15:57:55 <cohosh> #startmeeting tor anti-censorship meeting
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15:58:00 <cohosh> hey everyone
15:58:40 <cohosh> here is our meeting pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-keep
15:58:58 <dcf1> hello
15:59:23 <cohosh> we don't have any discussion on the agenda for today
15:59:57 <cohosh> there was microsoft's announcement last friday that they are going to stop supporting domain fronting
16:00:05 <cohosh> https://www.microsoft.com/security/blog/2021/03/26/securing-our-approach-to-domain-fronting-within-azure/
16:00:17 <cohosh> which is pretty big news
16:00:24 <dcf1> n8fr8 says "may already be going offline, according to some reports" https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/anti-censorship-team/2021-April/000152.html
16:00:36 <cohosh> yeah :/
16:01:56 <cohosh> just a brief update on our end: we're setting up snowflake broker distribution and Moat bridge distribution through fastly
16:02:04 <cohosh> but we're still unsure what to do about meek
16:02:14 <cohosh> it was already very expensive for us
16:02:52 <cohosh> so we don't have a plan to just switch the domain fronting provider at the moment
16:03:39 <dcf1> I mean, shut it down then. That has been an option since before this even.
16:03:45 <cohosh> yeah
16:06:24 <cohosh> i don't have more to say at the moment
16:06:50 <dcf1> thanks for jumping on the azure and pion issues quickly
16:07:38 <cohosh> no worries, i think most of the timely reviews i need for these are from the browser team
16:07:52 <cohosh> so i can ping them about it outside the meeting
16:07:56 <dcf1> What's the story with snowflake!32
16:08:06 <cohosh> ah that's for the hackweek alerts
16:08:09 <dcf1> https://snowflake-broker.torproject.net/prometheus
16:08:14 <cohosh> i am just trying it out
16:08:32 <dcf1> ok, are you looking for comments at this point?
16:08:46 <cohosh> right now it exports the same things that our metrics and debug handlers do, just in a different format
16:08:57 <anarcat> i would love to join your meeting but i have burning servers and need to have lunch :p
16:09:05 <anarcat> i'm happy to help again after :)
16:09:16 <cohosh> dcf1: there's a few more small changes i'm thinking of making
16:09:50 <cohosh> comments are welcome at any point, but i can reach out once the merge request is fully done
16:10:28 <dcf1> ok
16:10:45 <cohosh> right now we are playing with the alerts and once those look reasonable I'll let them out of the anti-censorship-alerts moderation queue
16:10:59 <cohosh> basically what this all lets us do is get alerts if the number of polling proxies drops to zero
16:11:21 <cohosh> or more intricate trends like the number of client rejections has grown significantly in the last X minutes
16:13:58 <cohosh> anything else to discuss during the meeting?
16:14:10 <cohosh> dcf1: thanks for helping out with domain fronting questions btw
16:14:48 <dcf1> np
16:16:05 <cohosh> alright, i will end the meeting here i think
16:16:11 <cohosh> thanks everyone
16:16:16 <cohosh> #endmeeting