17:02:40 <nickm> #startmeeting network team mini-meeting, 6 april
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17:03:14 <nickm> since it's just us two, let's scan down the list and see if there are things we should focus on or need help with?
17:04:17 <nickm> tor#40360 is now and needs somebody to do it, possibly in 0.4.5.
17:05:49 <dgoulet> hmmm
17:06:00 <nickm> err
17:06:04 <nickm> "is new" not "is now"
17:06:13 <nickm> maybe we can get more takers for it when we're all around
17:06:49 <dgoulet> this shouldn't be so hard to fix though since "fingerprint" is optional in the first palce
17:07:39 <nickm> possibly? I don't know that code so well any more
17:07:48 <nickm> (i believe you)
17:07:51 <dgoulet> me neither...
17:08:45 <dgoulet> I'll look at it if I'm able to empty fairly quickly my stack of tickets
17:08:50 <nickm> ack
17:09:11 <nickm> I think i have enough that I should circle back to 046/045 stuff after I've made some progress
17:10:36 <nickm> Let's plan for April 15 for our next alpha and possible stable updates; that should give browser enough time to get it for their April 20  releases
17:11:01 <dgoulet> +1
17:11:45 <nickm> Let's look at backport stuff a little and see if it's warranted between now and tomorrow
17:12:07 <nickm> aaaand, not seeing any new discussion issues.
17:12:28 <nickm> let me know if I can help with anything you're up to?
17:12:47 <nickm> I'm likely to be pretty distracted by a bunch of stuff this week, so anything to help me focus would be nifty
17:12:54 <dgoulet> I'm meeting tomorrow in a call with asn about the fallbackdir script, to finalize it
17:13:04 <dgoulet> I've seen your latest comment
17:13:21 <nickm> Also I think we should make sure that there isn't a big list of relays that want to refuse to be listed?
17:13:23 <dgoulet> which I've flagged kind of high priority to get this fixed
17:13:40 <dgoulet> well to do such, we would need to email them all?
17:14:04 <dgoulet> and changing the current approach was so we don't need to do that
17:14:06 <dgoulet> which is insane amount of work
17:14:10 <nickm> we can ask on tor-relays "hey we're thinking of changing how fallback dirs work. Does anybody care strongly?"
17:14:38 <dgoulet> I guess but not sure what it would bring us but sure
17:14:40 <nickm> If the answer is "yes" then we can give them zero-work-for-us way to opt out
17:15:21 <nickm> It doesn't do _us_ much good directly, but previously we told people they could opt out of this, so we should at least give some notice that we're changing stuff
17:15:25 <dgoulet> I'm not sure why relay operators need to be in the equation tbh. DirCache controls if you want to be a directory or not, so disable that so you doN't end up a cache
17:15:36 <dgoulet> and network might randomly select you to become a fallbackdir one day or not
17:16:00 <nickm> I don't know why they would want to opt out either.
17:16:00 <dgoulet> sure I'm ok with informing
17:16:05 <nickm> great
17:16:40 <dgoulet> nickm: maybe arti wants a different format for fallbackdir, I'm happy to add an option to the script to output it in arti format
17:16:48 <dgoulet> instead of this ugly list of strings for inclusion in a C file
17:17:08 <nickm> neat!  Then I'll write you a ticket for that.
17:17:14 <dgoulet> superb
17:19:12 <nickm> ok, tor#40361
17:19:22 <dgoulet> great
17:19:27 <nickm> got anything else we should talk about today? :)
17:19:47 <dgoulet> not for now but I might circle back to you this week about packed relay cell but for now, all good on my side
17:20:01 <nickm> awesome
17:20:26 <nickm> I expect I should be easy to find on Wed and Thu, but Fri I'm going to be getting vaccinated for some of the day
17:20:40 <dgoulet> no problem
17:21:48 <nickm> and with that, let's wrap up for today. Thanks, David!
17:21:53 <dgoulet> cheers
17:21:56 <nickm> #endmeeting