowns / censored internet use VPN - Tor as a VPN service would be useful
14:33:37 <nah> and last: the need of audio box set for people with disabilities (captcha)
14:33:41 <nah> Naiah: yes!
14:33:53 <dunqan> yes! thanks for reminding me about that last point!
14:34:11 <nah> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/issues/16
14:34:28 <dunqan> all of this is really interesting and definitely underscores the need for improving the bridges UX
14:34:37 <nah> i'm gonna make few adjustments and send it to our mailing list ;)
14:35:09 <dunqan> I think there's huge emphasis on the part about "finding a useful bridge automatically"
14:35:47 <dunqan> it may be difficult for us to achieve technically (and somewhat imperfect), but could potentially be one of the biggest improvements to Tor Browser for users in censored contexts
14:35:47 <nah> yep! i'm sure there is an issue in gitlab about it, but i'm not sure where it is, so i can link it together
14:36:00 <dunqan> yep there is somewhere...
14:37:27 <dunqan> <nah> i'm gonna make few adjustments and send it to our mailing list ;) <- sounds good!
14:38:26 <nah> cool!
14:39:41 <dunqan> okaydokes, we have some time left for an open floor if there's anything anyone else would like to discuss?
14:40:05 <swast> is there something i could work on or help with?
14:40:33 <Naiah> i want to ask about how research projects get tabled?
14:41:09 <dunqan> swast: of course! was it specifically UX/UI design you were hoping to contribute to?
14:41:40 <dunqan> Naiah: what kind of research do you have in mind?
14:41:45 <Naiah> are there some high level objectives, issues, etc, that trigger research project
14:42:57 <swast> i can take up anything from user research too, i am actually into ux more
14:43:07 <dunqan> Naiah: we have some things on our community portal, let me dig out the links...
14:43:11 <Pritika_> i would like to contribute to ux/ui design as well, how do i go about it
14:43:49 <nah> Naiah: i don't know if you had a chance to check out our research repo https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research
14:43:54 <Fatou> Hello! Sorry I am joining late, I had a work meeting. I am fatou and I am a HCI researcher. I would like to contribute to user research
14:43:55 <Naiah> Well, this is my first meeting so I am just trying to figure out what triggers the needs to conduct a particular research
14:44:08 <dunqan> hey fatou! glad to have you with us
14:44:15 <josernitos> Should we have a list of volunteers, their interest area on volunteering, if they are currently involved in a project with Tor and a # of hours/week they can volunteer?
14:44:33 <dunqan> Naiah
14:44:36 <dunqan> oops sorry
14:44:49 <Naiah> Nah: No I did not see it but I will check it out, thanks
14:45:10 <dunqan> Naiah: typically we list our user research needs here, which are driven by recent and future product developments in Tor Browser
14:45:16 <dunqan> https://community.torproject.org/user-research/open/
14:45:33 <dunqan> however this list is a little out of date, and I'm been promising to update it for a couple of months :)
14:45:33 <Naiah> dungan: super...thanks
14:45:43 <dunqan> so I'll set myself the goal of completing that before the next team meeting
14:46:03 <dunqan> there's also some general information on contributing to open user research at tor on the parent page: https://community.torproject.org/user-research/
14:46:15 <nah> dunqan: i should join you in this task :d
14:47:04 <dunqan> Lastly this resource by nah is super useful to read through before planning your session: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/blob/master/README.md
14:47:29 <swast> can we select a project from the research repo and start contributing there?
14:49:06 <dunqan> swast: great question! so we can either: a. have a chat and help you set up your own user research session based on one of our current user research needs, or b. if you'd like to contribute more to the design-side of things I can find a non-research project that could use your contribution :)
14:49:46 <dunqan> for your first user research session we recommend running the User Needs Discovery activity that nah is doing in her location: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/ux/research/-/blob/master/scripts%20and%20activities/2019/1._User_Needs_Discovery_-_Tor_Browser_Desktop.pdf
14:50:12 <dunqan> as it's a great activity to get acquainted with the kind of pain points that Tor Browser users typically encounter
14:50:15 <Pritika_> if there's a non research design project i could help with, that'd be great
14:50:29 <josernitos> I find Naiah question, interesting. Does UResearch has their own agenda or do we coordinate with development? How does that happen? Should we have our own agenda and then integrate with the demands of product dev?
14:51:08 <nah> josernitos: both of them
14:51:15 <dunqan> Pritika_: No problem, I would love to get you to do a UX review on a recent project to sense-check our thinking
14:51:30 <dunqan> I'll put my email address in the pad and we can pick up on that offline?
14:51:53 <Pritika_> yes, works. should i mail you on it then?
