15:57:50 <GeKo> #startmeeting network-health
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15:57:55 <GeKo> hello everyone!
15:58:01 <dennis_jackson> o/
15:58:08 <GeKo> it's been a while that we had network-health meetings
15:58:10 <juga> o/
15:58:17 <ggus> o/
15:58:22 <arma2> ah it is an irc mtg not a bbb mtg. ok
15:58:22 <GeKo> but now that things are back to more normal in tor land
15:58:24 <arma2> (hi)
15:58:37 <GeKo> there is a realistic chance those meetings stay
15:58:44 <GeKo> so, get used to them ;)
15:58:51 <GeKo> we even have a pad (thanks gaba)
15:58:53 <GeKo> http://kfahv6wfkbezjyg4r6mlhpmieydbebr5vkok5r34ya464gqz6c44bnyd.onion/p/tor-nethealthteam-2021.1-keep
15:59:36 <GeKo> okay, it seems its structure follows our usual meeting structure
15:59:51 <GeKo> where we have discussion items added to the repsective part of the pad
16:00:09 <GeKo> and then update with things we worked on/plan to work on/need help with etc.
16:00:15 <gaba> hi!
16:00:23 <GeKo> note: a large part of our work is s61 related
16:00:36 <GeKo> and we have a separate meeting within the network-team meeting for that
16:00:48 <GeKo> so, gaba, i geuss this sync is for all work but s61, right?
16:00:51 <GeKo> *guess
16:00:53 <gaba> if you have anything to talk about in this meeting, please add it to the agenda
16:00:57 <gaba> geko: right
16:01:02 <GeKo> great
16:01:12 <GeKo> so, let's update the pad i geuss
16:01:14 <GeKo> *guess
16:01:31 * irl loading the pad
16:02:38 <dgoulet> o/
16:03:03 <arma2> are the reminders like '* Remember to "/me status: foo" at least once daily.' leftover from whatever team we took this text from, or is that intended? and if so where, etc
16:03:31 <gaba> yes
16:03:46 <GeKo> i am fine doing the status thing or not
16:04:09 <GeKo> i recall it does/did not work too well for other teams
16:04:31 <GeKo> but we can try if folks are interested
16:04:52 <gaba> removing it. i think for now we can start with this meetings
16:05:03 <gaba> and add the planning work to the pad
16:05:46 <GeKo> sounds good
16:06:07 <juga> hmm, if it's only about non s61 work, i guess i should delete what i put in the pad
16:06:23 <GeKo> yeah, i guess so, was about asking :)
16:06:28 <GeKo> *about to ask
16:06:32 <juga> ok :)
16:06:52 <GeKo> irl: did you get the pad to load?
16:07:21 <arma2> is there a network health scope somewhere? i was about to list something that i realized was probably network team
16:07:23 <irl> yes i did
16:07:44 <GeKo> dgoulet: do you have some spare time to help nickm help with the libressl thing?
16:08:06 <GeKo> arma2: tricky.
16:08:20 <GeKo> i think we never sat down to draw the scopes properly
16:08:27 <gaba> arma2: if in doubt, just listed and then we see
16:08:58 <gaba> there is some here: https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/network-health/team
16:09:07 <dgoulet> GeKo: I have very little... at least we diagnosed the problem so I can help a bit but I have very little :S
16:09:09 <gaba> the five areas of network health
16:10:20 <GeKo> dgoulet: k, no worries then
16:10:42 <GeKo> okay.
16:10:53 <GeKo> do we have anything folks want to discuss today
16:11:09 <GeKo> currently the discussion section is empty (which is fine)
16:11:33 <GeKo> but if there are urgent/less urgent things we should talk about while here, please speak up
16:11:38 <arma2> i just wrote 'we have a relay operator volunteer who has volunteered to run the next relay meetup, and i think that email thread might have died without enough attention.'
16:11:43 <arma2> which could use some remembering
16:12:03 <gaba> arma2: which mailing list?
16:12:13 <arma2> nope, just email
16:12:38 <gaba> arma2: can you move that topic to discussion instead of status for you?
16:12:42 <ggus> arma2: let's move this activity for end of may. i can reply to that email thread, but right now i'm overloaded with outreachy contribution period
16:12:45 <GeKo> the one where the author wrote "if roger thinks this is good then let's do it"
16:12:55 <GeKo> and everonye was waiting on this roger guy? ;)
16:13:02 <arma2> gosh, really
16:13:09 <arma2> well, somebody should pretend to be him so it can move forward i guess
16:13:17 <GeKo> k
16:13:22 <arma2> sounds like yes, that one ;)
16:13:28 <GeKo> ggus: thanks
16:14:44 <GeKo> irl: is there anything we can help you with related to your tasks?
16:14:50 <GeKo> questions/concerns?