14:52:16 <nah> josernitos: research can depend on the current needs of development or particular projects, as well current needs of users
14:52:30 <dunqan> Pritika_: yes that would be great, I'll have a think about the project in the meantime
14:52:35 <swast> okay, i'm going through it, would love to get help setting up a research session, i will add my points separately too!
14:52:41 <dunqan> Pritika_: I've just added it to the bottom of the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/1D8sK8Zy74b_0qclC97I-ux-team-monthly-2020-keep
14:52:54 <josernitos> Nah, dunqan can I be part of the goal of updating the UR page? Or is it more looking back of what has been done. I'd be happy to listen and learn.
14:53:38 <Pritika_> dunqan : great, I will shoot  you a mail and lemme know how and when i can start
14:53:51 <nah> josernitos, sure. i think updating that can give a better perspective for new volunteers :) we do have a lot of work (research) to do these days
14:53:58 <Fatou> Can we join someone who has already started a UR project?
14:53:58 <nah> we should add your research too
14:54:01 <dunqan> swast: awesome! have a read through those three links (the gitlab repo, the User Research community portal, and the user research guidelines doc) and start to think about planning your session
14:54:16 <nah> josernitos: btw, do you have any updates to share?
14:54:26 <dunqan> swast: if you have any questions we're always available to help, otherwise we'll see you at a future UX team meeting!
14:54:56 <dunqan> I'll include the links in the minutes I email round after the meeting too for everyone to reference
14:55:31 <dunqan> josernitos: yes, certainly!
14:55:45 <swast> sounds great! i will stay connected to the team via mail to have your views too
14:56:02 <swast> thank you!
14:56:24 <dunqan> Fatou: Two contributors can run the same activity independently, for sure. Or do you mean team up and co-run the UR session?
14:56:46 <dunqan> swast: no problem, thanks for coming!
14:56:54 <Fatou> I meant run the same activity indenpendently! Thank you havea good day!
14:57:03 <josernitos> Nah. Thanks :)
14:57:03 <josernitos> About my project. Well. I have a community and they are still finding availability on their side for the first encounter. So, is good. But nothing to really celebrate haha.
14:57:14 <Naiah> I am willing to help with research in whatever way I can,but I will explore the site to see what has been done or in the works to understand how I can contribute in a meangingful way...
14:57:26 <dunqan> Fatou: no problem, thanks for the question!
14:58:15 <dunqan> Naiah: thanks for volunteering! that sounds like a good plan :)
14:58:20 <nah> josernitos: nice! let us know if you need anything from us :)
14:58:45 <josernitos> Oh, the presentations that you said in the last meeting, do you remember?
14:58:48 <dunqan> Naiah: once you've had the chance to read through the materials we can sync at a future team meeting to chat anything through
14:58:48 <josernitos> :)
14:59:05 <nah> josernitos: a-ha! sending right now. thanks for reminding!
14:59:15 <josernitos> Nah, thank you!
14:59:21 <dunqan> oh haha good reminder josernitos
14:59:21 <Naiah> Dungan: sounds good
14:59:30 <bavaz> I had a question, are new volunteers allowed to shadow/assist existing research projets?
15:00:50 <dunqan> bavaz: that's a great question! for a lot of our ongoing user research we have to be ultra careful about protecting our participant's privacy, so the best thing to do is to keep coming along to team meetings where we'll share our findings for feedback :)
15:01:19 <dunqan> *participants'
15:01:22 <bavaz> Got you. Thanks :)
15:01:51 <dunqan> we're always here to help though if you've got any Qs!
15:02:12 <josernitos> But, did you mean to for example, help with the survey data? Bavaz?
15:02:47 <bavaz> dunqan: Thanks, I appreciate that.
15:03:50 <bavaz> josernitos: I'd be happy to help with the survey data, I'm not sure how you're analyzing things though (This is my first meeting). I'd be happy to join a future meeting (saw some mention of it earlier) where you'll be ironing out the details
15:05:35 <josernitos> Bavaz: Got it. It was just curiosity. Cool. Then dunqan read your question as it was. Jeje
15:06:17 <dunqan> okay I think we're all good for today?
15:06:44 <dunqan> those of you I've promised to sync with offline, I'll do my best to get back to you soon ^_^
15:06:59 <dunqan> otherwise I'll include a mini-guide to user research in the meeting minutes when I mail those around for ref
15:07:43 <dunqan> If new contributors would like to have a read through those and bring any Qs to the next meeting that would be awesome – otherwise feel free to ping us an email in the meantime!
15:07:43 <bavaz> Thank you! That'll be a great place for me to wrap my head around things!
15:08:01 <dunqan> bavaz: no prob, thanks for coming!
15:08:12 <dunqan> #endmeeting