16:15:08 <GeKo> either way, thanks for stepping up and helping out, much appreciated
16:15:18 <irl> not yet, the tasks are just getting started and everything is familiar just now
16:15:38 <irl> i had a call with anarcat today to go over some things related to future maintenance and monitoring
16:15:43 <GeKo> nice, if not don't hesitate to ping folks :)
16:16:09 <GeKo> that's for the collector monitoring item?
16:16:32 <irl> yes, many metrics services are monitored by ad-hoc cron jobs
16:16:56 <irl> collector is the first one that i’ll tackle, so that we have a unified system that collects all the alerts
16:17:33 <irl> the documentation will then need to cover how serious each alert is and how to handle them
16:18:14 <irl> right now there are just cron jobs that send raw grep output from logs and unless you wrote the code you’re not likely to know how to handle that
16:18:42 <GeKo> where are they sending that output too right now?
16:18:51 <irl> acute’s email inbox
16:19:02 <acute> and ahf's
16:19:09 <GeKo> acute: hi!
16:19:11 <GeKo> :)
16:19:15 <acute> o/
16:19:24 <GeKo> okay, we have two separate folks getting that at least, okay
16:20:10 <irl> i am planning to pipe them into a matrix room, which will fit nicely with the current prometheus setup and desire to migrate to matrix
16:20:26 <irl> we can still have individual people getting emails too
16:20:55 <GeKo> another thing for the future meetings: if there is an item in the meeting pad you like to talk about please mark it as bold
16:21:33 <GeKo> irl: well, i was more worried about it only being one person right now
16:21:51 <GeKo> so, having two different people is okay-ish i guess
16:22:05 <GeKo> as a stopgap until we have something more robust
16:22:18 <irl> sure
16:23:23 <GeKo> anything else we have for today?
16:23:34 <arma2> i'll throw one more in:
16:23:39 <arma2> i'm finding some exits that use opendns
16:23:47 <arma2> we used to badexit them and contact them
16:23:55 <arma2> lately a bunch have been in hong kong
16:24:04 <arma2> i think there is some hong kong isp that has 10 dns servers set and 1 of them is opendns
16:24:10 <ggus> GeKo: yes, i added one item on discussion agenda
16:24:15 <arma2> and when i tell the relay operators they say they're not using opendns
16:24:26 <arma2> i've started ignoring that and not badexiting those relays and not contacting them
16:24:38 <arma2> maybe that's fine. but if you have a better idea please say so :)
16:25:06 <GeKo> are they running the harmful opendns version?
16:25:11 <GeKo> that is censoring stuff?
16:25:16 <arma2> yes
16:25:21 <GeKo> then we should badexit them
16:25:22 <arma2> there is only one opendns and it censors, i believe
16:25:34 <GeKo> i think there are different opendns settings
16:25:38 <GeKo> but either way
16:26:22 <GeKo> trying to get into contact with the relay op + badexiting the relay if things are not getting fixed is the way i think we should go
16:26:39 <GeKo> i can do that part if you pipe in the scan results :)
16:26:51 <GeKo> otherwise i can scan, too, i guess
16:26:53 <arma2> ok. i find them because they resolve blender.io to
16:27:28 <arma2> $ host
16:27:28 <arma2> domain name pointer hit-phish.opendns.com.
16:27:31 <arma2> so, pretty simple
16:27:40 <arma2> i'll tell you a bunch after the meeting and then we'll try to keep up
16:27:46 <GeKo> thanks
16:27:52 <GeKo> ggus: okay, you are up
16:28:08 <ggus> ok
16:28:43 <ggus> roger wrote a document about relay operator expectations, and i will share with tor-relays@ mailing list & community
16:28:49 <ggus> lemme find the ticket
16:28:59 <ggus> https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/relays/-/issues/18
16:29:24 <ggus> last week gaba and i moved this issue to that repo, so relay operators can use anon-ticket to give feedback
16:29:32 <ggus> https://anonticket.onionize.space/
16:30:05 <ggus> this public consultation will be open till first week of may
16:30:41 <GeKo> sounds good
16:30:46 <GeKo> what are the next steps after that?
16:30:49 <gaba> seems ready to me for consultation that text
16:30:51 <ggus> so today or tomorrow i will send this email inviting relay ops.
16:31:16 <ggus> GeKo: next step: review feedback, merge suggestions, and put on community.torproject.org/relay
16:31:37 <GeKo> great
16:32:28 <GeKo> do we have anything else for today?
16:32:48 <GeKo> ggus: oh, do you need any help with that or are you fine?
16:33:27 <ggus> GeKo: i'm fine
16:33:48 <GeKo> k
16:34:39 <GeKo> alright it seems we are done with our first meeting after the long break
16:34:47 <GeKo> thanks everyone and have a nice week
16:34:51 <GeKo> #endmeeting